• TheLoneWonder

    Day 1: New Found Land

    February 6, 2011 by TheLoneWonder

    well.... i just left the vault only problem is....... i only have a 10mm pistol with very little ammo, wait.... whats that? i think i see a town in the distance! in no time i was sprinting, trying to avoid the horrors of the wasteland. As i got closer and closer the small town looked more real than it did two steps ago. As soon as i reached the front gate a robot started shooting in my direction and then i heard strange noises coming from behind me. I looked behind myself and there it was this horrible creature that stood 10 feet tall, with an extremely resistant thick skin, powerful muscle and bone structure as well as razor-sharp claws, i was scared half to death when i heard. "Hurry go inside" from an anonymous voice, when suddenly the …

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