In November, the Supreme Court will hear Schwarzenegger v. EMA, an important case you may have heard something about. The state of California will argue in support of legislation that would make it illegal to sell violent games to minors there. Think that has nothing to do with you? Wrong! Here’s what’s got the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) so spooked:

Agreeing [with the EMA] would mean that [the Supreme Court justices] believe that video games are, and should continue to be, First Amendment protected speech; just like books, movies and music. The court disagreeing would mean that they think video games should be treated differently. This could lead to new bills and laws curtailing video game access in states across the country.

It’s not just about violent games and minors — it’s about protecting the medium as an art form like any other.

So no more games; do it! Do it now! Come on! Do it! Come on! Consider supporting the EMA by visiting [1] and petitioning the Supreme Court. Because while you may not live in California, every gamer could be in a world of hurt if the EMA loses. Lots of games including Fallout will be banned if EMA loses, so sign it.

If EMA loses, the whole world could suffer this as well.