OK, we all heard of the Fallout 4 tease. But we don't know what Three Dog is meant to do in Fallout 4. Through studies I have predicted that the Galaxy News Radio returns. With this being Three Dog is meant to be somewhere near Washington D.C for the station being in D.C. He will continue his job as a disk jockey. He could also become a possible companion. This can only be done if you complete a quest for him. With this Three Dog will spawn in the radio station when dismissed. If Three Dog goes with the character, the news station will be static for no host. Or Three Dog becomes one of the people you can work for as one of the endings. This is because at the news station, The Brotherhood of Steel is camped there and you can work for them. Three Dog has been there for years, so he must have some connection with them. So these are two predictions based off of Three Dog's return.

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