killap has updated the project again, fixing lots of bugs in Fallout 2. Here is a list of thing that this mod fixes:

RP 2.1.2b Change Log: New Content:

• New playable character type - Bald Dude![/code]

Bug Fixes:

Primitive Tribe:

• Fixed potential crash bug when doing the merchant quest. Yes, it's really fixed this time!


• Debug message would display in the message window on the main Modoc map or at the Ghost Farm. This has been corrected.

Broken Hills:

• Successfully lockpicking a cell door that isn't connected to the mutant haters could complete the jailbreak quest. This is no longer the case.


• Freezing when ending combat/turns on several maps (Klamath Downtown, random encounters, etc) should no longer happen.

Vic now correctly has repair as his highest skill for his last 3 level ups.

RP 2.1.2 Change Log: New Content:

Cassidy's optional talking head has been replaced with a new awesome looking version made by Continuum.[/code]

Bug Fixes:

In addition to several undocumented bug fixes, the following specific issues were addressed:

The Abbey:

• Crop thief quest: Tom now correctly says he gives you a Lighter rather than Rad-X.

Broken Hills:

• All issues involving Marcus and the missing people down in the tunnels should be fixed.


• Dialogue with the Hologram 10001 no longer starts with three "error" options, after repairing the robot-controlling terminal.

• Fixed possible party limit exploit with 4 legged critters and entering the lower levels of the base.


• If you take the quest to rustle the Brahmin but then tell the Duntons you're ashamed and decline the reward, the quest remains active and you cannot pursue any other dialogue options with them until you accept your reward, making it impossible to talk them into leaving Torr alone and complete the "Find out who is rustling brahmin" quest until you say, "I'm here for my cut, partners". This has been modified so that telling them you're ashamed also ends the quest.


• There are no longer two Karls on the Main Street map.

New Reno:

• It's no longer as tedious to access the stairs leading to the basements in the various casinos. Before the "shadow" graphic was blocking much of the accessible area. • Corrected various dialogue bugs with Three Card Monte. • The Shark Club pit boss no longer says you pissed off Old Man McGee even though you haven't spoken to McGee yet. • Using the Vertibird during combat at the Salvatore-Enclave transaction would lock you the dialogue screen. This is no longer the case.

Primitive Tribe:

• Gecko skins lying on the ground have been removed to ensure that the odd inventory bug (carry weight suddenly goes to a ridiculous number) no longer happens.


• You would always end up at the "secret" entrance no matter how good your Outdoorsman is. This is no longer the case.


• Local variables were being overwritten for Fannie, which caused her quest state to change sporadically. This no longer happens.

San Francisco:

• Entering the Hubologists stash for the first time with IN<4 would get you stuck in an endless conversation loop with the guard. This is no longer the case.

• Corrected dialogue bug with the sub motor boat guard.

Vault 13:

• It was impossible to learn the true purpose of the vaults from "voice interface terminal". This is no longer the case.

• Hacking into overseer logs always succeeded, as there is no roll against skill there. It now correctly does a science check.

Vault City Village:

• Corrected dialogue bug when asking Connar about Old Joe. • Corrected dialogue bugs with Connar when taking the diplomatic route to save the village.


• Hopefully truly corrected all instances where little boy appearances were used rather than the new little girl appearances for female children. • Additional Karma Images are changing not only on "Karma" tab, but they also replace image corresponding to the first position item on "PERKS" and "KILLS" tabs ("TRAITS" and usually "Alien kills" respectively). Fixed in sfall 2.11 • Fixed an sfall bug that broke critical hits when starting a new game, up until a game was first reloaded. Fixed in sfall 2.12 • Numerous map corrections.

NMA has links on downloading the mod as well as links for reporting bugs and other things for the mod.