Let's get right into it. I love Fallout 3, it's a fantastic game, and the first game in the Fallout series I played. But BUT There are so many pointless things in that game. I just had to make a list. Here's all the stuff in Fallout 3 that makes New Vegas a much, much, much, much, much better game

CHINESE PISTOL This weapon is completely and utterly pointless. 10mm pistols can be found in Vault 101 for god's sake. Amata can even give you one in perfect (or at least near-perfect) condition as soon as you wake up, and they're the much superior weapon

.32 PISTOL Less pointless than the Chinese Pistol, but still pretty damn pointless. I mean, the Hunting Rifle is way better, but at least you don't FIND HUNTING RIFLES IN THE BEGINNING SECTION OF THE GAME. Jesus

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN Again, less pointless than above, but Combat Shotguns aren't that hard to find, and let's face it, this gun is garbage. You will NEVER AGAIN use it once you've used the Combat Shotgun

EXPERIMENTAL MIRV This one can get a pass because it's pretty much just a novelty. I always thought it would be pretty cool if you could choose how many Mini-Nukes you use with each shot. Think about it

A TON OF MELEE WEAPONS Including every variation of the Knife, Switchblade, Nail Board, Police Baton, Pool Cue, Rolling Pin (so bad), Tire Iron etc. I've left quite a bit out. I'm being pretty kind here, because I know that a lot of these were added for flavour and variation, but New Vegas did an AMAZING job of making every melee weapon actually have a point ALONG with the variation thing

BRASS KNUCKLES You can find Spiked Knuckles extremely easily, basically everywhere, and they're more effective. No brainer

CHILD AT HEART This perk is dumb because there's approximately two children in the game, and you can only use the perk on half of them... I'm exaggerating a bit, but you get it


BLOODY MESS Okay, it's funny so it gets a pass

LEAD BELLY Who has so much trouble with health in this game that they heal by drinking the irradiated water, LET ALONE ENOUGH TO NEED A PERK FOR IT. R U KITTEN ME

FORTUNE FINDER It's so easy to find caps in this game, and loot that you can sell... for caps. Pretty unnecessary perk

RAD RESISTANCE +25% rad resistance. Rad-X, bro. It's there for a reason

SCROUNGER It's so easy to find ammo in this game, and loot that you can sell... for ammo. Pretty unnecessary perk

CANNIBAL The only reason this perk exists is because people think it'd be cool to use. You don't need another source of health in this game that also makes people hostile towards you. I sound like a kill-joy, BUT if this was in New Vegas, they would've found a way to make it ACTUALLY have a use, WHILE retaining the level of coolness and fun that comes with it

LIFE GIVER +30 hit points. Why. Would you waste a perk on this

INFILTRATOR AND COMPUTER WHIZ If you understand the whole 'save-and-load-wherever-you-want-whenever-you-want' thing, these perks are stupid. You can save before hacking or forcing a lock

RAD REGENERATION Quest-Related. I always do Wasteland Survival Guide. I always get this perk. I haven't used it once because it requires you to maintain 400 rads. Advanced radiation poisoning isn't really something that I wanna have constantly :)

PUPPIES! Dogmeat is practically invincible with the Broken Steel add-on. Coincidentally, this perk is exclusive to the Broken Steel add-on. Pointlesssss

NO WEAKNESSES Available at level 24. Automatically increases all SPECIAL stats that are less than five, to five. ALMOST PERFECT Available at level 30. Automatically increases all SPECIAL stats to nine. Guess which one is pointless

THE ENTIRE DIFFICULTY SETTING SYSTEM I've been saying a lot in this post that a lot of things are pointless because the game is already too easy. So I wanna increase the difficulty. Yes. But BUT The difficulty system in this game is retarded. I wanna make the game more difficult, but no, it wants to make up for making enemies harder to kill, by giving me more experience for my kills. I want the game to be harder, I don't want it to give me a little bad and a little good. What's the point then?

Okay, that's all I feel like I forgot a bunch of stuff, but whatever. That's all for now

Whenever I play New Vegas, I feel like everything in it is solid, and they keep the fun and variety in the game, while also having a use for everything. It's well designed in that; with the right skill investment, you can use the Varmint Rifle for the entire game with no worries. Imagine trying that with, say, the Hunting Rifle in Fallout 3. You'd get your ass handed to you. I have to say that NV just feels like a more refined version of F3. Also, remember that this isn't every reason NV is better. This is JUST a list of pointless stuff in 3

- TheFunkyWorm out