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Chapter 14: Lost World

Captain Antonio Miguel



Atlantic Ocean

Miguel was going to head back to Massachusetts through the river network, but was attacked by NCR troops on the ground. So, he drove into the Atlantic. As the second most wanted target of the NCR, with several NCR boats behind him, Miguel drove into the inner Atlantic to shake them off. With no idea where he was going, things looked bleak.

His boat was almost out of fuel. He looked in the distance and saw an island with a lighthouse, with skyscrapers lit up like a Christmas Tree everywhere. He drove over to the beach. He saw that the island was not hit by the bombs and saw lots of people. He saw a sign saying: Bermuda Island Beach. Miguel needed to find a map and boat fuel.

He walked around the village. He saw a Shell station. He went inside and saw an old man with a beard. He went up to ask.

"Hello, welcome to the Bermuda Gas Station. How can i help you today?" asked the man politely.

"Hi, do you have any boat fuel? I need enough to get to the CENE Republic. I need a map too. Also, do you accept Bottle Caps?" asked Miguel.

"We sure do. All that fuel is gonna cost you a fortune though, a 750 Cap price. Also, here's a world map of 2452, with every location marked for 20 Caps." explained the man.

Miguel paid him and got a tank of boat gas and a map and headed for the exit.

"Hey wait a second, you look familiar. I swear i saw you on the TV." said the man.

"Oh my God, you have TV here?!" said Miguel in shock.

"Yeah, you're one of the leader's of the CENE Republic. I want to help you. This island was not hit by the bombs, and we've built skyscrapers, new types of unrunoutable fuels, even Age-X anti ageing drugs and even a rocket. We have just about everything you'll need to beat the NCR. You are one of the few outsiders to hear about this island's many secrets." explained the man.

"Really? How can you help me?"

"My name is Jason Williams. Follow me and I'll take you to the Bermuda Palace.

He escorted Miguel to the building. It was white and 6 stories high. Jason talked to a guard and a Bermuda official.

"Okay, follow these guards and they'll let you in to see the King. He went in an elevator to the top floor. A guard let him into the Throne Room.

It had a red carpet and stone walls. He saw the king sat down. There was also 8 guards in the room.

"I am King Kanto II. Sit." he ordered.

Miguel sat down on a chair.

"So, why do you wish to see me?" asked Kanto II.

"I am Antonio Miguel. I wish to make an alliance between you and the Columbia, Eastern, New England (CENE) Republic. We are at war with the wicked NCR who control almost all the USA. We are in dire need of help, and we believe your technology can help us. One of our leaders, Joseph Anthony has been arrested by the NCR." he told.

"Ah, i see. Well, we can help you, if you are powerful enough and worth helping." said Kanto II rudely.

"Uh... yes we are sir. We own Massachusetts, parts of Washington DC and Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Maine. We have half a million troops, own thousands of Power Armour suits and advanced tech and energy weapons, we even took out the NCR's President." said Miguel proudly.

"Very well. Sign here and our alliance will be complete. Miguel signed it.

"Very good. Now, what course of action should we take against the New California Republic?" questioned Kanto II.

"We have an army of 12000 Securitrons. We will surprise the NCR with them and take over the remaining states in the CENE area of US. Once we have dealt with that, we will debate about our next course of action. However, we need your help, as Securitrons won't be enough. However, my first objective is to take over No Man's Land Island. They arrested Joseph Anthony my friend and one of the CENER leaders." answered Miguel.

"I see. Give us a few hours to get everything organised and to sort everything out, and we will tell you what we will do." said Kanto II.

3 hours later.


Miguel rented an apartment in the city. He got a phone call from Kanto II.

"Hello?" said Miguel.

"Uh yeah it's me the king here. I have decided on a course of action. We have advanced tech and a whole army of helicopters, fleets, subs, and vehicles. Basically, you will board a helicopter on the way there. We have holoscanned the island and have the layout. My choppers will take out the SAMs, then they shall bomb the outside. Then head into the building. Major Hadyn will command you and the army to tell them what to do. The chopper is just in the car park to your left. Bye."

Miguel looked out the window. A Chinook was outside with several Bermuda Imperial Ferrari's. He went outside and walked into the chopper.

The Bermuda troopers wore gold T-51B suits and gold pre-War NYPD Riot Helmets, and used rifles that fired lavaballs. They were flying over the Atlantic. Miguel looked at the chopper's sat nav said they were halfway there. Miguel looked out of the window and saw a large shadow in the water. He thought it was nothing. As quick as a flash, a Bluelurk (Blue Whale) leaped out of the water and almost bitten the wings off.

"Shite! Go higher!" cried the co-pilot. The Bluelurk had the ability to squirt nuclear waste and oil at them through it's hole. It fired several shots barely missing them. Miguel had a plan. He grabbed a grenade and tried aiming precisely, but the chopper had to keep moving because it kept firing. It was hard to throw it.

"Stay still! Just trust me!" ordered Miguel.

The chopper stayed still and the Bluelurk was about to squirt nuke juice at the chopper. Miguel presicely threw the grenade inside the Bluelurk's hole. The grenade blew up inside him and retreated. They headed for NML Island, Rhode. 20 minutes later, they were nearing the island. Miguel saw the other 4 choppers flying in. The NCR fired at the choppers with the SAMs, however the Bermuda armour was too strong.

"Quick, close the doors!" shouted the pilot. Miguel and the others did as they were told and closed the sidedoors. The chopper moved into the island and eviscerated a SAM site.

"This is it! We're going in! Regroup with Fire Team Hotel by that SAM tower to the east. The island was deserty, and had wrecked buildings everywhere. He went over to Major Hadyn.

"Miguel. Good to see you here. Now that everyone is here, i'll tell you what our plan is. The NCR population here is medium. Inside, there is a blockade in the lobby. We'll deal with that someway. Then, we take the elevator to the foruth level where the interrogation sector is. We clear out the area, and look for Corporal Anthony. Once he is rescued, we proceed to the sixth floor, clear it out and take control of the SAM sites, destroy this base, and make sure it can NEVER be used again." explained Hadyn.

Meanwhile, in Room 9...

Chapter 15: Long time no see



New California Republic Camp NML Island. Room 9, Level Four.

Corporal Joseph Anthony

The interrogation was going well. Joseph was talking to Eden, and was near Project Purity. If the Bermuda Empire did not rescue him in time, the plan would be foiled, the CENE Republic would fall, and the NCR would win control of the USA.

"So you met Eden?" asked the interrogator.

"Yeah. He was actually a fucking computer. Can't believe the Enclave allowed that. He asked me to infect PP with an FEV virus. I had to kill the electronic bastard." told Joseph.

"Why did you kill him?" asked the interrogator.

"He was a diabolical bastard, that's why!" answered Joseph.

"That doesn't answer my question. Using that on the project would have helped us all. Why the FUCK did you kill him?!" shouted the interrogator flusteredly.

"AAAKKKKKGGHHH!" The interrogator electrocuted him.

"Now, take us to Project Purity. You went to the Citadel. What happened?" he asked.

"The Pride was meeting Lyons. They were arguing about the... invasion to.. Jefferson." said Joseph.

Meanwhile, Miguel and the Bermudan Imperial Forces were getting ready to invade.

"You ready?" asked Major Hadyn.

A Bermuda trooper kicked the door opened. A whirlwind of bullets flew towards them. Miguel and the team took cover behind sandbags. There were outnumbered. Miguel's gun jammed, and the NCR troopers were coming towards them. There were six NCR troopers in the lobby. Miguel ran up the stairs. There was one NCR trooper firing at them from above who did not see Miguel. Miguel twisted his neck, kicked him in the face, then pushed him down the stairs. Miguel took his gun, a Guass Rifle. There were 5 other NCR troopers downstairs. Miguel sneaked up to them. He placed a grenade in ones pocket. It exploded, killing 4 troops. One trooper barely survived and was on the floor.

The downed NCR trooper fired at Miguel, but missed by a centimetre. Miguel ran up to him and kicked the gun out of his hand, then beat him up.

"Good work there Miguel! Come on, let's fight our way to the elevator." praised Hadyn.

There was a hallway leading to the elevator. They were ambushed by NCR troops. They took cover behind stone walls.

"Miguel, take this Volcanic Rifle." ordered Hadyn.

It fired lavaballs. Miguel couldn't see the troopers as they were under cover, so he fired at a bookshelf. It caused a lot of chaos, and killed the NCR troopers firing at them. They approached the elevator. They got inside. They pressed 4. Seconds later, the elevator stopped. Anklebiter Drones pounced in through a hole in the elevator. One Bermuda soldier got killed. Miguel jumped and grabbed onto the hole. He destroyed the drones with his pistol. However, more were heading in. Major Hadyn took off his helmet and stuck it through the hole to stop them getting in.

With the elevator shut down, Hadyn gave the troopers Steelpicks.

"Guys, we're climbing to level four." said Hadyn jokingly.

They incinerated another hole in the elevator and quickly climbed up with them. They pressed the emergency open button and got inside level four. NCR troopers awaited them.

"Put your hands where i can see em', traitor. Do as i say." ordered an NCR trooper. One Bermuda trooper was still on the wall. Quickly, he pulled the NCR's troopers feet and pushed two down below. However, the third trooper stamped on his foot and shot the steelpick in half. The trooper fell to the bottom. Angrily, Miguel grabbed the trooper's gun, hit him in the face with it, shot him in the chest, then kicked him to the bottom. Level four was pretty much abandoned.

"So Doctor Li informed you that someone would have to manually turn on the purifier?" said the interrogator intriguedly.

"Yeah. I chose to. I went to the console. I did not know the password. So i thought back and remembered the revelation. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely. Revelation 2-"

"AAAKKKKKGGGGGHHHHH" Joseph saw a man die through the interrogation window. He saw 3 figures. To his amazement, he saw Miguel walk inside. Miguel freed him from the chair.

"I came here to rescue you, with help our new ally, the Bermuda Empire." said Miguel.

Suddenly, two NCR troopers ran in.


Miguel, Hadyn and the other two BE troopers were stabbed in the neck by both of the NCR troopers. Joseph was horrified. To his surprise, he saw it was Captain Liam, his commanding officer during New York and NML Island. He also saw General Davis, his commanding officer when he was in Task Force 297. Joseph grabbed Miguel's knife. Enraged, he ran up to them to kill them both.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" shouted Joseph angrily. He stabbed General Davis in the torso. Then, he had a fistfight with Liam. 20 seconds later, 12 NCR troopers surrounded him. They were about to shoot them all of a sudden, the building began to collapse. The Bermuda Imperials had took over the SAM sites and destroyed the building.

3 minutes later. Joseph woke up again. He presumed Liam and David were dead. He dug himself out of the rubble and got to land. He saw 7 Chinooks, and Major Hadyn. Hadyn survived the attack. Joseph walked over.

"Joseph! Glad to see you made it out alive. Sorry about Miguel. Get onboard the chopper, and we'll brief you in on everything.

Chapter 16: Party Poopers

Bermuda Kingdom Chinook 2-344J, Massachusetts Airspace, heading to RobCo Facility U12.



Corporal Joseph Anthony

Joseph told them all about the CENE Republic. Then, Major Hadyn told Joseph about the alliance and gave him Miguel's latest CENER dossier. It talked about the alliance details and latest CENER updates. However, it also talked about General Davis and his right hand Captain Liam being the main NCR troopers, and that with them being defeated, the NCR shall suffer heavy losses and impact their presence in the arm area.

"You read it? Yep, that's right. Our target is Liam and Davis." said Hadyn.

"When do i take them out?" asked Joseph.

"They both escaped through a tunnel network in the rubble of NML Island. We heard he headed to Camp Raven, Raven Rock, or Suite R, in Washington DC. The DC BOS are struggling to get across the Potomac. They own the southeast quarter of DC. Our recommended assignment for you is to secure a way to Camp Raven." he explained.

"What is your recommended course of action?" questioned Joseph.

"You need to go to Dunwich Outpost, DC, a BOS base. They will brief you. Also, Mr. House is letting us meet him. We'll be dropped off there, and the pilot and Private Arthur will fly you to Dunwich Outpost.

30 minutes later, they dropped him off at Dunwich.

The Dunwich Building looked new. Joseph approached the outpost.

"Hey there sir, I'm Lieutenant Vance of the BOS, i'm here to take you to Colonel Hudson, he'll brief you and the troops on our attack on the NCR's Camp Rad at Vault 87.

Joseph was escorted into the elevator and taken to the base commander's office.

"Hello sir, sit. I'll tell you our plan." said Hudson. Joseph sat down at the desk. There were six BOS troopers sat around.

"Now, our plan to advance to Camp Raven will depend on this attack. he NCR are having a party at Camp Rad (Vault 87), so they are extremely off guard. This is our chance to strike. You will be in charge of these six recon troops. You will be doing a recon mission to get inside and destroy the base. Now go, run to the Camp and take these thermite bottles. You'll need to put two hits of thermite and in every room you need to destroy. Good luck." he explained.

Joseph took the BOS soldiers to Vault 87. There were three drunk guards at the main entrance. The Vault door was still irradiated, but only minor rad levels of 4 rads per second were detected by Joseph's Pip-Boy. They had to go in through Lamplight Caverns.

"You four, here you are, the funniest way to take down drunk NCR troops." said Joseph laughingly as he threw a Cymbal Monkey trap to them. A BOS Knight planted the Cymbal Monkey. They all ran behind a bus. The Cymbal Monkey danced and played cymbals. The drunk troopers went towards it.

"Any second now..." said Joseph. The Cymbal Monkey exploded in their faces. The 3 NCR troopers were down. Joseph and the four Brotherhood soldiers went inside the caves. They walked through the gate and saw the Lamplight kids being thrown out of the caves.

"Sir, here a few of those kids command wants out of here. Get em in the truck to Camp Haven (Paradise Falls). " said an NCR trooper. Joseph remembered the Lamplighters. He had to save them from the clutches of the NCR. Joseph and the BOS ran into the Lamplight Medical Centre.

"Guys, we gotta save these guys from NCR slavery. I remember this places layout, and i know how to stop the NCR. We gotta go to the Great Chamber where the NCR are partying. Apparently neither side took out the mutants in the Vault. We're gonna release the mutants, then gas the Vault, and make it a BOS outpost when the gas wears off in two weeks. Understood?" briefed Joseph.

"Yes sir." answered the squad.

After a few close calls, they managed to sneak into the Great Chamber. As they walked on the wooden bridge, it collapsed, and Joseph and his squad fell in the ponds, while the 4 NCR troops there weren't so lucky.

"Crap, everybody okay? Follow me to this mine cart." ordered Joseph.

The NCR were looking at the "accident", which was a perfect distraction.

"Dammit, two guys arguing. Wait here for one to move. DO NOT ENGAGE YET." explained Joseph.

", i do not want an endless pile of Happy New Year cards on my doormat with a picture of your fuckin' dog, i don't give a crap if it wears a Santa Hat." argued an NCR soldier.

"I know they are so annoying. Well i better be going to the prisoner bus. If i don't drive them to Camp Haven in time then Davis will pissed." said the NCR driver. The driver walked away and there was only one trooper in the way.

"Knight Brevic, take out the NCR guard having a smoke." ordered Joseph. Brevic killed him but the trooper screamed when he was shot. The NCR heard and fired at Joseph's squad.

"Come on, hurry, let's get to the door computer." said Joseph. They were near the door terminal when all of a sudden the Wind Brahmin salesman Daykin that Joseph saw at the Railroad base jumped through a hole in the roof.

"More Wind Brahmin? Only 4 cap." asked the Daykin.

"Yeah yeah, five please." said Joseph.

"Thankyou for buying from Bob's Wind Brahmin shop. Goodbye come again." said the Daykin salesman.

They all activated their stealth boys and ran to the terminal. The terminal wasn't working.

"I remember! Knight Brevic, fight you way to the prisoner bus and get the child of a kid called Squirrel, he should be real smart, enough to fix this terminal." demanded Joseph.

Brotherhood of Steel Knight Darko Brevic.

Recon Team Yankee India

NCR Camp Rad, Washington DC

25/12/55/, 10.04AM

Knight Brevic was in a tunnel leading to the Lamplight exit gate, but his stealth boy ran out of charge. He was spotted in a crowd of NCR. He ran behind some rocks. An NCR trooper ran over to him. Brevic shot the trooper and grabbed him and used him as a human shield. The four NCR troopers struggled to aim at Brevic. Brevic then shot down two troopers and the other two ran off. One trooper actually ran off, but the other one hid behind Brevic, and did a sliding tackle on him. Brevic's shield got up and cornered him.

The two NCR's ran up to him. Brevic tripped on up and killed him from a broken neck. Then, he punched his shield, knocking him out, and threw him in a pond. The coast was clear, and he proceeded to head out the caverns. He saw a pre-War DCPD prisoner truck. The Lamplighters were inside. There was two NCR guards guarding the bus. Brevic grabbed the two guards and rammed them both headfirst into the bus, dead. Brevic kicked open the bus door and threw the driver out. He drove the bus and squashed him.

"Don't worry, i am Knight Darko Brevic of the Washington DC Brotherhood of Steel, part of our new rulers, the CENE Republic. I am here to rescue you and take you kids to a safer place in the CENER. Now, does anybody here have a member of their family called Squirrel?" said Brevic.

"I do!" shouted a kid.

"Are you smart with computers?" asked Brevic.

"Yeah, of course i am." said the kid.

"Come with me, we need you fix a computer so we can take out the NCR idiots once and for all." said Brevic.

"Awesome!" said the kid happily.

Brevic got back to the terminal and his squad.

Joseph Anthony

25/12/55/, 10.16AM

"You took your sweet time Brevic. You got the kid?" asked Joseph.

"Yeah, here he is. Kid, we need you to fix and hack this terminal for us. Can you do that?" said Brevic. The kid fixed the terminal and hacked it.

"Now, press "Release Mutants"." ordered Brevic. The doors opened and Super Mutants were sprinting out. The rest of Camp Rad ran into the Great Chamber to take them out.

"Is there any other kids in here?" questioned Joseph.

"No, everyone's in the bus. Come on let's get out of here!" answered the kid.

Joseph looked back. There was a mutant rampage. The Super Mutants were thrashing the NCR soldiers. They got out of the caves. Joseph then threw Modified FEV gas into the caves and immediately shut the door. The caves and Vault 87 were flooded with modded FEV and every living thing inside it died.

They got outside. Joseph got in the driver seat. He drove them to Camp Dunwich. Colonel Hudson was outside waiting for them.

"Colonel, we took out the base. We found this civilisation of kid's there about to be taken to NCR slavery. Get them in the chopper and take them to Maine." explained Joseph.

"Right on. Well done Anthony. Meet me in my office at 11PM for your next assignment." said Hudson proudly.

Chapter 17: Bababa



Camp Reptile (Deathclaw Sanctuary)

Joseph Anthony

Joseph got back to Dunwich Outpost. He took the elevator to Hudson's office.

"Glad you made it back. Good job at Camp Rad. Sit, here's your new assignment." said Hudson. Joseph sat down at his desk.

"Now, we are not far away from reaching victory in DC. We are getting closer to Site R day by day. We are so far up to Lamplight Caverns, and are only two miles from Site R. Now today, you and your team shall change that and make us 1 mile." explained Hudson.

"How can i change that sir?" asked Joseph.

"Camp Reptile, their source of defense. They are cloning Deathclaws there. You will take a BOS raft there through the Potomac with your squad. Once there, fight your way to the mainframe and change their Deathclaw Mind Control Helmets to help CENER. Understood? Good. Meet them over by the raft by following the road east. Good luck." briefed Hudson.

Joseph left the camp and headed for the boat. He got there and saw Brevic and the others.

"So we're using this pile of crap to get to Camp Reptile?" asked Joseph humorously.

"Uhh, yes sir. Get on, Initiate Keith will row us there." said Brevic. Joseph jumped on the raft with his 6 squad members. Keith rowed them there. 3 minutes later, by Rockbreaker's, Brevic saw a helmet pop up in the distance. Brevic got out his sniper rifle and quietly shot him. He fell into the river. Suddenly, three more ran up to the ridge.

"Crap, there's more coming, they know we'r here! Lock and load!" shouted Brevic. The three NCR troopers fired at them. Joseph and his squad tried hitting them. While they were firing at them, Joseph saw a hand come out of the water, and it pulled him in. He looked and saw it was the NCR trooper Brevic first shot. The NCR soldier tried stabbing him, but Joseph swam out of the way and kicked it out his hand. Then, they started fighting each other. Joseph, broke his jaw, and as he was hit, Joseph tied him to the raft to drown. He quickly got back up to the surface.

"Brevic, what's the situation?" there's about two squads firing at us and an NCR boat heading towards us." said Brevic worriedly.

"Shit!" shouted Joseph angrily. Joseph saw the boat head towards them. They fired at it but it was bulletproof. They were completely surrounded.

"Fuck! Surrender, we have no choice!" ordered Joseph. The NCR cornered them and took them in custody, and threw them in the boat's boot. They were taking them to Camp Reptile.

15 minutes later.



Joseph and his squad were gassed in the trunk. Joseph awoke in a cave with four NCR troopers around him. He was sat on a chair at a table with a revolver in front of him and one of his squad members, Initiate Keith, was sat in front of him. To his surprise, he saw Captain Liam and General Davis in front of him.

"Davis, Liam. This is the end." said Joseph vengefully. He grabbed the revolver and tried firing it but it was jammed.

"Haha. Sit down retard. We captured you and your friends here. Now you are facing NCR justice baby! Now get your goddamm friend here to shut the fuck up." said Liam laughingly.

"Fuck you. Californian fuck." said Keith angrily. Liam pointed a gun at his head. "You're dead Paladin." said Liam angrily.

"Keith don't!" shouted Joseph.

Davis pointed a gun at Keith's head. "You play, or you die." said Davis sternly.

"Not on my watch, Communist pile of shite." said Keith. Davis bashed Keith in the head with a Super Sledge.

"Keith?! KEITH!!! YOU UNCLEFUCKER! I'M GONNA TORTURE YOU ALL!!!" shouted Joseph enragedly.

"Sit down idiot. Next!" said Davis.

An NCR trooper pushed in Knight Brevic.

"Crap, Brevic!" said Joseph.

"So what's the plan. We only got one chance here. Let's try it on the second bullet. Four and Nine O' Clock." explained Brevic.

"We'll risk it." said Joseph.

"Stop whispering or die! Anything you have to say you can say it out loud!" shouted Liam annoyedly.

Brevic picked up the revolver and pointed it to his head. He began to pull the trigger.


Joseph picked up the revolver this time. He pointed it to his head. He assumed that this bullet would fire, and decided to take the risk. He shot one NCR trooper in the stomach, grabbed his gun and used him as a Human shield. He began to fire, and killed one NCR trooper and armshotted Liam. However, he and Davis got away. They climbed up a ladder and sealed it.

"They got away..." said Joseph angrily.

"Come on dude, we gotta get the others so we can brainwash the Deathclaws." told Brevic.

Joseph followed Brevic's lead. There were tunnels all over. Joseph saw a sign saying the cells are to the right. Joseph and Brevic ran right, but saw three guards fire at them. He and Brevic crouched behind a metal cabinet. Joseph legshotted one trooper, and as he fell to the floor, he got his knife out, put it on the floor, and slid it over to the NCR trooper, and it hit his eye. There were two guards left. Brevic threw an empty can of Xanta at one guards head and got orange juice in his eyes. As the trooper was blinded, Brevic threw a grenade at him which presisely landed in his pocket. It exploded and the trooper died. There was one guard left. Brevic distracted him and Joseph sprinted up to him and rugby tackled him. He beat him up and executed him.

"Excellent work Brevic. Open the door." praised Joseph. Brevic pressed the open button. The door opened. His squad walked out.

"Thanks for busting us out. Follow us, we know where the terminal is." said Paladin Walker thankfully.

Walker led them to a large cave room with a pond. It was dark and murky. Walker showed them a terminal.

"This terminal shows a layout of the Camp Reptile Tunnel Network. It appears the way to the mainframe and Liam and Davis is cut off by a cave in. The only way to get in is by going a different way by mining through the rocks with this mining drill vehicle.

"Are you crazy? You don't even know how to drive that thing!" said Joseph.

"Yeah i do. I found this instruction manual in my cell." he remarked.

"Fine. Everyone climb up there. You drive Walker. Brevic, Me, and Abdullah will guard. You better know what you're doing Walker." warned Joseph.

"Relax guy, i can handle it fella." said Walker chilled.

They climbed up the ginormous mining drill. It was yellow in colour with gleaming saws. Walker got in the drivers cabin, and the rest of the team got on the roof of it to guard. Walker started up the engines. It stuttered and a loud bang was heard.

"Huh. So much for your great plan Walker." said Joseph sarcastically. "OW!" shouted Joseph and the squad. The mining drill made a bang noise knocking the squad to the floor and it started. Walker drove it through and started up the saws. It was very loud. Sparks and lumps of rock flew everywhere.

About 20 seconds in, Walker heard a baby laugh.

"What the fuck was that?!" shouted Initiate Abdullah. Joseph looked over the sides and saw Rabies, feral ghoul babies. They were had wrinkly skin and were a neon blue in colour. They had long tusks on each arm, jelly-like bodies and neon white eyes.

"Dammit, Rabies!" alarmed Joseph.

"Those aren't babies!" shouted Brevic shockingly. The Raby swarm started crawling up the sides of the miner to eat them.

"Prepare for a fight everyone. Keep your distance from the Rabies and don't let them touch or else they'll climb up you. They have stretchy jelly bodies so getting them to let go of you will be a challenge, and they will absorb the first few bullets." explained Walker.

Walker locked the cabin door. The Rabies reached the top. All that could be heard was endless laughter. The squad took down many Rabies, and their jelly bodies caused the whole mine drill to be covered in a thick sludge yellow paste. One Raby climbed up Joseph's shoulder to eat his face. Joseph tried punching it but the Raby just laughed because of it's jelly body. So, he ripped it's arms off with his trench knife, and stamped on it. However, another Raby leapt from behind onto his and tried to suffocate him. Joseph deliberately fell over onto his back, squishing the Raby into a yellow and blue neon jelly puddle. Then, he saw another Raby climb up. He stomped on it's arm and it fell to the floor and got crushed by a wheel. He saw one last Raby and picked it up, then he slammed it's face on the wall, and flesh and yellowey blue goo flew everywhere.

The Raby invasion stopped. The Rabies crawled back to a deep dark cave.

"Hey you guys, looks like we're here!" said Walker happily. He pulled the lever back and the mine drill stopped. They saw an eviscerated NCR trooper on the end of the drill.

"Goddammit, there's NCR troops waiting for us." said Brevic.

Joseph ran in and saw two NCR troops. He shot one in the neck and he suffocated. He then shot the other trooper in the leg and kneed him to death.

"Come on, it's clear." informed Joseph.

"Here it is, here's the mainframe, and a tunnel to the surface, with an NCR Jeep!" pointed Abdullah.

Walker pressed the Start Menu and went to My Computer. He pressed "Camp Reptile Tunnel Network Files". He opened it up and wiped the previous Deathclaw Mind Helmets directives, and changed them to help CENE Republic. A Deathclaw jogged up to Joseph's squad, however the update kicked in and he ran away just as he was about to slash them to pieces. The squad ran up the sand hill to the surface. Joseph saw Davis and Liam in one of the Jeeps guarded by two NCR troops.

"Oh my God, there they are, let's kill those fuckers!" shouted Joseph. The NCR troopers heard him and turned around. Walker threw a limestone at one troopers head, cracking it open and died. Joseph ran up and impaled him with a machete. Davis and Liam drove away. Joseph and his squad got in the last Jeep and chased him. They were currently passing Camp Rad entrance. Joseph drove like there was no tomorrow at 85mph. They caught up with the Jeep. Davis opened the window and got out his SMG and tried to gun them down. Joseph quickly put the bulletproof windows up. Liam was driving. Joseph almost crashed into a tree but swerved away. He drove back up to them. Liam threw a grenade at them. It exploded and Joseph's Jeep flew 3 feet into the air. They thankfully suffered no injuried, and the Jeep was intact. They were infront of Liam and Davis.

Walker and Brevic jumped onto the back of the Jeep and got out SMGs and shot at their tyres and tried to shoot through the bulletproof windows. Unfortunately, they swept past Joseph's Jeep and headed down the motorway. A Vertibird landed up ahead with a robot grab hand to extract Liam and Davis. Joseph tried banging the Jeep away.

"Brevic, Walker, fire on that VB-02!" said Joseph.

They tried to gun it down with their 10mm SMG's but it was no use. They failed to stop them, and Liam and Davis got away. They watched the Vertibird fly off into the sunset.

Chapter 18: Trident



Outpost Dunwich

CENER Yankee India Squad: Operation: Benny.

Joseph and his squad of 4, Initiate Abdullah, Paladin Walker, and Knight Brevic, got back to Outpost Dunwich safely. In the 5 days that passed, the Brotherhood, Seekers, Fifth Reavers, RobCo, and the Institute officially became a part of the CENE Republic and completely organised in the CENER computer files and dossiers. Everything was compete and perfect. The BOS, 5R, RobCo and The Institute became the CENER Technology Council. The Seekers became part of the CENER Exploration Council. The BOS, and 5R were added to the CENER War Council. The The Bermuda Kingdom decided to stay independent, but ally and aid the CENER. During the 4 days, CENERTC Outpost Dunwich and its leader Elder Hudson, worked on a plan to get to Camp Raven of the NCR. Members of the CENER voted for a President until the war ends. The President chosen was BOS Paladin Harris Morris.

The plan was Operation: Benny. The Operation would take place on Benny Hills, a group of hills near Site R named after a man from Vegas who escaped a Courier and fled to DC, and shamed by his recent past, joined the BOS in 2281 and died trying to save Joseph from the evil Brotherhood Outcasts who took over.

Benny Hills had several bases, two NCR SatComs, a power station, and Site R. The Operation was to take over the bases in Benny Hills to prepare for the Site R invasion. Then, the Securitrons, delivered to Camp Dunwich Underground, would be released. The 19000 Securitron Mark IIIs would overthrow the NCR, forcing them out of the arm. Elder Hudson called Yankee India Squad (Joseph's Squad) to the office for a meeting.

"Joseph, Abdullah, Brevic, Walker. Good to see you on your feet. That was some fine work you did that day. I've sent the Exploration Team and the base construction team to Camp Reptile to base it, and to figure what we should do with that mining drill vehicle you found. We've never had such determined troopers like you." tributed Hudson.

"Thankyou sir." said Joseph politely.

"Don't mention it. Now, Operation: Benny. You've heard about this haven't ya? Anyways, your squad will play a vital role in this operation. SatCom Array NW-05a and the power station. You have been selected to take out these areas with help from Zulu Quebec, led by Pupae Danonich. He's in charge of this part of the op. Meet with him at a wharf south of SCA NW-05A. Make those Calif bastards pay." explained Hudson.

Joseph led his squad to the wharf. They got there 20 minutes later. They saw a squad of five Fifth Reaver troops. It was Zulu Quebec.

"Hey, it's you, Joseph Anthony. I've heard about you, the guy who made this possible. Great to have you here. I know your squad. Meet my squad, Larva Klinin, Brood Salavin, Larva Stakchankov, and Pupae Valvish." introduced Danonich.

"Nice to meet you." said Joseph as he shook hands with the troops.

"So, Operation: Benny. We're going to the satellite first. You see it? Follow my lead. Do what i say and you'll stay alive." ordered Danonich.

"Hey this operation reminds me of this crap comedian from 500 years ago." said Walker. They ignored him and continued walking up the hills. Finally, they reached their destination. SCA NW05-C. Joseph remembered clearing it out from the Enclave. It was completely different. The array was now made of black steel, and had blue lights all over. It had a space age satellite on top. The team scanned the area. There was two tents with four NCR troops around the satellite.

"Joseph, take your squad to east side. I'll take mine to the west side. We'll ambush them on my mark." instructed Danonich.

They went in position. Joseph's squad took cover behind a boulder. Danonich's squad took cover behind a coffee table.

"GO!" shouted Danonich. They pumped the NCR troopers full of lead. There was 1 left. Joseph ran up to the last trooper and whacked him in the face with his rifle, then knifed him.

"Clear guys. Let's move in. Joseph kick that door in." said Danonich. Joseph shouldered the door down. As quick as a flash, he was kneed in the face by an NCR trooper and he fell to the floor. Danonich kicked away the NCR troopers's rifle, and slammed his head into the ground. He helped Joseph up. They went inside the SatCom Array. The ground floor was a chemistry lab. There were two NCR scientists in the room armed with laser pistols. The NCR scientists wore clothes similiar to the Enclave scientist uniforms. They had yellow suits and green gasmask.

Joseph picked up a test tube and threw it at one scientists face. It smashed his gasmask. Then, Joseph sprinted up to him and did a sliding tackle. The NCR scientist tripped over and broke his neck. Brevic was about to be shot by the last scientist's laser pistol. He sideflipped away from the incoming laser and shot down the scientist with his dual .44 Magnum. They were walking up the 2nd floor stairs but Danonich interrupted them.

"Hey, my team saw an NCR tent to the west by the old highway. Looks like 7 troops there. I'll take my squad and Abdullah. There's only 8 here, so you can keep Walker and Brevic. I'll be back here in 12 minutes approximately. If i'm not back by then, head to the NCR Camp Spark. Good luck." instructed Danonich.

They walked out and stormed over to the highway tent. It was just Joseph, Walker, and Brevic. Joseph led them upstairs and saw a power box on the way. He ripped the covering plate off and tore the wires out. The lights went out.

"Lights out fuckers. Squad, put your NV on." said Joseph.

"After we destroy Camp Raven do you think we will go home?" asked Brevic curiously.

"I hope so Darko. I hope so." replied Joseph.

Suddenly, the stairs broke and fell to the floor. The squad leapt for the second floor. They pulled themselves up. here were 3 NCR troopers eating burgers at the table. They turned around and saw the squad. Scared shitless, one obese trooper threw a burger at Joseph's face and legged it up the 3rd floor stairs. His NV goggles were covered in cheese, rendering them useless. He then regretted turning off the lights. He turned on the backup switch and the incredibly fat trooper jumped at the lights turning on and tripped up.

"HAHAHAHAHA! It's funny because he's fat!" shouted Walker hysterically. The squad were getting tired of Walker's messing about during battle. Nethertheless, Joseph pushed over a desk and he and his squad took cover behind it. The 2nd floor was the science level. Brevic found a syringe titled "fatal". He threw it and it hit one troopers arm. The trooper choked to death. Joseph sprinted up to the last trooper and did a rugby tackle on him. He beat the trooper up, and then sleeper holded him and flung him out the window, smashing it. Joseph walked up to the fat trooper. Joseph was about to execute the fat trooper until he started talking.

"Don't shoot me! I can help you get uplink codes to Trident nukes the NCR has planned to use on you!" begged the trooper.

"Trident nukes?" said Brevic puzzled.

"Yeah. Before the war this complex was a base for the UK. They used it to command the UK sector of B.O.M.B.-001. They housed 2000 Trident nukes here. The NCR decoded the system and plotted to use them against you." explained the trooper.

"Okay, but you better not be lying." warned Joseph sternly.

They walked up to the third floor where a bleeding out NCR trooper with a pistol was waiting. He almost shot Brevic. Walker jogged up to the dying trooper, jumped and landed on him. The weight of him and his T-51B suit killed him. The main building was clear. The 3rd floor appeared to be a lounge. Joseph was about to climb up the ladders to the mid roof level, but a NCR Ninja jumped from the mid roof level and landed on Joseph. Brevic grabbed a TV from the lounge and smashed it on the NCR Ninja's head and he was stuck inside the TV. He was electrocuted and died.

Joseph led the squad up the stairs to the mid roof. There were two NCR Ninjas waiting. They were quick and agile and wore white ninja costumes with the NCR flag on it. They used Katanas, Shurikens and trench knifes. Joseph told the squad to go back down and wait for him. Joseph dodged one Ninja's attacks swiftly, and backflipped, and as he did so, he kicked the Ninja in the face and kicked his knife out of his hand. The Ninja's attacked were lightning fast, but no match for Joseph's CQC skills. Quickly, Joseph eviscerated the first Ninja to death. He fell to the floor dramatically as he whispered "No, i failed... the...Bear." The second Ninja awaited his turn.

The last NCR Ninja had a Katana. Joseph athletically dodged his attacks. Joseph twisted the NCR Ninja's arm, and bumped his Katana into the Ninja's face, and tripped him up. The NCR Ninja flew into the air and went overboard, and splat to the ground.

"Come on troopers. Let's get this job done by the books. We gotta go to the roof level and get to the Trident mainframe." said Joseph. They went up the steps to the roof. There was one lone trooper waiting and it almost shot Joseph and Walker on the ladders. They quickly went down although it missed Brevic. Brevic leapt away and dashed around the roof. He made it to the trooper and pushed him, however the trooper managed to stay on his feet and not fall off. Then, Brevic tried to push the trooper again but the NCR trooper grabbed his hands. They were fighting to push each other off. Brevic slapped the trooper in the face, then gave him a Chinese burn and pushed him off. The trooper fell to his death.

The rest climbed up. Joseph went to the mainframe.

"There's 2000 nukes there. Direct them to all of the NCR dude, we gotta end this war." said Walker naively.

"NO! Those are the things that caused this to happen. That is why we're sending the nukes to Venus. All of them. Including that station." said Joseph angrily.

"Joseph's right, but don't destroy that space station. It's a space station!" said Brevic agreeingly.

"You're right. I'll keep the station but i'm sending every nuke to Venus. Hey wait, i have access to a Predator system. We can use it to aid us in the war. It's only got enough Predator missiles to last us 2 months, but it's enough. We can use it while we're clearing the arm of the NCR." discovered Joseph.

Joseph sent the nukes to Venus and some to all the other nuke satellites he found on the computer system. Then, he got a satellite image of Danonich and the team pinned down on the highway. He called a Predator missile down to the highway camp killing the enemy troops. They saw a burst of lovely bright orange light at the highway and tent cloth and car parts flying in the air. He saw that the team were alive on the satellite imagery. He then sent a Predator missile to Camp Spark. They saw another beautiful explosion in the background with screaming.

The DC area was fully in CENER control at this time. The only NCR base left in DC now was Site R. The other two camps were exterminated during the past four days.

"I love the sound of those Calif bastards screaming their heads off." remarked Walker. He saw on the system that Operation: Benny was complete. He radioed Outpost Dunwich about it.

"...great work by you and your strike team. The NCR are bringing out two Vertibirds. A CENER Vertibird is coming for you. Sit tight. We'll send the Seekers to base the Benny Hills and that SatCom Array tonight. Looks like it's coming for you now." praised Elder Hudson. The CENER Vertibird landed on the plains to the east. It was black in colour with red wings and a CENER flag. The CENER flag was the pre-War US flag but with 14 stars, the amount of states they expected to control at the end of the war in the arm area. They jumped down by sliding down the walls of the building. They opened the door and found the pilot who flew Joseph and Miguel in their previous missions.

"Get the fuck in we ain't got no shit time to waste." rambled the Commonwealth Pilot in a redneck voice. He had a red combover and wore a pre-War CENER upgraded USAF flight jacket.

They got in and sat down. They saw Danonich's squad get picked up as well as two other Vertibird's picking up tow other Operation: Benny strike teams. There were four CENER Vertibirds in total. The two Vertibirds to the east flew to Paradise Falls. This Vertibird and Danonich's Vertibird were heading to Outpost Dunwich. Joseph looked at the wasteland from the air. It was much cleaner than it was in 23rd Century. There were healthy trees and plants, brick buildings, and the NCR made a cleanup project where the wasteland would be cleaned up. All of a sudden, minugn bullets flew past. Joseph looked behind there were two NCR Vertibirds behind them. The NCR Vertibirds were a pale yellow with brown streaks.

Joseph got on the rear turret. He critically shot up the right engine of the first NCRVB. However, the NCRVB banged into Joseph's Vertibird. Brevic jumped out of the Vertibird and lept onto the bonnet of the attacking NCRVB.

"Brevic, are you crazy! You'll fuckin' die out there!" roared Joseph. Brevic continued. He found it hard to hang on, but he succeeded. He tried shooting through the window but it was bulletproof. So, he struggled around the side of the Vertibird. He shimmied around the side and climbed back up. Then, he jumped onto the roof. He used a laser cutter to jump inside the Vertibird. He then banged the pilot's head onto the control panel, and threw him out. The pilot hit the propellor and was cut up into a trillion pieces. Then, he threw tear gas into the passenger room and quickly locked the cockpit door. He was in control of an NCR Vertibird. He saw one NCR trooper trip out of his chopper out of his window.

There was one enemy NCRVB left. Brevic slowly flew up to it and bumped into the NCRVB. The NCRVB lost track and the side crashed into a boulder and a thunderous screeching was heard and sparks flew everywhere. However, it got back in business, and shot a missile at Brevic's chopper. Brevic's chopper was close to power failure, so he concentrated on getting in position. The Vertibird was crawling down the air. When the time was right, he climbed up to the top, Brevic hurled himself to Joseph's Vertibird's entrance door. Fortunately, he got inside there safely. They looked out and saw Brevic's Vertibird crash on top of the enemy chopper. The enemy chopper's wings collapsed and shattered on the ground in flames and an explosion of melted steel.

"Whoah, i don't know how the hell you did that, but great job Corporal. I'm gonna get Hudson to promote you. That was some fine determination there." complimented Joseph.

"Thankyou sir. So, are we going to Dunwich now?" asked Brevic.

"Yes. There's a meeting there about planning the Site R invasion. We'll finally kick those damn furry bastards out of here and put them in their place! We're gonna keep these Bear bastards awake tonight." said Joseph proudly.

"How are they furries?" wondered Walker.

"Because they love Bears." answered Joseph.

They flew off to base, where they would plot the mission that would change America, and possibly the world for years to come.

Chapter 19: If you go down to the woods today you'll be in a body bag...

31st of December, New Years Eve, 2455.


Columbia, Eastern, and New England Republic War Council Vertibird 20-36, Revolution Fleet

Yankee India Squad, Charlie 4 Platoon, 1st Battallion, 99th Regiment

First Sergeant Joseph Anthony, Serial Number 0001273675542284

CENERWC Outpost Dunwich, being sent to Vertibird 20-36, Revolution Fleet, on way to New California Republic Camp Raven, Raven Rock, Benny Hills, Washington District of Columbia, CENER.

In the two days that passed, the men at Outpost Dunwich worked tirelessly night and day organising, planning, and preparing Operation: Picnic Crashers, a reference to the NCR loving bears and the common bear picnic legend. Not only that, but Joseph went to RobCo Facility U12 at Rhode Island to add his dead comrade, Antonio Miguel's DNA to one of the unused personal screen systems like House uses to add Miguel's mind to a screen. He was glad Miguel was back, even on a terminal. Miguel helped with Operation: Picnic Crashers. Now, it was time. In 2277 the BOS didn't destroy Site R, instead they cleared it out and based themselves there.

The plan was finally completed. The plan was for an NCR strike team to launch predator missiles near the outside Raven camps from the SatCom Arrays to distract them. Meanwhile, Joseph's squad and another squad of 8 will go inside the Camp Rad Tunnel Network and meet with the Seekers, who controlled the mine drill vehicle. They would board it and cut through the caves until they inside to Site R sub-level. Then, they would fight their way to the second deck and meet with the rest of the CENER strike battalion. There, they would fight to the third level where only Joseph, Abdullah, Walker, and Brevic would go inside. There, they would kill Liam and Davis, and exit through level four where the whole CENER strike team would be extracted to the Capitol Building, the CENER's new capitol for a ceremony.

The alliances would play roles in this operation. The Bermuda Kingdom would provide fire and air support. RobCo would unleash the horde of 19000 Securitrons after the attack and scatter them into NCR territory in the arm. The Fifth Reavers would provide fire support.

At Outpost Dunwich War Room...

"and that is the plan for Operation: Picnic Crashers. Any questions? Nope. Good. Now, there are 15 Vertibirds waiting outside. You will be given a card on your way out saying the number chopper you are assigned to. Look that chopper and board. Let's kick some Grizzly ass. My butt itches and the only way to scratch it is on the enemy's face. Now, make us proud men, and God Bless the CENE Republic." briefed Elder Hudson patriotically.

Joseph left the room and he and his squad members were all given a card saying "6". They left and went to Vertibird Six. They boarded nervously. There were two other troopers sat inside. To Joseph's surprise, he saw Major Hadyn in the cockpit.

"Joseph, how are you my old friend! Sorry about Miguel. Anyway, i've heard of your squad members. Damn fine team you've got helping you there. Miguel would be proud.

"Thanks. So, you know where we're headed?" asked Joseph.

"Sure do, i'm meant to take your squad and Pvt. Dawkins and Lieutenant Ikeda to Camp Reptile! Well, we better get going. Close the turret doors and sit tight. We'll be there in 4 minutes my friends." said Hadyn enthusiastically. He fired up the engines and started flying. Ikeda was silent and didn't talk much. He wore a headband with Japanese text, and had a black mohawk, and wore CIA glasses. Dawkins was a wuss, and was moaning about being scared of the mission for the whole flight. Joseph snapped and told him to shut up. He kept quiet. They landed at Camp Reptile 4 minutes later.

"Well, end of the line my friend. Good luck to you and the CENER." wished Hadyn.

"Goodbye". said Joseph.

Joseph's strike team left the chopper and two CENER security guards welcomed them, shook hands with them, and escorted them to the mine drill vehicle. The guards left, and Joseph's squad climbed up to the top deck of the MDV. Dawkins and Ideka were new troopers added to Yankee India Squad. A Seeker started up the engines.

"Well this is it. You ready to make history boys?" asked Joseph proudly.

"Hell yeah!" shouted Walker, Abdullah and Brevic. Ideka stood there silently and quietly said "Sure". Dawkins had a wuss fit and was shivering in the corner. Eventually, they got to the tunnel leading to Raven Rock and started the cutter. A deafening grinding noise was heard. 2 minutes later, they were near the Raven Rock. Apparently the Rabies learnt their lesson and kept to themselves in the underworld.

"We're 5 seconds away from getting near Raven Rock. I'd hang on if i were you." alerted the Seeker driver. A crash was heard. They were at the walls of Raven Rock. The driver activated the wall cutter, and successfully cut through a hole in the rusty cement wall. Bricks and paste flew all over and smoke blurred their vision. They walked in through the hole. They were inside Raven Rock. The NCR had pimped up the Raven complex better than before, and it was a crazy green lightshow with space age circuit boards and tech all around. The floors were gleaming sparkly chrome. Joseph was amazed. The MDV drove back to Camp Reptile. Joseph could remember Nathan Vargas, being questioned by the Enclave Officer, the scientists, the soldiers, Colonel Autumn, and JHE. He wondered what marvels the NCR scientists created here, and the status of JHE. Was he still there? Was he reprogrammed? Only time will tell.

"Come on guys, we're on the sub-level. We must fight our way through this place, get through the first floor and meet with the rest of the CENERM, 5R and BOS strike team on level three." explained Joseph. The squad heard a firework blow up outside.

"That's our cue, come on let's go, the Bermuda Kingdom will be doing bombing runs on the outside. The Institute gave us these G6 Machine Laser Rifles. Let's kick these Bear bastards outta here with them." said Joseph.

The squad went into the hallway and saw two NCR troops.

"Kill them! They cannot breach the stairway doors!" shouted an NCR trooper angrily. The NCR soldiers took cover behind a bench. Joseph's squad took cover behind a set of lockers. The 2 NCR soldiers made a desperate final stand and threw all they had at Joseph's squad. Ideka pushed the locker forward closer to the NCR soldiers. Then, Brevic jumped over and kneed one NCR trooper in the stomach. Then, Brevic Karate slapped the other trooper and headbutted him in the head. Then, the NCR trooper twisted Brevic's arm and FUed him.

Quickly, Ideka grabbed the NCR trooper from behind, gripped his neck and fell backwards onto the floor, breaking the trooper's neck. Brevic was saved, and he quickly executed the trooper he KOed before. Joseph led his squad into an office to get to the stairs. There were four NCR troopers waiting for them: Two Ninjas and two SMG gunners.

"Shit!" cried Dawkins as he and the squad took cover behind a photocopier. The Ninjas cartwheeled towards them. The squad fell back into the hallway. The NCR troopers waited in the office for the Ninjas to successfully come back. One Ninja waited his turn in behind a coffee table. The other Ninja hopped towards them. Joseph shot the Ninja's leg. The Ninja was in the air as he was shot, and he lost control and fell onto the ground. However, he lightning fastly threw Shurikens at them. The squad tried their best to dodge them, but Dawkins was hit by a Shuriken in the eye and died. Joseph ran up to the Ninja and grabbed the Ninja and his Katana. He bonked the Katana on the Ninja's head and grabbed him. He used the Ninja as a human shield for the next Ninja.

The last Ninja was shocked. He sprinted up to Joseph and slide tackled him and the squad. Walker managed to stay stood though, and grabbed the Ninja's head, jogged to the wall and smacked him into the wall. The Ninja's were down.

"The NCR has Ninjas? In 2455, North America?" said Walker humorously. The squad took cover behind a photocopier in the office room where the 2 NCR troops waited. Brevic shot one in the shoulder, and again in the leg. The trooper got out a pistol and fired it. It aimed at Brevic and Brevic had no time to get away. To save him,. Abdullah, with his eagle eye vision, used his 9mm Pistol which he likes to call "Melonpopper" to precisely shoot the bullet out of the way, and popped the trooper. There was one NCR trooper left. Joseph threw a book from the bookcase at the trooper's face, then fired at the trooper. He was incinerated into a puddle of crystally pink ash.

The sub-level was secure. They walked to the first floor stairs, when all of a sudden, a trooper with a cooking frag grenade in his hand dashed up to the squad. The squad ran away. Joseph aimed at the frag and surprisingly hit it. The frag blew up in the NCR trooper's hand as he dramatically fell to the floor. The sub-level was secure.

"Well, that wraps up this floor. Let's take the stairs to the 1st floor. They walked up the stairs and got to the first floor. They found themselves in a bio lab room. There were two cryo tanks. One had a Yao Guai and the other held a Glower (Irradiated Goldfish). There were four NCR scientists in the room. The scientists took cover behind control panels on the top deck of the room. The squad took cover in a control room. Joseph threw a frag grenade at one of the scientists but it painfully missed.

"Walker, sneak into that control room. We;ll distract them while you secretly go up those stairs and flank them." instructed Joseph. Walker obeyed. He sneakily crawled around while the squad used distracting fire on the scientists armed with .32 Pistols. He climbed up the stairs. However, a scientist heard a creak, and turned around and spotted Walker. Hurriedly, Walker sideflipped out of the way of the scientist bullets and when he fell to the floor, he tripped over one scientist with his rifle, and used him as a human shield. This distracted them so much, that Joseph was able to throw a plasma grenade at them without breaking a sweat. Walker saw the grenade and jumped over, and soared into the control room. They watched as a satisfying green wavy plasma eruption was saw the scientists soaring in the air. The bio lab was clear.

"Let's go into the inner level 1." ordered Joseph. They went into a hallway and were greeted by a Robobrain. Joseph sprinted towards it, slid, and his shoes popped the tyres and a shattering pop was heard with rubber flying everywhere. Joseph then smashed open the glass brain container with his bare fists, tore the brain out, threw it on the floor, and violently stomped on it. A satisfying squish was heard. Three NCR troops came out of their rooms to fight Joseph's squad. He and his squad took cover behind the dead Robobrain, while the NCR troopers charged towards them. So, Joseph tore out some of the Robobrains cables, and threw them onto the floor. The troopers trodded over it and got electrocuted. Joseph and Brevic used their .44s and popped a cap in them all. Suddenly, two more troopers came out and covered behind a shelf.

Joseph threw a flashbang at them, and Brevic ran up to them and planted a ClayMORE+++ at their feet, and leaped away. The ClayMORE+++ detonated and hurled the troopers to the ceiling. The first floor was clear.

"We've succeeded in clearing the sub and 1st floors as planned! Let's meet up with the strike team on the second floor!" praised Joseph. He led them up the steps when all of a sudden, an NCR Veteran Ranger hurled himself onto Joseph, and threw him over the stairs, then bounded himself to Joseph. The Vet got a trench knife and tried to kill Joseph. Joseph tried to fight back. Brevic leaped onto the Vet and twisted his neck. Joseph was saved. They went up to the second floor. They saw a 20 soldier team behind a set of lockers. They were in the prison sector of floor 2.

"What's the situation?" enquired Joseph to a CENER trooper.

"We're trying to breach their line of defenses. Their seems to be a resistance of 15 troopers in this sector. We're trying to free four BOS prisoners captured three years ago. They'd know a layout of this place and an escape route, as well as intel. In each cell is a circuit board which activated an electricity floor in this sector. The electricity will last for three seconds. Destroy the circuit boards and you'll have 20 seconds to come back and alert us that the circuit boards are destroyed. Then, we'll fall back to the stairs so we don't get to the electric floor." briefed the trooper.

"Thanks for the info. Ideka, Brevic, come with me. We'll free the prisoners." planned Joseph.

He opened the prison sector door. There was a turret to greet them. It fired rounds at Joseph but he dashed out of their way. Ideka fed lead to the turret and took it out with his .44. A bright blue blast was seen and flaming metal fell to the ground. Three NCR Veteran Rangers came out of the cells in a much needed attempt to stop them. Fortunately, they were no match for the might of the CENER. Joseph's squad took cover behind a desk. The Veteran Rangers were calm, and stayed out in the open. Brevic threw a terminal at one Vets face. The screen smashed and his head was stuck inside. There were two Vets left. Joseph shot one Vet in the arm and the Vet dropped his gun. Joseph then melted the Vet with his laser rifle and he turned into a pond of sparkling pink sticky liquid.

There was one Vet left. Ideka got out the Katana he got from the sub-level. He ran around the Vet ranger to confuse him, and then smacked the Vet with the Katana, he picked up the Vet, and lunched him to the ceiling. The Vets were down.

"Ideka, take that cell on the right, Brevic, take the cell to the north. I'll take these two." pointed Joseph. He went to a cell and ripped the code board off the wall. The door opened. Inside was a man in prison rags.

"Thank you so much for getting me out of here. We gotta rescue the others." thanked the BOS prisoner.

"My men are saving the rest. Go and meet with the team out there." asked Joseph. The prisoner ran outside, and 2 other prisoners started sprinting out. Then, he kicked in the code board, the door opened. Inside was another prisoner. He know what to do and went to meet the other NCR troops without saying anything. Joseph headbutted the circuit board in the cell. Sparks came out. Ideka and Brevic came out.

"We've taken out the circuit boards sir. We'll meet with the others outside." informed Ideka.

Joseph carried on, and went into the other cell and threw a wardrobe at the circuit board. He quickly ran out.

"Sir, we've have 20 seconds to go to the stairs." alarmed Joseph.

"Shit, get to the stairs everyone!" shouted the BOS trooper. They fell back to the stairs. The NCR foolishly acknowledged that they were retreating and laughed. However, the floor zapped. Joseph looked and saw the NCR troopers on the second floor being zapped continuously by the floor. All the second floor NCR troopers died.

"Good work soldiers. Now, on me! Everyone move into get these fuckers outta DC!" shouted the BOS trooper proudly. Joseph was happier than ever before that he and the CENER had came this far. They were moments away from executing the leaders of the NCR Military, Captain Kyle Liam and General Vincent Davis. Joseph and his squad followed their lead up the stairs. Joseph stopped them before they went inside.

"Excuse me. Me and my friends here, Brevic, Abdullah, and Walker, have a history with these two. So, if you don't mind, could we go in ourselves and take out Liam and Davis?" asked Joseph nervously.

"Sure. Go ahead. Make us proud guys." replied the BOS trooper.

Joseph led his squad through the door.

"Stay focused guys. We've still got to worry about escaping." alerted Joseph.

"Yes sir." said the squad in unison.

They opened the Floor 3 entrance door. Two sentry bots and two laser turrets awaited their arrival and a burst of bright pink laser light was everywhere. The squad fastly took cover behind a sandbag.

"No robofucker is gonna ruin our chances of destroying the Bear!" roared Joseph. Brevic threw a stun grenade, and the turret and sentry bots vision was jammed. Joseph angrily picked up a Super Sledge from a dead NCR trooper and devoured a Sentry Bot with it and screws flew everywhere. Then, he impaled the other Sentry Bot with the grab end of the Super Sledge. There were two autoturrets left. Abdullah grabbed the turrets rifle and vigorously ripped it off. The turret had a power failure. Then, he fired the turret's rifle at the other one, and it blew up. It was clear. They walked into the master office.

"Well this is it, you ready to make history?" wondered Joseph proudly. His squad was right behind him. He opened the door. They climbed up the stairs. There was one more staircase to the control room where Davis and Liam would meet their deaths. They went up. Liam and Davis were sat on a sofa in front of the JHE ZAX. Davis was smoking a cig with a Desert Eagle in his hand.

"Well well, look who it is. Joseph Anthony, the destroyer of NCR President, Shady Sands, and founder of CENE Republic. You've got a lot of fuckin' nerve showing your face around here." remarked Davis.

"You two are gonna pay for what you did to Keith and Miguel. You ruined these states. You ruined my home. You have a lot to pay for, son of a bitch" warned Joseph enraged.

"Excuse me, did i tell you you could fuckin' talk? NO. Let the boss finish." bluffed Liam.

Joseph raised his .44 and shot Liam in the head. Meanwhile, Davis cautiously raised his DE and fired a bullet at Joseph. Brevic saw and immediately leaped into Joseph's way and took the bullet. Brevic was dead.

"BREVIC!!!" cried the Joseph, Walker, and Abdullah.

"Heheheh. You can't do that here. Now, face it, you've lost. Give it up, punk ass kid." said Davis calmly.

"I'm 187 actually." corrected Joseph.

"Whatever. Time to die. " said Davis darkly.

He raised his DE intensely to Joseph.

Joseph quickly kicked the pistol out of his hand, and grabbed it while it was in the air. He whacked it in Davis's face.

"No. I think it's your time. Brevic died because of you, motherfucker." said Joseph.

He raised the Desert Eagle to Davis's head.

"AAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH". screamed Davis. Davis died from the bullet of his own gun. Joseph and the squad felt satisfied.

"Come on. Let's go figure out this ZAX and get the strike team and get out of here.

Brevic went and brought the strike team inside and told them about the ZAX. Joseph activated the ZAX.

"I am NCR President Bob Charles. I am pleased to make your aqaintance." spoke the ZAX.

"*sigh*. Call in the Bermuda Chinooks to bomb." radioed Joseph.

"Roger that Joseph, you've done a good job today. The NCR shall fall. The Bermuda Chinooks should be here in 7 minutes. In the meantime get your ass to the evac Vertibirds. Hudson out." complied Hudson.

"We've got 7 minutes before the Bermuda Kingdom blows this place apart! Let's move people!" shouted Joseph as he led the strike team into the Level Four. Joseph remembered the place in 2277, and escaping the Enclave in there. They went into Level Four, and it was a nightmare. There was fighting all over. The CENER team breached the entrance earlier.


Joseph and his squad took cover behind a Sentry Bot.

"Joseph! Go into that room, and take control of the autoturrets!" cried a CENER trooper.

Joseph led Walker and Abdullah into the turret room. 3 Veteran NCR Rangers were inside. Joseph grabbed a coffee mug and smashed it in one Vet's face and died. Then, Walker ran up to one Vet and shot his shoulder, punched him in the face with his rifle, and shot him up. There was one Vet left. Abdullah shot the Vet twice, then soared in the air and sleeper holded the Veteran Ranger. The room was clear.

"Walker, get on that terminal and take out the NCR troops in here. We've got 3 minutes left!" warned Joseph. Joseph and Abdullah went back into the fighting and took cover behind scraps of wall metal. Then, a swarm of sparkling blue beams came from the turret Walker hacked and massacred the NCR troopers. Walker took down every last one of them.

"Come on, i can see the Chinooks and Predator Missiles! We gotta move!" alerted Joseph. The CENER troopers ran for their lifes out of the Raven Rock Complex. They were out in the wasteland. There were a few survivors inside Raven Rock, but they would all be destroyed in a matter of moments. The 6 Vertibird came to pick up Joseph's squad, and a fleet of others came. Joseph's squad boarded.

"Yankee India! It is over! We won! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" screamed Major Hadyn.

"For now." said Joseph.


The Vertibird took off. Joseph gazed in the distance at the destruction of Raven Rock. Entertained, he watched the Bermuda Chinooks drop the bombs on Raven Rock. The site imploded. A ginormous orange mushroom cloud was seen above the gargantuan neon glowing metal crater with rocks skyrocketing in the air. He watched as a fleet of trucks drove into the wastes and released an army of Mark III Securitrons which rode into the wasteland to leave a scar on the face of the NCR forever.

Chapter 20: Epilogue

(Read this in Ron Perlman voice.)

The Arm Revolution was a success. After the ceremony at the Capitol Building, the vote for a true President of the CENER was underway. Joseph Anthony outright won the vote. He made a great Republic and kept the CENER safe. The arm of the US, at long last, was saved.

The NCR had spent years beating down the arm's door, but they could not stand the might of the armies of the wasteland. They kicked dirt and ran east, as the Securitrons pounded their army and bases in the arm of the US. On 14/03/56/, they lost to the true Republic, and decided to leave the CENER be in the arm of the US.

The CENER helped the wasteland a better place. There were no taxes, and the people were happy to live with the CENER. After the NCR gave up control of the arm, the CENER took Maine, The Second York, Vermont, The Second Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Jersey the Second, Delaware, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio. The arm was completely in CENER control. The country was then called "New Republic of America", and the land was called America. After that, the NRA spoke to the New English Republic in Britain, an alliance of the NCR. They gave the evidence of NCR crimes to them. The NER broke the NCR alliance and allied with the NRA.

The US arm was soon rebuilt by the 2492. It was just like the Old World. The NCR failed to do so even by that time. The NER went to war with the NCR immediately after the alliance with NRA in 2456, even though the NRA decided to mind their own business. The NCR surrendered to their might in 2473, and signed an NER treaty, where they must follow NER rules to make the NCR land a better place. However, the NCR of the Four States Commonwealth, and California refused to surrender, and were brutally cut down by the NER and the new NCR in 2481. The NCR and NER could not control that much land after all the fighting. NRA offered to own it, as they were able to, and were granted the deeds to the rest of the US, and changed their name to the Second United States of America. And in 2283, the NRA were contacted by the Alaskan Brotherhood who were stragglers of the original DC Brotherhood who were destroyed in the 2280s. They requested an alliance with the NRA and accepted. Then, in 2285, another alliance request was recieved from the Hawaiian Federation, who just recieved word of the events in America. The NRA accepted.