Would this be a good idea for fallout 4. there are 50 stories to choose from and all are from all states. each story is completely different from the the others but u can encounter other players in an online version of the game. There would be 5 add ons where you play stories in china, Russia, Canada, Brazil, and Japan. in online you can kill other players and take their stuff they have but u must challenge them before trying to kill them. also like Washington dc and Nevada, you can encounter previous characters from fallout 3 and new Vegas As well as dad and mr house. also for the first time ever you can now put music from your x box and playstation on your pip boy to listen to. New creatures included such as the cazaclaw, a mix of a deathclaw and cazador.And many more. One new weapon would be the alien mini gun. new items such as the new ultimate stimpak which give you extra health. A new faction of the new clan called the mad scientists. The enclave makes a comeback as well as the new chapter of the NCR and Legion. New companions from all factions in the game as well as a return of Ed-e. New skills added such as hunting, cooking, and creator. That should be the next fallout.