Interplay has announced a new publishing program, Interplay Discovery, which hopefully will get them more money to fund Fallout Online. Here is the press release.

Los Angeles, August 31st 2010 - PRESS RELEASE

Interplay Entertainment Corp. (OTCBB: IPLY) today announces Interplay Discovery ™, a new publishing program for original games that will launch two new titles in October 2010.

“Interplay Discovery ™ will introduce promising developers from all over the world to the global market by releasing great new games at great prices,” said Hervé Caen, CEO of Interplay. “So far our efforts are paying off and we have discovered two new games from two new developers.”

From developer CodeRunners in Portugal, Pinball Yeah lets players rock the silver ball through several themes, including an Irish Pub, Pirates, a unique Virtual Reality table called “AI,” and a classic 1950's party table.

Ricardo Teixeira from Coderunners said, “Our main objective is to give the players fun and immersive fantasy gameplay on our pinball tables, an area that has been left unexplored, while still providing a classic mechanical table for the hardcore fans. It's an honor to work with Interplay and taking part in Interplay Discovery presents an amazing opportunity for indie developers. This is our first game, after which we plan to add more content to Pinball Yeah and create other games with novel experiences for gamers worldwide.”

According to Interplay President Eric Caen, creator of the Interplay Discovery ™ Publishing Program, “We are happy to help this young talented team to fine tune their innovative game and reach a worldwide audience.”

Tommy Tronic, from Ukrainian developer Oasis Games, is a brilliant 2D platform game with a very colorful and fluid environment.

Nick Conlon, creator of Tommy Tronic said, “At Oasis Games we believe traditional 2D platformers have been unjustly abandoned by the game development community at large. We've done our bit to change that. Tommy Tronic will bring those old school memories flooding back!”

“We are impressed by Oasis Games' talent to create this solid game. Tommy Tronic has a fun vibe and should be a hit with fans of 2D platformers,” offered Eric Caen.

The Interplay Discovery ™ Publishing Program is open to developers with a complete or nearly completed game ready to be published. Eric Caen further explained the process: “Publishing agreements for promising titles typically can be signed within a few days of product submission. At that point, Interplay's team of design & gameplay experts can help developers through the finalization, optimization, approval and publishing processes. We hope to bring great games to market very regularly, as we are starting to do with these first two games. Who knows, one of these new developers could become as famous as some of the current greats previously published by Interplay.”

Pinball Yeah is slated for release in October 2010 for Mac, PC and iPad/iPhone4. Tommy Tronic is scheduled to launch in October 2010 for PC.