Today, the people at PC Gamer have two articles about Fallout: New Vegas.

1: They have written an article titled "Hunting Deathclaws": Here's a snippet: [1]

The value of VATS and stealth is clear in Primm: pick someone off without being seen and it’s pretty much a free kill. After that, if the rest of your enemies are well armoured, you need to select the right weapon for the job, aim for unprotected areas or their own gun, and spend those action points wisely. You don’t want to end up like me, firing without VATS, getting overwhelmed and hiding up the stairs in a wrecked building, crouching around the corner, dodging dynamite when it came over edge of the broken wall. While Fallout’s inventory pauses the action when you dip into it to select a new weapon, it’s still clunky, ugly and based on the Pip Boy. I survived, but only on Stimpaks and cowardice.

2: Editor Dan Stapleton has an opinion about mods, aimed at FNV and other Fallout games. Here's what he says:

I think what really offends me about making the comparison between creating a new game by building on an old game and making a mod is that it makes it sound as if mods are a bad thing. Hey. Mods are awesome. I’d be completely willing to pay for a great total conversion mod—and don’t kid yourself, the only reason we don’t have to pay for community-made mods is that mod teams legally can’t charge you for them (at least, not until Blizzard launches the planned StarCraft II content store). A lot of hard work goes into creating that content, which is on occasion as good as or better than what was in the original game. It doesn’t make any sense to diminish it by implying that it’s not worth paying for just because it only looks as good as a past year’s hit game.

And finally, Bethesda, Obisidan, or Interplay won't be doing anything at the New York Comic Con. We may find out more about this matter soon.

That's all for today.