Hello Children... And welcome to the trivia.


  • What is the canon gender of the Vault Dweller?
  • Who founded the Brotherhood Of Steel?
  • Who is the Lone Wanderer's childhood friend?
  • Who in Vault 101, can you help to save their mother from Radroaches?

TES Trivia

  • Who wrote Landfall?
  • Who is Dagoth Ur?
  • Who created Vampires?
  • Who is the Daedric Prince, that holds control over Werewolves?


Who is your favorite faction in Fallout NV?

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Last Week's Trivia

  • What is the name of the Mechanist as seen in Automatron?- Isabel Crus
  • What is the name of the Mechanist as seen in Fallout 3? -Scott Wolinski
  • What person in the Silver Shroud radio show does the Sole Survivor remember when talking to Kent, who Kent then compares the Sole Survivor to? - Mister Abominable
  • What is the name of the Super Mutant who escaped Vim! factories and lives in a crashed plane in Far Harbor? - Erickson

Last Weeks TES Trivia

  • Who cleansed Cyrodiil of it's jungle climate, and conquered almost all of Tamriel? - Tiber Septim
  • What Divine represents nature? - Kynareth
  • What Divine gave The Races of Tamriel, the ability to Shout? - Kyne

Last Week's Poll

  • Which of the three Fallout games that were created after Bethesda bought Fallout, do you like best?
  • Fallout 3

60% of all votes

  • Fallout NV (only putting this here, as Bethesda published it)


  • Fallout 4


  • None of them, post in the comments.



I'll have another trivia next week.