Note that all tips are on Fallout 4 unless stated otherwise.

- We're all in agreement that Codsworth is the best companion in the game! It's stronger than Strong, stealthier than Deacon, tougher than Danse. The best part is he doesn't even need Stimpaks, what a handy man!

- If you're level 1, you can go to heaven and see Atom if you drink from the river outside Sanctuary 500 times. I'm just trying to help new players. No need to make that face.

- FALLOUT 3: Hesitant about blowing up Megaton? Don't feel bad. Tenpenny said you'd be doing a great service. Sure, people will lose their homes, but they'll survive. I mean Moira Brown survives, Jericho survives, many others survive. After one day, everything will be back to normal, so go ahead and flip that switch. There's no repercussions to follow at all.

- A Mirelurk King will become your best friend after you've taken it's egg. Give it a try.

- If Fallout 4 had strip clubs and nudity, a lot more gamers would be dating their hand.

- There is a fifth ending to Fallout 4!! After you complete The Nuclear Option for any faction, you can reach the depths of outer space, and possibly meet the aliens! Instead of flipping the switch to destroy The Institute, stand exactly 2 steps back from the switch, place 10 Plasma Mines down at your feet (plus 1 more for every 10 levels gained), spin around 10 times in a circle, without moving from your spot, and then fire a missile launcher at the mines. You'll see a special ending of you blasting off into space that can't be viewed any other way. Give it a try!

- Fallout: New Vegas: Member of the NCR? Do a weapon's testing on one of the NCR Troopers. As long as you don't kill them I'm sure they'll understand. Afterall, you can't go into battle without knowing the full extent of your weapons.

- Fat Man is 50% more effective when used indoors. Try it!