Bodies lay on the ground in Primm. It’s bleak, but in a different way to Fallout 3′s desolation. The sky is blue, for a start. Nothing’s particularly ruined: the place simply resembles a ghost town, repopulated by the bad guys. But the hotel is dark and troubling, run down, the power long cut to this place. The mood New Vegas establishes is subtly different to that of its predecessor, but equally effective.


Fallout 3 had this underlying restriction they used with demolished buildings to have you purposely going set routes. Hopefully we’ll see the ability to avoid enemies and foes with a little more finesse. Whilst I played a very small amount of the game, much because the first 10 minutes I was trying to find something/someone to kill I could quite easily see that the game has been well looked after


In general, Fallout: New Vegas is more of a 80+ hour add-on then a brand new installment. This doesn’t make me sad at all; anyone who loved Fallout 3 will love Fallout: New Vegas. Even if it’s just the same gal, she’s wearing a damn sexy new dress.


The gameplay is essentially identical to Fallout 3, the brilliant V.A.T.S. combat system is still there and before long I was performing headshots on other humans and mutant flies, just like the old days. The game is more of the same which is no bad thing as Fallout 3 was an amazing game.


To summarize then, Fallout New Vegas, or “orange Fallout” [is] Good. I will buy it, though not on release. It will devalue incredibly quickly and you’ll be able to pick up a collector’s edition in a few months for £30.

Console Monster

Developers Obsidian have managed to get to grips with the engine and continue that beautiful Fallout feeling with ease it would seem, and perhaps with more of a fitting and interesting location and back-story to go with it.

Epsom Guardian

While I wanted to be blown away by some sort of new innovation New Vegas, while seemingly not raising the bar for the series, has more missions, enemies, guns and perks than ever before.

Also, Xbox Live now has a limited time3 special offer, 50% off of all Fallout 3 DLC. Buy it while you can.