My review of FNV. Here we will find out if it is as good as Fallout 3 too.

Fallout: New Vegas is an RPG which came out on 22nd October. It is not a sequel to Fallout 3, but a spin off. So what's new in Fallout: New Vegas? Well, there is Hardcore Mode. You have to eat, drink, sleep, and only doctors bags can heal limbs, and stimpaks heal over time. Hardcore takes a bit of time to get used to, but after a while, it gets extremely easy. In addition, the reputation system has came in. Your reputation governs how factions will be with you, and reputation decreases and increases due to your actions. It is not as good as the reputation system in the first two games, but still a good new feature by Obsidian. Also, to make it more realistic, you take more damage, so you can no longer run into

a nest of Deathclaws like the Terminator.

So, the story. The story is fabulous. You are a courier, killed by a man called Benny. You are saved by a man called Mitchell, and you must found out who the man is and what is in the package, and you decide the future of the Mojave Wasteland and New Vegas. At the end, there is no free play. Your character does not die nor does something happen. This ending ruins it, as there will be Broken Steel like DLC to carry it on. This is a waste as there could be a lot of things to do after the SPOILERS Battle of Hoover Dam depending on the outcome.

Obsidian has made a good effort on the map, and it is the same size as the map of Fallout 3. However, most of the locations are boring, dull, empty, and seem like they've just been put in there as space fillers, which hurts replay value. The Capital Wasteland is better, as it seems scary, devilish, and extremely apocalyptic. The Mojave Wasteland feels quite happy, unlike the CW, and it feels like Obsidian is forgetting that there has been an apocalypse.

Now, the bugs. Obsidian has made a good effort on taking out bugs, and spent a month before release removing them, and recently patched over 200 bugs. Obsidian seems to care about the quality of the game, unlike Bethesda, who ignored the thousands of bugs in the game. Sure, there are bugs here and there and the occasional crash, but are not as bad as the FO3 ones and there are less bugs than FO3 had. However, there are invisible walls on the mountains everywhere for no reason, forcing you to go around. This is the worst thing in the game, as the walls have no business being there. It seems that Obsidian wants you to go their way, but isn't the purpose of an RPG to be able to have complete freedom?

The weapons are fantastic, and are arguably better than FO3's weapons. One of my favourite weapons was the "Oh Baby!", a unique Super Sledge capable of killing even the toughest enemies in a few hits. Another good one is the Paladin Toaster, an EMP power fist.

The factions are great, and FNV features some returning characters and factions from Fallout 1 and 2. One nice faction was the Boomers, Vault 34 outcasts holed up in an old Air Force Base trying to destroy humanity. Another good one is the Fiends, a group of drugged up raiders from Vault 3. The factions are absolutely better than FO3's factions. In FO3, there were only 3 or 4 factions. Obsidian has completely changed that, adding more variety to the game.

The main questline is good. They are more detailed than FO3's, and are longer, and more interesting than FO3's. The side quests are good as well, but aren't as good as FO3's.

I spent a lot of time gambling at the Tops, eventually getting banned. I explored the rest of the Strip, finding a gambling Vault, Vault 21, and the Lucky 38, home of the mysterious Mr. House. Obsidian has put a lot of great effort into the strip, and is probably the best thing in the game.

So, is Fallout: New Vegas better than Fallout 3? It has a lot better things than Fallout 3, especially the main questline, but FO3 has the upper hand with better locations, more detail, and a lot of others. Thus, making Fallout 3 the better game. Don't get me wrong, Fallout: New Vegas is a good game, but i feel it could do with a bit more polish and time.