Eurogamer has interviewed Bethesda's Todd Howard. Here's a small bit:

If I had to take a step back, I think our worlds are very good, I think we're on the cutting edge as far as that goes. When it comes to the characters and the animation, I think there are other people who do it much, much better. That's something we've put a lot of time into - not just technology but people and talent, and how long we spend doing individual elements. How other characters behave and look on the screen is the next thing people need to do better. That's come up before and my view on Fallout is that the Americana is part of the Fallout schtick. It would be interesting to see what's going on over there, but if you were doing a full game over there, in my opinion it wouldn't have the right Fallout tone. And finally, he notes that the level cap was a bad idea, so expect cap-less games in the future. I think it worked out okay for that game, but going forward if we had to completely redo Fallout 3 we'd probably not have a level cap, because it just makes the game more fun to level up. It just does. The sense of accomplishment every time you do something to get some XP. So I think we'll make efforts in the future to not have one.
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