Never eat salt and vinegar crisps and drink pepsi at the same time unless you want a few days or weeks off school/work. Well with that message done, this is my first time writing a blog on this wiki. At the moment I have hay fever and it sucks. So I went to the moon and found a cure but it had no effect. So I returned to Earth and gathered the best stinkin' cheese and shoved it in my asstroid that travels to different planets to send inter galactic mail to random aliens like Voldemort. After sending the cheese to Hogwarts, I traveled to Narnia to gather troops. I also traveled to Terrabithia for even more troops. I then challenged Princess Celestia a battle to the K.O. She then called for Chuck Norris for assistance and we were outnumbered(cause we just are. If a battle between a large mythical army against two people who include Chuck Norris, the other team are automatically outnumbered). I then lost. I was 7th in the leader board. Seems ok right? Out of billions of people around the world. Well you are wrong. I was 7th which means I'm not in the leader board at all because there is only one person in it; Chuck...............................Robinson yes, that old guy. THE END!

Moral to the story: Don't read anymore of these random blogs because they were based on the author's recent dreams.

--The7thCourier (talk) 16:39, October 5, 2012 (UTC)