Chapter 1: Nighthawk Down


New York: Statue of Liberty Island Base (Camp Liberty)

New California Republic Military Private First Class Paul Adams


In 2355, the NCR had took over most of USA. By 2447, with assistance from the New England Republic at the UK, who had taken over UK and ROI, they had California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahama, Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Illnois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Carolina, and New York.. The rest of the locations had been taken over by the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. The Brotherhood of the Capital Wasteland decided to get territory. They encountered Brothehood Outcasts. They allied with the Outcasts and took over Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and called their country "Steelix". Sarah Lyons was the current Elder because Owyn Lyons died of old age. At the Citadel, Outcasts bombed it. Lyons was killed, and the Brotherhood was taken over by Outcasts. They became the old technology scavengers they were. NCR considered them to now be a threat ever since they moved into the region. The NCR managed to take over New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. If they took over the rest of the Brotherhood territory, the entire United States of America would fall under the NCR's flag, and get a name change to New America. If they took over Massachusetts, their position would easily corner the New Brotherhood and take them down. In 2452, the NCR launched a campaign to take Massachusetts.

For those three years, they were struggling to take over Rhode Island, preventing them from advancing to Massachusetts. However, NCR had a plan to crush the Brotherhood in Rhode. The Brotherhood did not completely own Massachusetts, as The Institute remained independent and defended their part of Massachusetts.

Not all of the Massachusetts Brotherhood had power armour, as it was rare in the area, and armour shipments from Vermont and New Hampshire as the NCR managed to get some forces around the borders. Instead they wore Brotherhood Metal Armour.

On 12th September 2455, Paul Adams was assigned to go on a helicopter to the Massachusetts Wasteland. He would be assigned to a base for a few days, and head out to the Wasteland and attack the Brotherhood. Adams was a man growing up in Vault 101 born in 2233. In 2245, when he was 11, NCR raided the place. Unable to handle the taxes, many families including Paul's. He and his family moved to New York and went to a college there. He got degrees in electronics. However, when he was 18, the NCR moved in to annex New York. Adams had no choice but to sign up when he was 19 as he could not find a job in the city. He was in New York for 2 years. As NYC has been annexed, NCR headed to RI and MA. Adams remembers things which don't make sense, including things which theoretically happened before he was born. He does not why he has them. His family lives in the town of Jarbic, New York, which signed an NCR independence treaty.

"Okay Adams, you're gonna get on this chopper, the Nighthawk, with the rest of Strike Team Uniform. You're gonna land at No Mans Land Island, and take out some Brotherhood SAM Sites there destroying our helicopters. You'll then make your way to Camp Squibnocket at Squibnocket Ridge at Martha's Vineyard. You'll stay there for a few days until you get mission orders." said General Kenneth.

Vance got on the VB-04 Vertibird.

55 minutes later.

"NCR Command, we are nearing the No Mans Land Island." said the pilot.

"Okay troops. Hope you like foreign foods, because we are gonna be serving All You Can Eat Brotherhood. Turns out this place used to be a US Army Airfield." said Captain Liam.

The Vertibird was being fired at by SAMS. They flew away from the SAMS. BOS Soldiers fired at the Vertibird with their assault rifles. The bullets went through, and some of the troops got hit.

"Shit! Get the fuck away from the island!" said a Ranger.

The Vertibird flew away.

"Adams, get on the Vulcan Explosive Ammo Turret!" said the pilot.

Adams started firing at them. He took down a lot of Brotherhood troops and two SAMS. But a SAM eventually got the chopper. Vance fell out of the back door, and the Vertibird crashed. Adams fell on the island. Adams was injured, but he got up and was approached by T-51Bs. The Vertibird crashed on the squad of T-51BS and they died. The NCR troops got out.

Adams ran over to a hangar.

"We're outnumbered, what the fuck are we going to do?" said Adams.

We're going to go into the underground part of the airfield. It seems there is a self destruct and armoury down there." They made their way underground. Adams found the self destruct. He started activating it but he was shot while doing it. The NCR troops were ambushed by a Brotherhood squad. The NCR troops were no match for the T-51Bs. Many of the squad were killed by them. Adams tried to get up and activate the self destruct. He activated it, and barely dodged a laser rifle beam. There was minute until explosion. An NCR soldier dragged Adams over to the exit. As the got to ground level, Strike Team Lima took over the SAMS. The airfield was down.

"NCR Command, we have captured No Mans Land Island. The place is full of SAMS. This would be a great NCR base." said Captain Liam.

"Copy that, we'll send a squadron to establish a base there. Get to the boat and get to Camp Squibnocket. 12 minutes later they made it to Camp Squibnocket.

Chapter 2: Demolition


Camp Squibnocket


"Okay men, the rest of the troops have taken over a lot of Rhode Island and are heading into Massachusetts. We need to take over Martha's Vineyard and we'll have 88% control of Rhode. Our plan guys, is for Major James to lead a strike team to a Brotherhood Martha Command Camp to the west of here. Take it out, and with no local leadership, the NCR should have it easier to take out the troops there. It will take at least two or three months to fully control Martha." said General Woods.

"Yes sir!" said the NCR troops.

A few minutes later, they got out of the camp and headed to BOS Command Camp.

"There they are. I'll take this guy." Major James snook up to the main gate BOS guards and stabbed them in the neck with an armor piercing knife.

"Clear. Go." said James.

Adams went inside.

"PFC Adams, Cpl Sanderson, take those Gauss Rifles." said James.

Adams saw a squad of BOS. Sanderson fired and killed one, and he flew into the air. The others retreated to the armoury.

"Sir, they ran into that armoury." said Sanderson.

"Use caution when approaching the area."

Adams went inside and threw his frag in there. He quickly closed the metal door. The forces were dead and the lights in the command camp were destroyed.

"Lights out fuckers." said Adams.

Adams and his squad used some cateye.

"Okay, we'll go up those stairs. We can plant the charges up there and destroy this place." said James.

"Why can't we just use one of our howitzers?" said Adams.

"Because there are several towns right next to this place. It's too danger close." said James.

Adams went up the stairs. The members of the squad except Adams fell to the floor as the stairs collapsed.

"Adams, we'll find another way up. In the meantime, make your way to the Squibnocket Command Mainframe and do what you can on there. Stay inside until we find a way up there. There's too many BOS troops up there." said James.

Adams went to the mainframe. He did some things on there to stop BOS forces in the area. But he came across some top secret files on there. He downloaded them to his Pip-Boy 3000C, but they were encrypted. The 7 squad members came and Adams went outside.

"Guys, top secret encrypted files. Take them to Tech Sgt. Thomson back at Squibnocket. He can decrypt them." said Adams.

Adams and the team were ambushed by BOS troops behind them. Adams and the strike team took cover behind some crates.

"Corporal! Use your flares! Strike team, turn off your NV goggles." said James.

Sanderson got his flares out and launched them at the BOS squad using NV goggles. The BOS troops were blinded by it. There were 3 more BOS squads coming at them.

"Adams! Get on that roof and set the charges, then get out the area!" Adams went up the roof ladder. He planted the charges and set them for 3 minutes. Adams went down to the base. The squad were being killed by the BOS squad!

"Adams! It's no use! You get back to base and hand in those files!" shouted James. Adams climbed up the roof. He jumped off and ran back to Camp Squibnocket. He saw the base blowing up in the distance.

Chapter 3: Back in the Saddle


Ranger Station Bravo.


Four weeks had passed since the destruction of the BOS Command Camp. Martha's Vineyard was fully in NCR control, and after 3 years of fighting, Rhode Island was completely under NCR control. The BOS had raid camps in RI, but they were no match for the NCR. Adams was assigned to stay at Camp Minute Man at Minute Man Airport. In the five weeks that passed, Adams had took out 4 BOS camps. The NCR had outposts at the Massachusetts-Rhode Island border, Camp Minute Man, and several Ranger stations. NCR controlled 4% of Massachusetts. 82% by the Brotherhood. 14% by The Institute. For his great performance, Adams recieved a promotion to Corporal and an invitation to join Task Force 297. An NCR Task Force with NCR soldiers and on loan NER soldiers.

No longer on the front lines, led by General Craig, was stationed at Ranger Station Bravo. There were 37 members of the Task Force. Adams approached the ranger station. He saw a friend, Captain Antonio Miguel, a squad member he was with for 2 years during the New York campaign. He is a Spanish born NER soldier sent to work with Task Force 297. He co-leads the Task Force. He was very patriotic both for NER and the NCR.

"Hey Adams, good to see you again! Listen, we're having a briefing for a mission tonight in that tent over there with General Craig." said Miguel.

Adams went into the tent.

"Okay, it seems everybody is here. So, tonight at presicely 1900 hours, Operation: Shipment will begin. At 19.22 tonight, the Brotherhood plans to bring in a mass Power Armour shipment from Connecticut via a large heavily armoured, heavy armed BOS delivery team. You must stop that shipment at all costs. We have a plan of the route they are going to take. Wait for them at a Shell station to the north, and snipe them. Then, head to a pre-War power armour factory. The Brotherhood owns this place and is producing the armour. Take out that place and report back to here." said General Craig.

"Yes sir". said Task Force 297.

Later that night, the Task Force walked to the Shell station and got ready to snipe in the 2nd floor. The delivery team walked down the road.

"Here they are. Adams, are you ready to snipe them out? Everybody get your anti-materiels out. Now, we only have one chance at this. Aim at their helmets, fire quickly, and fire on 3. If they don't die and see us or run off, get your Semtex out and throw them at the remaining guys Sgt. Smith and LCpl. Jacob." said Miguel.

Adams and the snipers got them out and got ready. The delivery force was 5 in number, with 2 lightly armoured brahmins. They were a clear sniping target for the Task Force.

"3, 2, 1. Fire.".

Adams took down two BOS couriers and wounded one. Miguel took down one and the 4 other snipers took down the other two.

"Great sniping Adams my friend! Simpson, Holmes, Ian, take those brahmin back to RSB. We'll use those power armour suits. Come on, let's go to the factory!

They got to the factory. It was 3 stories high. Miguel told 297 to enter.

"Adams, do your thing!" said Miguel.

Adams kicked the door open and 297 ran in. Adams was almost whacked in the face by a BOS soldiers guass rifle, but Adams twisted his arm, floored him and stabbed him with an armor piercing knife. There were few BOS soldiers on the 1st floor. They went up the stairs to the 2nd floor, the factory.

"Adams, PFC Vaughn, go that way and find the factory shutdown console. Come on comrades, let's take out the Brotherhood on this floor!" shouted Miguel.

Adams and Vaughn went through a corridor. They were ambushed by BOS T-51bs.

"Vaughn! Follow me! Get behind these crates!" shouted Adams.

The BOS forces came close to them.

"Vaughn, surrender to them, i have a plan." said Adams.

"Surrender. You are no match for the Brotherhood!" said a Paladin.

Adams put his hands in the air, with a Ballistic Fist on.

"Knights, search him for weapons." said the Paladin. As they were searching him, Adams punched the BOS soldiers searching him. He then punched the Paladin and broke his rib. The Paladin ran off, but Vaughn ran up to him and shot him.

"Good work with those targets Vaughn. There's the console. Deactivate the factory." said Adams. Vaughn shut down the Power Armour and energy weapon making robots.

"Adams, we are going up to the 3rd floor! Remember when you recovered that intel on Martha's Vineyard? Well it has the hardest encryption we've ever faced. To decrypt it, we'll need to find 4 intel pieces and decrpt them to get the code for the one you found. One is up here. Let's find it." said Miguel.

Adams went up the stairs. There were 14 BOS Knights and 3 Paladins there.

"There's too many, retreat!" shouted Vaughn.

"No! We will never quit. Adams here has cheated death many times at New York, he will find a way to kill these men!" shouted Miguel.

Adams found a printer. He pulled it in front of the stairs. The BOS soldiers were walking up to them. Adams found a fork. He put it in the printer's plug socket. They ran off. The BOS soldiers walked up to the printer.

"AAFHGGHFKKK!!!! The BOS troops got electric shocked by 3000 volts, and the printer exploded.

"Nice thinking Adams! Vaughn found the intel! Let's get back to RBS!"

Chapter 4: Spy


Ranger Station Bravo


"Well done at that factory my friend!" said Miguel.

"Hey Adams, got an assignment for you. A mysterious group known as the Institute owns 14% of Massachusetts. They've fought a long war with the Brotherhood, with their amazing weapons and tech lightyears ahead of what we or the Brotherhood are using. I need you to spy on the Institute, join them, and persuade them to join the NCR. If they refuse, destroy them." said General Craig.

"Yes sir." said Adams.

"This is your new identity: Daniel Taylor. Now, head to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the west, near the docks. Become a member of the Institute. With your scientific knowledge, you should be able to get in." said General Craig.

Adams left the camp and headed for the institute.

An hour later, he approached the Commonwealth, the part of Massachusetts owned by the Institute.

"Hey, you! Stop! What business have you in the Commonwealth outsider?" said a Commonwealth policeman.

"I want to join the Institute." said Adams.

"Follow me. Give me all the weapons you are carrying and i'll take you to the Institute of tech." said the policeman.

Adams was taken to an office. Inside was the president of the Institute and Commonwealth, Gianni Vincenzo.

"So, i believe you want to join the Institute." said Gianni.

"Yes sir." said Adams.

"Good, i like the enthusiasm. So, tell me about yourself. What qualifications do you have to work the Institute?" said Gianni.

"My name is Daniel Taylor. I was born in 2433 grew up in Vault 101 in the Capital Wasteland. NCR broke inside when i was 11. Unable to handle the taxes, we all moved out. My family and i moved to New York. At the time it was unoccupied by NCR. I went to the New York Wasteland College and passed courses in technology. Then in 2252, when i was 19, i joined NCR, and took part in the Brotherhood war in New York. But i left the NCR. (lie)". said Adams.

"Quite a story. Great qualifications too. Sign this contract and you can join the Institute." said Gianni.

Adams signed it.

"So, what do you think about NCR?" said Adams.

"I quite like them." said Gianni.

"What do you think about allying with them?" said Adams.

"If they can help us, then we will help them." said Gianni.

"I am a member of the NCR government." said Adams.

"Really? Well, help us and we will join the NCR. I have several tasks for you. Up north is a Vault. Vault 76. It is home to a group known as the Zutar's Brutes. They are a gang who joined us, and then betrayed us. They have our tech, and are planning to take over the Commonwealth. Here. Here's some of our weapons. Go to the Vault and destroy them." said Gianni.

Adams got to the Vault 2 hours later. He went through the tunnel and saw the Vault 76 door. He opened it. He went inside. He saw the Vault was inhabited Zutar Brutes. Zutar's Brutes wore Tire armor and raider psycho-tic helmets. They are super mutants.

"Hey you! What business do you have in Vault 76?" said a Zutar Brute.

"I came here. I was wandering what this place is." said Adams.

"Come with me. Zutar shall decide what we do with you." said a Zutar Brute.

Adams was escorted to Zutar's office. He sat in a throne. Zutar was a Vault 87 Super Mutant wearing a red robe and a Super Mutant Brute Helmet.

"So, Zutar is your God?" said Adams.

"Quiet Human. Listen to Zutar." said the ZB.

"So, how did you find us here Human?" said Zutar.

"I'm just lost. Tell me about your tribe." said Adams.

"We are the Zutar Brutes. I am their great leader, Zutar. As far as i can remember, we started out in a facility in Maine Wasteland. We are Super Mutants. I found more Super Mutants in the place. We were told by a super mutant we have a mission to kill the Humans. I formed the Zutar's Brutes in 2379. We do this mission. We ruled the Maine Wasteland, but when the Brotherhood came in 2435 we had no choice but to retreat to the Massachusetts Wasteland. In 2450, we moved here. We learnt of the Institute. We joined them, took their tech, and retreated here. We are going to destroy the Institute." explained Zutar.

"So, what are you going to do with me?" said Adams.

"Hmm... i would have you turned into one of us, but we need work done around here. Considering the circumstances... i will let you live if you help around here. On the sub-level of this Vault is a vent which is breaking. If it isn't fixed, deadly gas from the experiments made by the old inhabitants. Fix it and report back to me." said Zutar.

"Can you tell me about this Vault?" said Adams.

"As i recall, it was a control Vault. It protected the people inside. But, in 2097, everybody was kicked out. Vault-Tec secretly smuggled a GECK into this Vault, despite being told not to by the US Government. When they left, they formed a town outside the Vault. The scientists here experimented on how the humans lived outside the vault. They also did experiments on the sub-level. When we came in 2450, it was still going. Needing a new home, we killed all the inhabitants. We have kept this place secret from the Brotherhood and NCR." said Zutar.

Adams went down to the sub-level. Adams saw some gas masks. He planned to let the gas in and put it on, but Zutar Brutes were standing around him watching. He needed to find a distraction.

"Hey, Zutar needs your assistance on the top level. Seems some mole rats found their way in." said Adams.

"Let's go. Zutar needs our help." said a ZB.

"Are you sure? Humans always lie. How can you tell he is telling the truth?" said a ZB.

"Very well. Come with us to the top level Human. If you are lying, you WILL DIE!" said a ZB.

Adams needed a plan. The Zutar Brutes got in the elevator. Adams got in. Suddenly, he stabbed the Zutar Brutes. He opened the door and dragged them into the cave. Adams put the gas mask on. He fully broken the vent. The gas started flooding in. The Zutar Brutes died. Adams went outside Vault 76 and headed for the Institute.

However, Zutar and 3 other Zutar Brutes escaped.

"So, thought you could betray me?" said Zutar.

"Fuck off Zutar. Your plan to destroy Humanity with your little club won't work. Your base is destroyed. I killed all your troops." said Adams.

"Silly Human. You really think this is all my troops? We are scattered all around the Massachusetts Wasteland. Anyway, enough chit chat. Time to die Human!" shouted Zutar.

Adams dodged some Super Sledge whacks from Zutar and his guards. He then twisted one of the guards hand and grabbed his Super Sledge and killed him with it. Adams then ducked to avoid another Super Sledge hit. Then he punched another guard and broke his chin, and then threw him a radpond next to him. The guard drowned. There was just Zutar and his last guard.

"Give up Zutar. If i kill you, your pathetic organization will soon end." said Adams.

"Many of my victims said other things to me, with much braver words. What hope do you have to kill me?" said Zutar.

Adams impaled Zutar's last guard with his Super Sledge. Then, he crippled Zutar's legs with it, punched him, and then kicked him in the face. Zutar was almost dead.

"This isn't over. WILL NEVER BE OVER HUMAN! MY BRUTES WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!" growled Zutar.

"Shut the fuck up." said Adams.

Adams shot him, and headed for the Institute.

Chapter 5: Spy II


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ah, you have destroyed Zutar's Brutes! Fantastic. Now, one more job. An organization called the Railroad is trying to destroy us. They are over at the Railroad HQ to the west. Destroy them and i shall happily ally with the NCR." said Gianni.

"Why do you want to destroy the Railroad?" said Adams.

"Because they are ridiculous! They claim our Androids are Humans and try to kill us for it!" said Gianni.

"Very well. I'll destroy the Railroad." said Adams.

Adams left the Institute. A few minutes later, he was approached by a man wearing Brotherhood Leather Armour.

"Halt! I'm going to have to ask you to hand over any technology you may be carrying. The Brotherhood needs it more than you do." said the man.

"Are you hell having it. I bought this gun, i'm keeping it. So fuck you, and jog on BOS bastard." said Adams.

"That's it. You had your chance." said the soldier angrily. He got his gun out, but Adams was the quicker shot, and got his gun out faster and quickly killed him with his revolver.

Eventually, Adams got to the Railroad.

"Stop right there! This is a Railroad base! State your business, or get out of here." said the entrance guard.

"I'm... erm... Brad. And i would like to join you. I wish those poor Androids would be treated like Humans." said Adams sadly.

"Sorry, but we're no longer accepting members due to a recent Institute spy outbreak." said the entrance guard.

Adams needed a Stealth Boy. He looked around the ruins of a street and houses next to the Railroad HQ. Then, he saw a flash, and a white Super Mutant wearing a brown parka and tire armor.

"What are you?" said Adams.

"I am a Daykin. A new breed of Super Mutant which first appeared 2 years ago. Would you like to buy Wind Brahmin?" said the white figure.

"Umm... sure. How much are they." said Adams.

"Free. Thankyou now come again." said the Daykin. The Daykin ran off into the wilderness.

The Wind Brahmin was actually a Stealth Boy. Adams put it on. He snook up to the Railroad guard and pickpocketed the key. He opened the door and ran in. He saw an elevator. But it was not working. There was a key for it. He looked around. The key was in a secretary's desk. He needed to provide a distraction so he could open it. He threw the secretary's pencil at the other side of the room.

"What the hell just happened?" said the secretary confusedly. As he went to pick it up, Adams opened the desk and grabbed the key. Adams went to the elevator and unlocked it. He went inside. To destroy the Railroad, he needed to destroy their leadership, then they would soon fall. He pressed the button to the 4th floor. However, when he was halfway past the 2nd floor, the elevator stopped and saw sparks come out of the button pad.

After a few minutes of thinking, Adams broke off the roof plate on the elvator. He then stood on the top. He saw some pipes and climbed up them. He fell and almost fell into the darkness below. After he carefully climbed up, he reached for the emergency open button. He was on the 4th floor.

He looked around the area. He saw the Railroad Leader's Office. He went inside. He saw nobody there. He picked up a note on his desk. Reads: "20/08/55/: Leaving Railroad HQ to visit a contact in the ruins of that town to the South. Claims he knows a lot about the Institute.". Adams found a button. A sign said "Incase of unstoppable raid, press this button." He pressed it. A group of Railroad Soldiers came in.

"Ha. Though you could destroy us? Yes, that's right, the button was a trap, and we have stolen Institute goggled allowing us to see through your Stealth Boy." said a Railroad guard.

"The Institute wants you gone. Let's end this.

"Such a shame. I hear you could have been useful. Well, time to die." said the Railroad guard.

Adams threw a grenade and crouched behind the cabinets next to him. The grenade exploded, and the Railroad guards were killed. Adams went into the Institute tech research room. Adams looked around and saw some metalpicks and building demolition charges. Adams planted the demolition charges. All of a sudden, Railroad troopers walked in.

"It's too late. You're outnumbered. Surrender and turn yourself in, or suffer." said a Railroad officer.

"What do you think about, none of the above?" said Adams. Then, Adams backflipped out of a window and grabbed the building with his metalpicks. As he proceeded to climb down Railroad troopers and workers tried to defuse the charges, but found out they were undefusable. They tried to exit through the exit, but the button Adams pressed caused it to be unopenable. Adams got down, and headed back to the Institute.

Chapter 6: Desertion


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Adams got back to the Institute.

"I took down the Railroad HQ. They won't be a problem anymore".

"Good job. You've done very good things for the Institute today." said Gianni Vincenzo.

"So, about that alliance." said Adams.

"Ah yes. I lied. I'm afraid we no longer have need of your services. Security." said Vincenzo.

"What the fuck?! You cheating bastard!" shouted Adams angrily.

"Do you really think i'm stupid enough to ally with the NCR? Surely the troopers of the NCR aren't as stupid as this." said Vincenzo.

Adams drawed his gun but was grabbed by Commonwealth security behind him. They threw him out of the entrance.

Adams got a call on his NCR radio.

"Adams, destroy the Institute. We are sending some troops to help you." said General Craig.

"I'm not letting you do that." said Adams.

"What did you say soldier?" said Craig.

"I said you are not doing that. The Institute are a very good country, and are perfectly capable of owning this area of Massachusetts. They are good to the citizens and are a good country." said Adams.

"That is an ORDER Adams." said Craig.

"Oh, so that's it. You just want to own all of America. You corrupt bastards. I'm telling you, when those NCR troops come, i'm going to kill every single one of you evil bastards." said Adams.

"That's it. You had your chance to turn this around Adams. Now you blew it." said Craig angrily. General Craig cut off communication.

The NCR squad was coming. The Commonwealth policemen came out and destroyed the squad with their Plasma Grenade Launchers. Adams saw another squad. He quickly went up to a ridge and got out his Yangtze Campaign Sniper Rifle he found when he lived in New York. He saw a squad of 7 NCR troopers near the Commonwealth gates. They had killed the Commonwealth guards. Adams shot one in the head. The NCR troops looked around for the sniper. Adams took another shot, but missed. The NCR troopers saw his position. Adams used his assault rifle.

He took cover behind a rock. An NCR trooper approached. Adams tripped him up and stabbed him in the back. Then, he ran to another rock for cover and gunned down two more. There were 3 left. 2 troopers and 1 veteran ranger. Adams got shot in the chest. He was ok, and he decided to play dead. The 3 troopers walked over.

"Is he dead?" said the veteran ranger.

"I'll check." said an NCR trooper.

The NCR trooper checked his heartbeat. Adams quickly stabbed the trooper. Then, he kicked the veteran ranger's gun out of his hand, grabbed it while it was in the air, and shot him with it.

"Shit! Shit!" shouted the last NCR trooper scaredly. He proceeded to run off.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" said Adams.

Adams shot him in the leg.

Adams was now a traitor to the NCR. He decided to stay in Massachusetts. Later that day, he was roaming the wasteland, when he saw a person in the distance running to him. He got closer, and saw that it was Lt. Miguel. Adams got his gun out.

"Adams, put your gun down my friend!" said Miguel.

Hesitantly, Adams holstered it. Miguel came up to him.

"Adams, the NCR sent me here to kill you or take you prisoner for desertion and attacking NCR troops. But, i'm not." said Migeul.

"Why?" said Adams.

"I am leaving the NCR. And the NER if i have to. The NCR are evil, corrupted monsters who only want power, wealth, technology, and territory. They don't care about America, all they care about is their own selfish desires. They own almost all of America. The people of this nation, are dying, struggling to make it day to day, unable to handle the NCR's taxes. The NCR has taken all of this land. For their own good, not theirs. The Institute are a very good country. The NCR just wants their technology. They are slfish, greedy, unstoppable monsters." said Miguel.

"I figured that out." said Adams.

"Even more, they don't care about the citizens. Take Utah, or Colorado for example. When they took over those places, they just moved on to annex the next state. They didn't bother to clear out the area. Now the citizens there are dying everyday now, because of the NCR's selfishness and foolishness. They actually killed many citizens of Kansas, children even, because they refused to be a part of the NCR. Remember what they did to your home, Vault 101? But, i have a plan, to destroy the NCR." explained Miguel.

"Destroy the NCR? That is impossible, and crazy." said Adams.

"I know. We can't get them out of America altogether. But we CAN get them out of the New England Commonwealth, Eastern Commonwealth, and the Columbia Commonwealth. In 2281, a man named Mr. House was killed by a Courier. House activated a Securitron army, 7000 of them. When he was killed, a Securitron with Mr. House's brain data, ordered the 4000 Securitrons to head to a RobCo factory in Massachusetts, along with 5000 Securitrons there. Why, is unknown. But we can use them to destroy the NCR. My sources say there is 12000 Securitrons there." said Miguel.

"That is a GREAT idea." said Adams.

"But, we will also need to build an army. A rebellion. I know some people who would work with us. It will be called "The Cause". If we succeed, we shall be called the "Columbia New England Eastern Republic". said Miguel.

Chapter 7: Construction


Laurence G Hanscom Airfield


To construct their army, Adams and Miguel must find alliances around the Massachusetts Wasteland.

"Any suggestions for alliances?" asked Adams.

"Well, i spoke with the Institute. They are willing to help us. They have joined us. To the northwest at the Laurence G Hanscom Airfield is one of the areas biggest tribes: The 5th Reavers. They are like the Brotherhood, but don't steal technology. They don't do what the Brotherhood does. They are good." said Miguel.

"Let's go there." said Adams.

The 5th Reavers, once the Reaver Movement, were beaten by the Brotherhood 4 times, once in Colorado, once in Kansas, once in Ohio, and again in Delaware. They fell back to Massachusetts. They faught a 3 year war with the Brotherhood, and no side is winning. If the Reavers are defeated a 5th time, they will be forever destroyed.

When they got there, they saw the terminal and the 5th Reavers by Brotherhood troops. They went over to the airport.

"Hey, can we help with the attack?" asked Adams to a 5th Reaver guard.

"Sure, we need all the help we can get. Join Pupae Krov over at the runway. Hurry!" said the 5th Reaver guard.

Adams and Miguel ran through the terminal. They soon got outside and saw the airport was a wreck. There was a burning sattellite tower and trashed planes and melted mini airport cars. They looked around for Hellraiser Krov.

"Krov!" shouted Adams.

"Over here!" answered Pupae Krov.

They ran to Krov.

"Who are you?" asked Krov.

"I'm Antonio Miguel, this is Paul Adams. We're here to help." said Miguel.

"Good to hear. Now, we are pinned down by that Brotherhood raid team near that car park. The only way we can take them down without any holes in us is with a Fat Man. I want you two to go down that manhole, and look in our hidden armoury for one." said Krov.

"Yes sir. Come on Adams, let's look for that Fat Man." said Miguel.

They went inside the underground armoury. They searched high and low for the Fat Man.

"There's no Fat Man. Maybe the Brotherhood took it." said Adams.

"You give up too early Adams. Here, i think i found it."

Miguel picked up the Fat Man. Suddenly, they heard a phone ring.

"Shit! Get away!" shouted Adams. Miguel jumped away. The Fat Man exploded. It was a trap. 3 Brotherhood Knights marched up to them.

"Adams, do as i say." said Miguel.

One of the BOS Knights starting shouting at Adams. The Knights then grabbed Adams and pointed a gun at his head. Miguel then stuck his knife in the soldier's hand. The Knights starting firing.

"Adams, quickly, follow me!" shouted Miguel.

They ran through the armoury. They came to a metal door. They closed it.

"Adams, get behind the corner. Wait for them to open." said Miguel.

The other 2 BOS Knights opened the door. Adams and Miguel speedily stabbed them as they entered. Then, as they headed for the exit, they found a real Fat Man.

"Krov, we got that Fat Man!" told Miguel.

"Good job. Now, fire it at that car park. Larvae Tues, Brood Xanthor, get your off your ass and help us kill these guys!" shouted Pupae Krov angrily.

Adams fired at the car park and killed the raid team.

"Follow me to the heli pads. Fire that Fat Man one more time at those BOS troops and we will win this fight!" shouted Krov.

Adams fired at the pre-War Chinook. The Chinook exploded and killed the raid team.

"Well done, comrades, we are victorious!" said Krov happily.

"We came here to ask your leader to ally with us. Can we meet him?"

"Yes. I'll take you to King Vuza" said Pupae Krov.

They met Vuza in his office at Terminal 2.

"Hello there. Thankyou for your help. What can i help you with?" questioned Vuza.

"Well, we own the CENE Republic. We are a republic aiming to get NCR out of this gulf. We have a Securitron Mk II army of 12000, and certainly will beat the NCR, but not without your help. Will you join us?" asked Miguel.

"Yes, i will be glad to join you." said Vuza.

"Thankyou." said Miguel.

They left the airport to discuss their next alliance.

Chapter 8: Assassin's Creed




"The Gulf Republic needs to do something. We need to do something, to make us be found out by other factions in the area, and for them to take us seriously. And i know just how to. The NCR President, Mikhail Lieranovitch, has been to a meeting with an NCR general in Camp K at a Kmart. He is now travelling on the I-95 being escorted to his Vertibird in the car park of a Target store. We shall kill him." said Miguel.

"Won't that be almost impossible?" said Adams.

"In the world of warfare, nothing is impossible my friend. He is being escorted by 12 veteran rangers. We shall use these sniper rifles from the factory mission, and wait for him, and we shall snipe at the roof of Target. We shall fight our way out of the area." explained Miguel.

"Great idea!" said Adams.

"Hurry, the Target store is just up ahead. If we run fast, we may make it in time." said Miguel.

They ran to the store. The climbed up a pipe and got to the roof. Miguel gave a sniper to Adams. They looked around for the presidential squad. They looked around all the area, but couldn't see them. Adams saw a black figure in the bushes.

"Hey, i think the presidential squad is there." said Adams.

"Let me look..... SHIT! Get out of sight!" shouted Miguel.

A Veteran Ranger saw them and fired his sniper at them.

"Get off the roof! Go loud!" shouted Miguel.

The president ran away into the distance. Adams fired at the Vet sniper and hit his head, however there were 11 more to deal with. Adams took cover behind a fuel truck. There were 4 Vets firing at them.

"Hey, i have an idea Miguel. Do you have time frags?" asked Adams.

"Here you go. Use it wisely, it's the only one we have!" warned Miguel.

Adams quickly ran into the fuel truck. He planted the time frag for 15 seconds. Then, he started the engine, and drove it into the 4 Vets. Just metres before the time frag detonated, Adams leaped out of the door. The fuel truck exploded, killing the 4 Veteran Rangers.

"Nice thinking Adams! Now hurry, we need to get to that deserted shack where the president is hiding!" said Miguel.

There were 7 Vets left. Adams and Miguel took cover behind a metal fence. 4 Veterans were firing at them.

"Miguel! I have a plan. You sneak around this car park fence, and ambush them while i distract them." said Adams.

Miguel crawled around. Eventually, Adams held them off. Miguel snook up to them and stabbed the 4 Rangers.

"Come on! There are two guarding that shack! They can't see us. Use your sniper rifle and shoot their guns out of their hands!" ordered Miguel.

Adams sniped the weapons. The 2 Vets saw them and ran up to them with their Super Sledges. Miguel dealt with one of the Vets. The other was running up to Adams. Adams quickly kicked the Veteran Ranger, then, he tripped him up. He snatched his Super Sledge, and killed him with it.

"Good work Adams, keep it up! President Lieranovitch is just in that shack!" shouted Miguel.

"Adams, you're up." said Miguel.

Miguel stood next to the door. Adams kicked the door open. He ran in, and punched a Veteran Ranger in the face, however the ranger quickly tripped up Adams. He then shot Adams with his .44 Magnum Revolver. Miguel ran in and stabbed the Ranger 3 times with his armor piercing machete. President Lieranovitch whipped his gun out, fired, but missed Miguel Miguel jumped on the floor to avoid it. Lieranovitch then pointed his gun at Miguel.

Adams crawled over to Lieranovitch. Lieranovitch did not see him. He grabbed the gun out of his hand, and shot him in the head. 24th New California Republic President Mikhail Lieranovitch was killed.

Chapter 9: Treasure Hunt



Springfield Metro Station

Adams was hurt at the battle. He was taken to the Commonwealth Medical Clinic. However, at the clinic, they found something strange about Adams. Adams woke up.

"Hey glad you are alive. When we were taking the bullet out of you, uh... we found some sort of... data chip. It's encased in Platinum and says "Lucky 38"." said the doctor.

"How the hell did that get in me?" said Adams.

"We do not know. However, there is some code on the back. We deciphered it and it says "Springfield Metro Station". Maybe you can find a clue there. You are free to go now." said the doctor.

"Thanks for helping me doc." said Adams.

He went out into the Wasteland and found Miguel. He told Miguel what he found out.

"Strange... a group known as the Seekers are holed up there. They are large and have a great army. I was planning to ally with them." said Miguel.

"Maybe we should go there. We can find out what it more information." said Adams.

They headed to the Springfield Metro, opened the gate, and went inside.

They were approached by a guard wearing raider clothes and blue spike hair.

"Hey! Get out of here, this Metro station is Seeker property! Leave now." demanded the Seeker guard.

"I am Antonio Miguel, and this is Paul Adams. We own the CENE Republic. We wish to ally with your group." said Miguel.

"You'll have to meet the boss to do that. Come on, i'll take you to him." said the Seeker guard.

The guard escorted them to the boss, Carlos Raul. He looked Cuban and had black hair.

"Ah. I see you wish to ally with us." said Raul.

"Can you tell me about your organisation?" asked Miguel.

"Well, we are a group of raiders, a treasure hunting group formed back in 2398. We began in Michigan, and soon spread out and done hunting missions in the Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, Vermont, and now we've come to Massachusetts to find more things. Our biggest mission so far is the treasure of Mr. House. See, in 2281, he was killed at New Vegas, but transferred his brain data to a Securitron. Then, his 7000 Securitrons arrived here to Massachusetts in 2283. Mr. House put a treasure here. We've set up here about 2 months ago. We have so far been unable to break the door open. Only his robot and chip will open it." explained Raul.

"Hey, i have this chip. A doctor found it in my body when they performed surgery on me. Tell you what, if i activate that door, will you ally with the Gulf Republic?" asked Adams.

"Oh my God? You have it. You must be the Chosen One. Come quick, activate the door!" said Raul.

Adams went to the door. He placed the Platinum Chip on the console. The door slid open. They walked inside. They were suddenly attacked by a nest of Radscorpions and a group of Securitrons.

Adams got his trench knife out. He killed the Radscorpions. For some reason, the Securitrons weren't hostile to them. Adams threw his knife in the TV screen of 1 of the four Securitrons, destroying it's optics. There were 3 left. Miguel kicked one Securitron over, and beat it up. Adams was punched in the face by one Securitron, and fell to the floor. Adams twisted the Securitron's hand off, then, he shot the screen. There was one Securitron left. Miguel ran up to it and headbutted it, cracking the screen. He then destroyed it with hi assault rifle.

"Good! The Securitrons are down! Let's look for the House treasure." shouted Raul excitedly.

"Here, i found it!" told Miguel. He opened it. Inside, was mini Flash Drive.

"What does this Flash Drive do?" asked Adams.

"Hey look. It reads "RobCo Securitron Mk. III Software. Install on Platinum Chip." answered Miguel.

Adams inserted the Flash Drive on the Platinum Chip.

"Excellent. We have the treasure! But what does this software do?" questioned Raul.

Suddenly, a Securitron with the face of a middle aged man on the screen walked up to them.

"I am Robert Edwin House, owner of RobCo, ex-leader of New Vegas and Lucky 38 Casino. If you don't mind, i would like you to go come with me to my underground bunker. Please don't take too long. I'll be waiting for you at this area on your Pip-Boy 3000D." ordered Mr. House. Adams had flashbacks of pre-birth memories.

Chapter 10: Origins



RobCo Facility U12

Miguel and Adams went to Mr. Houses bunker. It was an underground Securitron factory.

"Only Paul Adams is allowed to see Mr. House. Any other people please wait here." told a Securitron.

Adams went into Mr. Houses office. He was a computer.

"At last. We meet again. It's been almost 200 years Joseph" said Mr. House.

"200 years? What are you talking about? And who is Joseph?" asked Adams.

"I programmed you not to know." answered Mr. House.

"What do you mean?" said Mr. House.

"We'll discuss it a later time. For now, let's discuss the CENE Republic. I am fond of your idea, and want to help you in your quest to rid this area of NCR and Brotherhood forces." said Mr. House.

"Okaayyyyy. What did you have in mind?" said Adams.

"You have interest in my army of 12000 Securitrons. I will happily let you borrow them for the NCR and Brotherhood War, however, they need to be upgraded. The Chip, the Platinum Chip, activated this upgrade." said Mr. House.

"You mean the one i found in my body? What the hell is going on?" demanded Adams.

"We will discuss this at a later time. For know, let's focus on upgrading my Securitrons. At the bottom of this factory, lies a Vault. Vault 121. fer the war, it was a control Vault. People still live in it. But i have been unable to make contact with them. They live in the other side of the Vault, so you won't see any in the Securitron factory.It has a Securitron making factory. I can make more Securitrons, but only the Chip can open it. I need you to open the factory with the Chip, take care of the security bots, power up the factory, and install the RobCo Securitron Mark III Software." explained Mr. House.

"What does it do?" asked Adams.

"The Platinum Chip installs the Mark III OS onto the Securitrons. It upgrades their auto repair systems, armour, secondary weapons, primary weapons, and adds two new weapons. The K-445 Gatling Plasma, H-2 Pulse Grenade Launchers, and, one of my Securitrons found an Alien Blaster 40 years ago. I examined it, reproduced it, and now the Mark III allows them to use the Alien Blaster in minigun, assault rifle, and grenade form." explained Mr. House.

"I'll get right on it." said Adams.

Adams told Miguel about everything. They went down into the sub-level. Adams placed the Platinum Chip on the console. The door opened. The Vault was shiny and wasn't wrecked like most of the others. They were in the entrance hall. Adams saw a Robobrain. He fired at it and got to cover behind the door. A protectron came in. Miguel ran up to the Robobrain and stuck his knife in the Robobrain's brain. Then, he pushed the Robobrain over to the Protectrons. The Protectrons's were hit by it and fell to the ground. Adams pressed the door button, and the Protectron's were squished. Miguel and Adams proceeded to the factory sector.

In the factory, it looked dark due to no power in this section of the Vault.

"Adams, put NV on." ordered Miguel.

Adams saw Sentry Bots attacking. It fired a missile.

"Shit! Get away!" shouted Adams.

They jumped out of the way. Adams took cover behind a generator. The three Sentry Bots moved forward. Adams activated his Stealth Boy. As the Sentry drove past, he planted C4 on it. Then he planted C4 on the second. He ran out of C4. Adams went over to the third Sentry Bot. His stealth boy malfunctioned and he was visible. Adams ran into the entrance hall. His gun jammed. He quickly looked around. He saw a Protectron leg. He picked it up and banged it on the Sentry Bot's head.

The Sentry malfunctioned. Adams went into the factory.

"Adams, look for the power switch." told Miguel.

Adams went into the balcony and saw the power switch on the wall. He turned it on. The lights came on and the factory started up. Adams placed the Platinum Chip on the console. The factory loaded the Mark III Software.

"Great work with those Sentries my friend, now, let's return to Mr. House." said Miguel.

They closed the Vault 121 door. They went up the stairs into House's office. They noticed the Securitron's had T-51b Helmet faces. They went to Mr. House's console.

"House, we activated the factory." informed Adams.

"Good work. I'll start the production now." said House.

"So, why exactly was the Chip in my body?" asked Adams.

"I suppose you'd ask this sooner or later. Here is your life story. You were born in 2258, Washington DC. You were called Joseph Anthony. Your mother died in childbirth and you moved to Vault 101. Your father, James Anthony, left the Vault in 2277. A friend Amata helped you escape and find him. You rescued him from Vault 112. He worked on a water project, Project Purity. However, the Enclave raided and killed him. You escaped and joined the Brotherhood, then found a GECK from Vault 87. You stormed Project Purity and activated it, risking your life. You woke up 2 weeks later and destroyed the Enclave at AAFB. Then in 2285, when i came here, you moved to Massachusetts." explained House.

Adams let him continue.

"You were a Star Paladin of the Brotherhood. You did many missions for me and them. You helped me get upgrades for Liberty Prime. I told you about my story and my plan to help the Capital Brotherhood take over this RI and MA.. You helped me with it, but in 2287, when you went on a mission to recover a GECK and the at Vault 100 in Vermont in order to make Project Purity spread to MA and RI, you were killed by Alpha Male Deathclaws in the Vault. My Securitrons took you back to the Brotherhood's main base in the Commonwealth. You died. My skills allowed me to make you a cyborg. You were stored in cryo until we finished adding more things. However, Outcasts invaded, and access to the base was completely cut off and you were left there. Another team recovered the Chip, and I placed the Platinum Chip inside you to protect it. In 2451, you woke up, and had complete Amnesia, but remembered some things. You joined NCR." explained House.

"I have another question House." said Adams.

"Go on." said House.

"Do you think i'm a goddamm idiot? Do you?" said Adams.

"It's true. You look exactly like you were many before Vault 100. Infact, i can prove it. Joseph Bane- Recall Code 07153552409." insisted House.

"Ahh, shit! I remember everything. Vault 100, Vault 101, Project Purity, Enclave!" shouted Joseph.

"I am sorry you had to find out like this. However, let's discuss the CENE Republic. The Brotherhood are of great use to us, and i believe i know a way to take out their leadership. Speak to me later." told House.

Chapter 11: Return



The Citadel, Washington DC, Steelix.

"Ah, i see you are ready for your task." said House.

"So, you know my past, huh? Can you tell me what happened to Vault 101? I still have trouble remembering some things." asked Joseph.

"I sure can. You helped Vault 101 by making Amata the Overseer. However, in 2282, the Capital Wasteland became a good place. Supplies were becoming scarce in the Vault. On a trading course, a Vault dweller found out it was safe. For the good of the Vault, they left, and founded New Springvale. You had a 3 month vacation. You visited New Springvale. You married Amata." said House.

"So, Amata was my wife?" asked Joseph.

"Yes she was. She then joined the Brotherhood. said House.

"I can remember everything good now. Thanks for telling me about my past." said Joseph.

"Now, onto your task." said House.

"What do you need me to do?" asked Joseph.

"The Brotherhood is based at the Citadel, Washington DC. There, Elder Maxson IV. I have alliances with 5 other organisations here, and they agreed to join the GR. They will help us in the invasion and have recovered a Vertibird.. DC was taken by NCR, but they have been unable to get past the Citadel's defences. You will encounter NCR troops as well as BOS troops. Kill Maxson V, take over the Brotherhood, make them go to the old ways, and come back here." explained House.

"Good. How do i get there?" said Joseph.

"I contacted the Institute, one of my alliances. They sent a Vertibird here to pick you and Miguel up. Don't keep them waiting." told House.

Miguel and Joseph went outside. They saw a white Vertibird. A Commonwealth Guard escorted them inside.

"Okay, rule number 1 on here. DON'T, piss me, or my colleagues off. Second, stay seated and shut your mouth. And finally, rule number 3, do as i say." shouted the Commonewealth Pilot rudely.

At 10.49AM, they arrived at DC. NCR troops saw the Vertibird. They presumed it was Brotherhood, and attempted to shoot it down. However, the pilot managed to get away. They were flying over Camp Chryslus (Chryslus Building), and NCR troops fired at them.

"Idiot, get on that fucking minigun!" snarled the Commonwealth Pilot.

Joseph got on the minigun. He fired at the tents and ruined them. He took care of most of the ground troops, however there were RPGs. He fired at one RPG behind a tree. There were 2 other RPGs. He fired at the cars and blew them up. But, a full platoon was heading towards them. Joseph thought of a plan. He continuedly fired at the Chryslus Building. It collapsed, and fell over right on the NCR platoon. It squished half of the platoon. The rest of them retreated.

3 minutes later, they safely got to the Citadel. They recovered Power Armour, and wore it and disguised themselves as Paladins.

"Okay, get the fuck off you two. Don't come back until you finished the job. Bastards." said the Commonwealth Pilot insultingly.

They walked into the B-Ring and were about to walk into the meeting room.

"Hey, who are you?!" asked a Knight.

"Uh, i am Paladin... um... Brad. And this is Knight.... John. We have been sent from Delaware to speak with Head Elder Maxson V." said Joseph.

"Okay, he's right in there." said the guard.

They went into the meeting room. The door was locked behind them.

"Hello. Can i help you?" asked Head Elder Maxson V.

"Uh yes. You can help us by putting your motherfucking hands up and handing over the Brotherhood and Steelia." demanded Joseph as he and Miguel pulled their guns out.

"Security." said Maxson V.

The guards unlocked the door. Adams held a gun to Maxson V's head. The guards walked in. Miguel hid under the table.

"Put down your fucking gun right now intruder!" shouted the guard.

Miguel sneaked up to the guards quietly while Joseph argued with the guards.

"Look, all i'm saying is.. is it really worth it? We can easily pick a new Head Elder, and the master control tunnel is completely inpenetrable due to our Vault 92 door." said the guard convincingly.

Miguel finally got near them and stabbed them all.

"Haha! Good work with Maxson my friend! Now, where is the control?" asked Miguel.

"The controls are in the Master Control Tunnel. They took the Vault 92 door and put it in there to stop entry. We'll have to find out the code." answered Joseph.

They looked around. Joseph found the code under his bed.

"Look, i found the code. He hid it under his bed. How old is he, 11?"

"Come on my friend, there are two guards near that Vault door. We need to take them out" replied Miguel.

They walked over to the Vault door. They planted mines so nobody could come into the entrance room. The guards spotted them and fired. They missed, and Miguel shot one in the head. Joseph ran up to the other guard. He shot the guard, then he FUed him and threw him on the floor. Then, Joseph entered the code on the console. The Vault door slid open, and squashed the guard Joseph beat up.

"Good work comrade. Now, let's look for the Master Control Terminal in this Metro station." said Miguel.

They walked through the entrance area and were ambushed by 2 Brotherhood Ninjas. They were wearing Chinese Stealth Armour and used Trench Knives. Joseph dodged their attacks, and headlocked one Brotherhood Ninja, twisted his arm, grabbed his knife and killed him. Miguel kicked the other Ninja in the leg, and tripped him up. The Brotherhood Ninja tripped and fell into a Radpuddle. He died from the rads.

Joseph and Miguel walked into the room where the trains pick people up. Miguel took a map out of his pocket.

"Now, looking at this map House gave me, the Master Control Terminal is through that tunnel to the left, then go into the generator room, head up the stairs, and the-". Miguel was interrupted by a Brotherhood sniper who shot a hole in the map.

"Shit! Get down!" shouted Joseph.

They took cover behind a burning train.

"I have a plan. Miguel, you distract him and fire at him while i sneak over to that train and take him out." ordered Joseph.

Miguel fired at the sniper. Joseph sneaked around to the sniper. Miguel shot through the sniper's T-51B armour and he fell over. Joseph quickly ran up the ladder, jumped on top of the train and stabbed the sniper. They needed to make their way through the generator room to get to the Brotherhood MCT. As they walked through the tunnel, T-51Bs came in through the generator room. Miguel quickly shot the roof. The roof broke open and rocks fell on the T-51B troops.

Joseph and Miguel climbed over. There was one Brotherhood trooper left in the generator room, a Brotherhood Ninja. Miguel heard footsteps. He looked around the room and saw nobody there. Suddenly, a Ninja pounced on Joseph and stabbed him in the back. Miguel quickly turned around, kicked the Ninja, headlocked him. He strangled the Ninja. The Ninja went unconscious. Joseph and Miguel thought he was dead.

"Are you okay my friend?" asked Miguel.

"Yes i am fine." answered Joseph.

"Good. Now, the Brotherhood of Steel Master Control Terminal is up those stairs. You do things on there. I shall guard this room.

Miguel stood near the door as Joseph walked up the stairs. He had control of all of the BOS and Steelia. He was able to control the Brotherhood bases and power in Brotherhood regions. He also had control of the shock collars on Brotherhood troops. He activated the Intercom.

"Attention Brotherhood troops of the Citadel. I have control of the whole Brotherhood. Surrender now and hand over your army to the CENE Republic, or i shall kill all of your soldiers." demanded Joseph.

"My God... you killed Maxson V! We are free! We can now go back to the old ways and help the Wastelands instead of terrorising them for tech! Thankyou both." said a Paladin on a different Intercom thankfully. Then, another Paladin spoke on a different Intercom.

"No! It can't be! Your fucking going down, bastards!" shouted the other Paladin on the other Intercom angrily.

Suddenly, the Paladin jumped through a hole above the BMCT and stabbed Joseph in the neck. Joseph went unconscious. Miguel got out his armour piercing knife, and massacred the Paladin.

Chapter 12: Poll Crashers



Capitol Building, Shady Sands, New California Republic.

Joseph woke up in the Citadel infirmary. He saw Miguel and a Sentinel.

"Good to see you are awake again. You were stabbed in the neck and back by a Brotherhood trooper. He has been taken care of by Miguel here. We have helped you. You were out for 2 days. Anyway, to the point. I have had a talk with Miguel, and we have found a way to deal with the Gulf Republic. We are going to ally with your organisation, and help fully build it. You now have control of us. We have talked with Mr. House and we decided to let you control us. We are also ending the war with the Institute." explained the Sentinel.

"Thankyou for helping me." said Joseph.

"Now, when you assassinated the NCR President, it damaged them a lot. Without their great leadership, their interest rates have gone down, as well as their skill. We have been able to beat back NCR troops in this area, and have pushed them back to Outer DC. We now have full control of Downtown DC and parts of Virginia. We are in 23% control of DC. But, at California, Shady Sands, the vote for the next President is occuring. NCR Senators are going there to vote in 3 hours. Go to your Vertibird, and kill every Senator who tries to enter until the vote ends." explained the Sentinel.

"Very well. And thanks once again." said Joseph.

"Finally, you are back. Come on shitbags, i've been waiting 2 fucking days for you in this shitheap. Get on the fucking chopper." shouted the Commonwealth Pilot rudely.

Miguel and Joseph went outside into the Bailey and got on the Vertibird for a 150 minute flight to Shady Sands. However, as they got on the steps, four NCR Veteran Rangers approached. The rest of the Brotherhood Soldiers were inside, so it was just the Vertibird, Miguel, and Joseph.

Joseph engaged them and Miguel ran to cover behind a brick wall. Joseph gunned down one trooper, but was shot in the torso by a .44 Magnum. He was OK. He decided to play dead and lied on the floor. The Ranger who shot him walked over to him to check. Then, Joseph quickly grabbed his knife and stabbed the Ranger in the chin. He ran over to the Vertibird and took cover behind it.

"You think you can desert us, form your pathetic Republic, kill our President and do terrorist acts to us? You're going down!" shouted a Ranger angrily. Miguel ran up to the Ranger and shot it in the back. There was one Ranger left. Miguel was shot. Joseph was then shot by the Ranger. The Ranger ran up to them before they could get up. The Ranger radioed to base.

"Camp Raven, we have the package. We are going to steal this Vertibird and take them to you for interrogation." told the NCR Ranger on the radio.

"Roger that November. Get them back by 15.55 hours." ordered the trooper.

Suddenly, the Commonwealth Pilot took off the Vertibird.

"That dick! He's fucking abandoning us!" shouted Joseph angrily.

However, Joseph was wrong. The Vertibird turned round and fired at the Ranger. Joseph and Miguel got over to the Vertibird. It took off and headed for Shady Sands.

3 hours later...

To avoid being shot down, they had to fly around America. They flew South around, then went around the Carribbean, then over Guatemala, then North to California next to Mexico. They were nearing Shady Sands. They put the Vertibird on stealth mode, so it would make less noise and use a prototype 60% vehicle stealth Stealth Boys. They landed at a ridge near the Capitol Building.

"Okay, radio me if you need air support. Go to that white building. There are two entrances. I'll radio you if voters and going into that entrance." said the Commonwealth Pilot.

Joseph and Miguel ran to the entrance.

"So, we must destroy the Senators trying to vote. We must plant mines, and gun down the voters. We would also destroy this building, but we don't have the manpower to do so. That would be suici-". Miguel was interrupted by an NCR trooper shouting at him.

"There is no escape traitors. Surrender now, turn yourselves in, and hand over the 4 Intel pieces you got from the BOS Armour factory and the Institute." demanded the NCR trooper.

"Intel? Why do they want that?" said Joseph curiously.

"I have an idea. See that armoury shack over there. We're going to walk up to them. As they are searching us, shoot them, run in the shack, and get some better firepower." explained Miguel.

They walked over to the NCR trooper with their hands up. The NCR trooper searched them for weapons. Joseph quickly pulled his pistol out and shot the trooper. They quickly ran into the armoury shack. Joseph took a Machine Laser Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Miguel got a Gatling Laser and Plasma Pistol. They quickly ran back to the entrance. Suddenly, they saw two Vertibirds in the distance, a Platoon of NCR troopers and a squad of Sentry Bots.

"We are so fucked." said Joseph.

"Not yet Joseph. We can win this. Follow me, we shall take the stairs to the roof and shoot them. The Institute Vertibird can help too." said Miguel.

They climbed up the ladders and crouched on the roof to shoot them. Joseph was about to shoot the Platoon with hi Grenade Launcher, but was almost hit by a sniper bullet.

"Pilot, kill the Platoon!" shouted Joseph.

"Roger, i'm heading there now." said the Pilot.

He flew over to there. He gunned down 6 of the troopers, but the Vertibird took some damage from them. He had to get away.

"I'll take care of the troopers. You just take care of the voters. Some are approaching.

"You heard him, come on let's go!" ordered Miguel.

They went down. Joseph shot two of them. Miguel was over by the other entrance. There was another Senator. He punched Joseph in the face. Joseph then punched him, then, he FUed him and smashed him in the wall. An NCR trooper walked up. Joseph shot him in the chest but he survived. The NCR trooper shot him in the arm. Joseph then took cover behind a plantpot. The NCR ran over. Joseph tripped him up and stabbed him. Then, a Sentry came. Joseph had to fall back. But then the Sentry allowed Senators inside. Joseph quickly ran up to the Sentry, tore off the power box case, ripped out the cables on the power box on it's back. The Sentry shut down. Joseph slammed the door open and made short work of the Senators running in with his frag.

Meanwhile, Miguel encountered an NCR Vertibird. There was a trooper shooting at him through the door. Miguel melted him with his Gatling Laser. The Vertibird turned round to fire at him. Miguel shot the back wing of it with his Plasma Pistol. It broke off, and the Vertibird flew uncontrollably and eventually crashed into a pond. Miguel beat up two Senators who tried to enter.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Pilot was trying to exterminate the Platoon. There were 14 troopers left. The Pilot locked onto them with and fired a missile at them. The Platoon was finally down. He took out the Sentry squad earlier and took two missile hits. The Vertibird had 67% power left. Then, the NCR's final resistance, a Vertibird, flew over to the Institute Vertibird.

The Pilot had used it's Gatling gun on the Vertibird damaging it, but then the NCR Vertibird striked back, and crashed into the IV purposely. The IV almost hit a statue. But, the IV shot a missile at the NCRV, shooting off the top. It crashed to the ground loudly.

There was 1 minute left of voting. Suddenly, a fleet of Vertibirds and a battalion of NCR troops marched up to them.

"Shit! We HAVE to go now. We CANNOT fend off this many troops." said Joseph worriedly.

"You're right. Jump on the Vertibird!" shouted Miguel. They jumped on the Vertibird and headed back to Massachusetts, using the same route.

An hour later while flying over Guatemala, the Commonwealth Pilot listened to the NCR News on the radio. He told Joseph and Miguel the news.

"Hey, it said on the NCR Station that the vote was... inconclusive. The NCR shall shatter." said the Commonwealth Pilot happily.

"Great. We will have a better chance at winning this war." said Miguel proudly.

Chapter 13: Arrest


RobCo Facility U12, CENE


In the seven days that passed, House helped Joseph and Miguel form the CENE Republic Government. He then helped sort out the CENE Military. The Brotherhood, Fifth Reavers and the Institute took out the two NCR camps and NCR base in the MA Wasteland, pushing them back to the Rhode Wasteland. The Capital Wasteland was in 37% Brotherhood control. House had an assignment for Joseph and Miguel.

"Are you ready for your next mission Joseph?" said House.

"Yes." said Joseph.

"Good. The NCR has a prison camp in No Mans Land Island, Rhode Island. I believe you served there. A Securitron found a transmission from the NCR. I decrypted it. It is a message to an NCR camp about some prisoner there who knows how to destroy the Securitrons. You, Miguel, and a platoon of Brotherhood troops will be taking out the camp." explained House.

"Very well. I'll deploy Eightball Platoon to go there. They'll be here to pick us up in 4 minutes." answered Joseph.

Four minutes later...

Joseph and Miguel boarded one of the 4 Vertibirds.

13 minutes later.

They were flying towards Squibnocket. However, NCR Howitzers shot down a Vertibird. They then shot down another. Miguel was piloting one Vertibird. However, it was hit as well and the final one was hit. The final Vertibird flew back.

"Shit! We're gonna crash!" shouted Joseph.

The Vertibird crashed into the ground.

Joseph went unconscious. NCR Veteran Rangers approached them both and the 12 Brotherhood survivors. Miguel was okay. He saw a speedboat. He tried to drag Joseph to the boat, but was almost killed. He had no choice but to head back. He got on the boat and headed back to the RobCo Facility.

3 hours later...

Joseph awoke in a dark, quiet interrogation room. There were TV screens around him, and he was in an electric chair. He looked around for a way out. There was none. He saw a glass window above him with three people inside on a laptop.

"Now, you are awake. You will answer our questions. Is that understood?" demanded the interrogator.

"Who the fuck are you?" shouted Joseph angrily.

"That doesn't matter right now. What matters is your answers. Now, what is your name?" ordered the interrogator.

"Fuck You." answered Joseph.

"Where are you from?" asked the interrogator annoyedily.

"Kiss My Dick." replied Joseph.

"AAAAKKKKHHGGGG". He was electrified.

"Your name is Joseph Anthony. You are from Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC. Now, that Intel piece you found at the factory, and the other three from the Institute you had on you. There is a code needed to decrypt them. We don't know those codes. We found out that they contain a deactivation code for 12000 Securitrons, meant to get us out of "CENE". You were programmed by House to know that code." explained the interrogator.

"I don't know what you are talking about." said Joseph casually.


"I'm not going to fucking tell you. You can torture me all you want, you'll still get no code. I am afraid you are just wasting your time.

The interrogator talked to the other two NCR troopers in the interrogation room.

"Now, you activated a code at the Jefferson Memorial, 14th September 2277. We know you were there. The code you entered there is the same code for this. What code did you enter?" asked the interrogator.

"Can't... remember." said Joseph.

"Your dad, James Anthony was with you. Let's see the code now..." said the interrogator.

The interrogator walked into the room, and injected Joseph with some kind of drug. The interrogator walked back into the room. Suddenly, everybody he saw was James. James talked about stuff, and started talking about a Revelation 2, but the drugs worn off.

"The Revelation." saud Joseph.

"What Revelation? Fuck it, inject the other stuff." said the interrogator angrily.

a robot injected him with another drug.

"Okay now, let's start from the beginning. You left the Vault. Tell us what happened." demanded the interrogator.

Joseph began to tell them what happened that day. He started thinking back. The NCR's plan ban to work. The drugs made him tell them about his past, and allowed the NCR to see his thoughts on a TV. Then, they would soon get him to talk and think about Project Purity, and get the code.

Chapter 14: Breakout



RobCo Facility U12

Captain Antonio Miguel

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