I've gone about doing this a different way... I made a spare wiki (In case of a spammer, I need edits gone over, Ect) And now I can make these on that wiki, get them ready, then, post them here. (If you'd like to use the wiki just ask.)


Welcome back to the trivia.


  • Who was The Chosen One's Super Mutant Companion in Fallout 2? (He appears in NV)
  • In Fallout New Vegas, What town was used to be controlled by Marcus?
  • In Fallout New Vegas, Who sold Boone's Wife to the Legion?
  • In Fallout 2, Who is revealed as to have broken the Water Chip in Vault 13?
  • In Fallout 2, Which Vault was turned into Deathclaw Breeding Grounds?

TES Trivia

  • Who was Numidium?
  • What was the name of the aerial-based creature in Morrowind, that went extinct thanks to Saint Jiub, yet Returned In ESO due to it being long before that?
  • In Skyrim, Who forces you to choose to Kill Paarthunax, or Leave the Blades?


What is your favorite Canine Companion (Not counting the Jinx Dog in Fallout 2, and yes I'll do all Dogmeats...)

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Last week's Weekly Trivia

I figure the "Spoiler safety-zone" has worn off by now, so I figure I can finally do this.

  • Who was DiMA's brother? - Nick Valentine.
  • Who was the murderer in Vault 118? - Ezra
  • What is the name of the Fog Crawler that Old Longfellow spent part of his life hunting? - Shipbreaker

Last week's TES Trivia

  • How Did Talos Become the Ninth Divine? - By gaining CHIM, cleansing Cyrodiil of it's jungle climate with the jungle.
  • What Divine Banished Mehrunes Dagon to Oblivion? - The Aspect Of Akatosh, meaning Akatosh.
  • What is CHIM? - CHIM is an essence of being, in which one gains power over the universe, which only two people have gained, Tiber Septim, and Vivec.

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  • I forgot to add this, Sorry, was pretty busy, I have the summer to do this, so... I can promise some improvements.


And I will be back next week. Feel free to ask any questions about these.