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Here's another little update on what's going on at The Vault lately.

The Vault news

Admin request

JASPER42 has made an adminship request. Vote on the handy link provided.

10000th article

We have recently gotten our 10000th article, General Oliver's cap cass' outfit. Thanks to all the users who made this achievement possible.

Editing tips

  • Remove the section template from the section when adding content to the section.
  • Don't overcapitalise: Weapons and armor which aren't unique, certain consumables, misc items, ammo, unmarked locations, robots and creatures should not be capitalised.
  • Use the preload templates when making a new article. The table of them is seen at the top when making a new article.


We need bots at the moment to do certain things, especially with the FNV madness. If you know how to use one, please ask.