Here are 2 new PAX previews of Fallout: New Vegas. One from, and one from TheGamersHub.


Well you can simply imagine I dealt with them no problem, and went on to continue my journey that later led me to the Primm Casino. Which is an actual casino located outside of Vegas pretty close to the Stateline. A Brotherhood of Steel soldier later came up to me and implored that I stay away from the casino turned prison. A riot has just taken place and the prisoners have just taken control of the facility. I told him that this would no longer be a problem and would take care of it right away.

So I took a stealthy approach to taking back the prison and eliminated every enemy in my path one by one, until I reached the top of the broken down roller coaster. Once I got here I brought back out my grenade machinegun and rained down explosives onto the facility. The poor cons didn’t stand a chance against the hellfire that was being brought down upon them. Once I took care of all the inmates I returned to the Brother of Steel and let him know that the facility was officially under control.

So how on Earth do you follow that? In the case of Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas, you don't mess too much with a good thing.

Sitting down for an all-too brief hour-long session recently, I had the chance to sample the very beginning of what promises to be a vast game. On the surface, little has changed. The poorly animated characters, the VATS system, your PIP-boy 3000, all look similar. Yet the further you progress, the more New Vegas' tweaks reveal themselves. The question remains, however, is it enough?