FNV worldwide pre-order details at BethBlog

UK pre order details:

Collector's Edition- Game and GameStation (RIPOFF) Classic Pack- Game Caravan Pack- Mercenary Pack- GameStation Tribal Pack- Amazon

South Africa pre order details

Collector's Edition- BT Games, CNA, AWX, Defcon 5, Swap2Play, Take2, Zaps, Kalahiri Classic Pack- Musica (?) Caravan Pack- CNA Mercenary Pack- BT Games Tribal Pack- Kalahiri and Take 2

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland pre-order details

Collector’s Edition – Amazon Germany and all good retailers in Switzerland and Austria Classic Pack – All good Swiss retailers Caravan Pack – Gamesonly, Gamesware and Game4game Mercenary Pack – Amazon Tribal Pack – Gamestop

Australia pre-order details

Collector’s Edition – EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, GAME, Mighty Ape and a selection of independent shops Classic Pack – EB Games Caravan Pack – GAME Mercenary Pack – JB Hi-Fi Tribal Pack – AID

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