USA Today Hands-on Impressions: “Fallout 3 delivered an enriching experience thanks in part to an intriguing cast of characters living in the Capital Wasteland, and Fallout New Vegas seems to hold to that concept very well.”

Eurogamer Preview: “This may not be Fallout as you’ve never seen it before, but it’s certainly Vegas as you’ve never seen it, and exploring this world looks like being an awful lot of fun.”

Just Push Start Preview: “For fans of Fallout 3, New Vegas is something to be on your most wanted list. It plays like Fallout 3 but the new features it offers and the new story are the things I’m most excited to find out.”

The Onion AV Club: “Fallout: New Vegas is Fallout 3 in the West, and that’s fine with me.”

News10 Interview with Jason Bergman

GamePlanet Interview with Chris Avellone

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