well.... i just left the vault only problem is....... i only have a 10mm pistol with very little ammo, wait.... whats that? i think i see a town in the distance! in no time i was sprinting, trying to avoid the horrors of the wasteland. As i got closer and closer the small town looked more real than it did two steps ago. As soon as i reached the front gate a robot started shooting in my direction and then i heard strange noises coming from behind me. I looked behind myself and there it was this horrible creature that stood 10 feet tall, with an extremely resistant thick skin, powerful muscle and bone structure as well as razor-sharp claws, i was scared half to death when i heard. "Hurry go inside" from an anonymous voice, when suddenly the way blocking my entrance quickly opened and i ran inside. "Hello stranger" Said a man in a cowboy hat and a sheriffs duster. "um.... hello" i said staring at this man in shock that there were people alive here in the waste "well, seems your from that vault not to far from here ain't you" He said putting a grin on that face of his "yes, im actually looking for my dad, has he been by here" I asked watching his facial expression slowly changed "i haven't seen any newcomers since you" he said while his facial expression changed to a more sanded look. "but you could try Moriarty's saloon" he said trying to brighten up "oh, thank you" i said looking around for Moriarty's saloon, and when i found it i ran to it without saying good bye. When i reached for the door i thought *i wonder what will happen next*

War, War Never Changes 17:12, February 6, 2011 (UTC)