There was a controversy against Tomb Raider! To be more specific. There was a "interactive" sequence where this guy grab's Lara's hand after catching her when she's trying to escape. I'm trying to not spoil anything you big boob lovers. But if you fail. He'll just choke her to death. But if you succeed, she'll push him back, making the pistol fall out of his hands then being scrambled upon the floor, making Lara jump after the gun. Then she grabs it. But the guy jumps on her and trys to take the gun. If you succeed. Let's just say, Lara makes her very first kill and ends up puking everywhere. Um, how does this involve rape. I DON'T UNDERSTAND! I hate it when somebody reviews a game and gives a bad score and rants about it based on one little thing. Hm ... Make's me think of IGN.

--The.Gooey.Prophecy (talk) 20:52, March 13, 2013 (UTC)Hi. My name is Kyle. How may I be of service?