Chapter 1

Day 1



Hollywood Outpost

Our story begins in Los Angeles 29th December, 2299 where NCR Captain Dave Miller, stationed at a outpost in Hollywood. 3 Enclave troops, General Jones, Lieutenant Griffin and Colonel Jackson are in New Vegas planning to gas the city to get rid of the mutated humans and creatures. The NCR assigned him to go there, find them, and stop them by 1st October 2300, the planned gas launch date.

Miller, get in the chopper we'll take you to LZ at Hoover Dam, get a move on! shouted the pilot. Yes sir! said Miller. The NCR class Vertibird was in the air. Okay, we'll go through this one more time Miller, the 3 Enclave troops are planning to gas Vegas on 9th February 2300. You must find them and stop them before then. You start by speaking to Malcolm Wilson at the Tops casino, who was once one of Jones' men, but left 4 years ago. What you do then is up to you. Understood soldier? Said the pilot. Yes sir said Miller.

They were flying over the Grand Canyon, almost near Vegas. Suddenly, a group of scrap merchants wanted their Vertibirds, and these guys don't ask for things nicely. They got out their fat mans, and started firing at the chopper. Shit! MILLER GET THE FUCK ON THAT TURRET RIGHT NOW! cried the pilot. Miller got on it, and shot 2 of the merchants off a cliff. The other one was under a cave. He's under there i can't shoot him! Get us the hell out of here! Shouted Miller. HOLY FU- We've been hit! Shouted one of the gunners. Okay, affirmative, i'm heading for the LZ said the pilot. They safely landed at the Hoover Dam base. Yeah this is a write-off, we ain't gonna be able to fix this said the NCR mechanic. You gotta be kidding me. We are now stranded in this pile of crap due to no more helicopters available? Said the pilot, not very happy. On the contrary, yes. Said the mechanic chuckling. I have no time for your immature crap. Get to fixing that RIGHT NOW! I don't care if it's a write-off, you WILL FIX IT. You understand? Shouted the pilot. Umm, i'm gonna get going. Said Miller.

Chapter 2

Day 1



New Vegas Strip

Miller got in an NCR Jeep taking him to the Strip. When they got there, the Securitrons's were being stupid and were broken. This is NCR Colonel Smith please give us entry. The Securitron just stood there silently. I am talking to you tin can. Nothing happened. Eventually someone got out and kicked it and the wheel came off. What the fuck did you do that for? We're gonna totally be in the shit with House now! said Miller. No worries. I'll clean up the evidence. The soldier then threw the Securitron into the river. Okay, if anyone else doesn't have to arse around any longer, let's get going. said Smith. They drove in and went to The Tops. Miller sat down and chatted with Wilson. Ah Miller, hello. How are you? said Malcolm. I'm good. So you said you have information on the Enclave people? Said Miller. Yes i believe i do, sit down. I know where two of them are. The other, Jones, is undercover somewhere in this city to find the things to make the gas weapon. Colonel Jackson and 1st Lieutenant Griffin are going from place to place for finding things to make the weapon. Last i heard they are going to the Crimson Caravan Camp to get supplies for the weapon. Ge there in time, and you should be able to stop them. Thanks Wilson, i appreciate it said Miller. Miller decided to have a quick game of Blackjack, however it did not go accoridng to plan. After 10 minutes one gambler got pissed. He's fucking cheating! Get out here dickhead! Shouted the gambler. On the contrary, i am playing this game nicely like everyone else. You are just acting like a baby said Miller. That's it! You asked for it! The gambler then pushed the table over. Miller got the guy in a headlock, banged the man's head on the wall and knocked him unconscious. Miller then left for the camp.

Chapter 3

Day 1



Crimson Caravan Camp

Miller was almost at the camp, with a Scoped .44 magnum and a machine laser rifle. He crouched in some grass, covered by palm trees. He saw the two coming out of a tent. They got in a Vertibird. He couldn't hear what they were saying. He crept up closer to the chopper. He could hear. We've got almost just about everything we need. We just need to meet Jones at International Drive and get the last few things. If we're safe over there, we'll activate the gas weapon remotely in Florida instead of in Vegas so the whole NCR don't stop us. Said Jackson. Understood. Let's get going. said Lt.Griffin. Shit, did you just hear that? said Miller on the radio to Colorado River. Oh my god. You can't let them get away. said the NCR soldier. Should i kill them? said Miller. 'No. They're our only chance of getting to General Jones. If we can't get to Jones, we can't find the remote detonator. Hang onto the Vertibird until they land said the NCR soldier. Yes sir. said Miller. Miller grabbed something at the bottom. The chopper started flying. He saw a red button which opens the entrance. He opened it. He then went inside and closed it and hid inside a small area.

Chapter 4

Day 1



International Drive

The Vertibird landed at International Drive. Griffin and Jackson got out and met Jones. They went into an aquarium. Miller followed. Miller then found strange gigantic creatures in glass containers. "These are the animals. I have dipped them in FEV. These are the results. We'll be making more of these and releasing them into Vegas. The city won't stand a chance." said Jones. The creatures looked like a Stegosaurus and a Deathclaw. Miller found a terminal with logs and info on them. He downloaded it to his Pip Boy 4000 Prototype. The three went inside a different room. Miller took some photos with the Pip Boy 4000, capable of taking photos and recording and playing videos, as well as the menus being in full colour. The creatures were called Darkseekers. They come out in the dark and prey on any and all lifeforms. He then sent "Captain Dave Miller: Mission Log #3" to Colorado River, talking about the info. He then went into the room. He saw them at a terminal, about to send a missile to the ruins of Disneyland, now a large settlement and base of the NCR Florida detatchment. He quickly got out a flashbang and threw it. However he got hit as well. Lt. Griffin got up very quickly and hit him in the face with a fat man and went unconscious.

Chapter 5

Day 2



Enclave Base in a museum

Miller woke up in a cold dark room. He got up and looked around. He went out of the room. Suddenly, he got punched in the face by a man wearing power armor, and fell to the floor. "Where do you think you're going kid? NCR can't do nothing to stop us." said the soldier. "Hey, i remember you. You're that dick who hit me in the face with an fat man." said Miller. "Sure am. NCR ain't gonna do anything to stop us now." He pulled out a Desert Eagle. Jones came into the room. "Hey, put that gun down!" he shouted. "We need him alive!" he said. They went out of the room. Miller got up and ran over to the entrance of the Enclave facility, with no weapons. He opened the door. The 3 Enclaves ran inside, and Jones tried to hit him with his tranquiliser gun. Miller ran out. Some NCR soldiers were waiting for him from Disneyland. "Hey, how do you know i was here?" said Miller. "The team at Hoover Dam called you 8 times, and you didn't answer. We looked at the locator chip on you on the system and found out you were here. We came to save you said the NCR soldier. Suddenly, a big explosion was head behind them. "What was that!?" shouted Miller. Then, missiles started coming out of the roof. The NCR troopers ran off, and the 3 Enclaves got in a Vertibird in the back garden and took off. The NCR squad were being attacked by the Vertibird. The squad got in a van and drove off. They were on a motorway and were now an easy target for the chopper. So they got out missile launchers, however the chopper kept moving so noone could get a clear shot. The vertibird was coming down to hit the van with the chopper blades. They braked the van, making the vertibird miss and hit the road. It went flying into the nearby desert. The vertibird was being eaten by a Radgator. The Enclaves were still alive and ran off. The squad were unable to reach them. "Oh my God, they've gotten away" said Miller. "Don't worry, we will find them." said the NCR trooper.

Chapter 6

Day 3



Disneyland Outpost

Miller stayed at the Disneyland outpost while he tried finding intel on the 3 Enclaves. He was on a satellite computer scanning the city looking for them. He was looking over a lake and suddenly found a missile. He got up to alert the base commander.

"Sir, there's a missile. I don't know where it's headed, but it's coming west, possible over to here." said Miller

"Okay soldier, i'll get everyone to evacuate the area. Get outside-Wait... i remembered getting a signal coming from a radio in that lake area saying "2300". This is the Enclaves plan. We've seen them in the area." said the base commander.

"Dammit. Hey look at the computer. There's more missiles coming. About 16 of them. There's a missile launcher i can operate on this terminal. I'll use it to take out the missiles" said Miller."

Miller then got on the computer. He operated the missile and shot down 8 of them. But it was too late. The other 8 had hit the outpost and the city.

"Shit! They've hit us! Johnson, get your squad moving outside the area! Smith, get the medics out! Miller, go with Major Johnson's squad and scout the area. I've looked at the computer and there are some Robobrains's, Sentry Bots, and Gutsy's attacking us. Take them out!" said the base commander.

Miller went with the squad and went outside the area. They got to cover behind some rubble. An explosion was heard in the distance.

"There's Sentry Bots over there, take them out." said Johnson.

Miller threw an EMP grenade at the SBs and they died. But then, a Darkseeker came. Miller told them to retreat and take it out at the base. Miller got to the missile turret at the base roof and locked onto the Darkseeker. It took about ten missiles to take it down. The enemies were dead, but Disneyland was destroyed, as well as all the citizens. Miller vowed to take out the Enclaves.

Chapter 7

Day 5



Disneyland Ruins

Miller was at the ruins of Disneyland. The place was being rebuilt. Miller's new commanding officer, Major Johnson, went up to him.

"Miller, got a new assignment for you. A gang called the Twisted Hairs led by a man called Harpy is at war with another gang called the Florida detatchment of the Jackals. They know where the three Enclaves are. Gain his trust, and he will tell you the location of them. Your job is to join them, help them, and find the Enclaves." said Johnson.

Miller was taken to the Twisted Hair outpost in a Jeep. He got out and approached the outpost. A few hours later he was in the gang. He was assigned to go on a mission with another member called Phil, to prove that he is worthy of being a Twisted Hair. Miller and Phil, needed to destroy a Jackal hideout near Kennedy Space Center. A few minutes later they arrived.

"Miller, get to the roof and grab that sniper rifle. We'll take out the ones in that building over there." said Phil.

Miller got on the roof and climbed the ladder and picked up the All-American. He saw three Jackals in the building up ahead. The got close to each other, and he shot them.

"Good, let's move into the building. We need to steal the caps in the base."

They ran into the building. They were spotted by a Jackal. They quickly shot him. The noise alerted the other Jackals.

"Shit! Get over here and keep quiet!"

A squad of Jackals went past looking for them. They got out a Desert Eagle with Tactical Knife and killed them all. They heard another squad coming, so they hid the bodies in a room. They got to the room with the caps. There were mines planted, and Phil ran into one and almost died. Miller saw a Mark IV turret and took it out with his laser pistol. He unlocked the safe and took the 4000 caps. Some more Jackals were coming. They went in the room and Miller was surrounded. Miller quickly jumped out of the window. A few minuted later he got back to the Twisted Hair base.

"You have done well. You are worthy to be a Twisted Hair."

Chapter 8

Day 5



Cape Canaveral

Harpy and the Twisted Hairs were getting ready for a battle. Miller went over. "Miller, get your shit, we're going to Cape Canaveral. The Jackals have a base there, and have something we want, on a Saturn 5 rocket. They're gonna launch it in 6 hours. With them is one of those Enclave guys. We have intel that the object is a gas weapon." said Harpy. Miller got his things, and got on a bike. They drove over to the launch site. Some sentry bots and a tank ambushed them. "Get outta here, and follow me!" Harpy and the other hairs followed Harpy, through a forest. The rads have infected the wildlife, and the area was full of fungal growth, and alive plants. They ran through the forest, being shot at by the tank. "Slow down, their vehicles can't follow us this far." said Harpy. "Come on, we'll find a way around." said Harpy. They were almost near the entrance to the building when a Radcroc came. The Radcroc masticated a gang member. "Shit, kill it! KILL IT!" shouted Harpy. Miller threw a grenade in it's mouth. The Radcroc as choking and then the grenade exploded. The squad went in. They went up the stairs. Miller was hit by a block of wood thrown by at him by a Jackal. He got up, ran and stabbed him. They got in the elevator. The elevator ceiling was being destroyed. Then, a squad of Jackals jumped in, and surrounded the Hair squad. Miller kneeled down on the floor, staring into the barrel of a gun. Quickly, he twisted the Jackal's arm, snatched his gun, and shot every Jackal in the elevator. They were on the launch floor. Then, Jones, the Enclave Soldier, was standing there waiting for them as the doors opened. "Well, well. Look who's here. I see you are trying to get my gas weapon. Well, you aren't getting it." Jones pressed a button. "Saturn 5 launching in 5 minutes." said the intercom computer. "How are you going to stop us no-AAAKKKKKKK!!!!" Miller shot him with a .44 magnum. Jones fell to the floor. Dead. Harpy and the squad ran over to the launch pad. "We've gotta shut down the ship!" said Harpy. "I'll go to the control room, and kill the engineers controlling the ship." said Miller. Phil went with him. The rest of the Twists were fighting the remaining Jackals in the other areas of the base. Harpy went in the ship to recover the gas weapon. Miller was near the control room, and fought his way inside. He got in 4 minutes later. "Ignition, Go". said an engineer. "Flight, Go". said another. "FREEZE PEOPLE! GET AWAY FROM THE COMPUTERS!". One engineer quickly launched the ship "I SAID FUCKING FREEZE! The ship launched. Harpy was trapped on the ship. Miller killed the engineers and checked the computer. It said it was headed to B.O.M.B.001 to remotely launch it from there, in the hands of Jackson and Griffin. There was no way to get it. The battle was lost.

Chapter 9

Day 6



RobCo Florida Miller got back to Disneyland Outpost. He told Major Johnson what had happened. Luckily, they had a plan.

"We have a way to get there. Manchester Space Center, over in England. There's some -K4> ships there. We need to find some things to repair -K4> and we can head over there, and head to B.O.M.B.-001." said Johnson.

Miller went to the Twisted Hair camp and told co-leader Jigsaw what he found out. He and the Twisted Hairs were sent on a mission to a RobCo factory to recover a Belerik chip, the thing that would make -K4> work. They got to the factory.

Miller opened the door and got knocked down by a Protectron. The robot was about to shoot him with a wrist laser pistol. A Hair named Parrot hit it in the eye with a sledgehammer. He got up.

"I just saved your ass there Miller". said Parrot.

They went inside, and there were two hallways. Miller was told to go through the one on the left. Miller and 3 other Hairs went through. They were attacked by a grenade launching Protectron. Parrot was killed. Miller closed the metal door, put a pulse mine on the floor. The Protectron walked in, and was shocked by the mine. They went through. Miller went up some stairs and found a mainframe. It opened access to the robot makers. They shut it down, and Miller took all the scrap metal in the robot maker rooms to use on HERMES 14.

After 5 minutes of scavenging and killing, they made it to the third floor, where the mainframe and the Belerik were. Miller and the team went through a hallway but frag mines planted on the walls detonated, killing several members of the attack squad. Miller was injured. Only Miller, Mammoth, and Dusty were alive. The roof collaped and they were almost hit. Seven Protectron's came in. Dusty passed a plasma pistol to Miller. He shot them all down. Miller helped up Mammoth and Dusty. They then went into the saferoom.

Thye picked up the Belerik and blueprints for a Protectron-Mek Class Prototype. Several Protectrons were then right behind them.

"Freeze. You are now under arrest by invading a RobCo Corporation Facility." said a Protectron.

Miller, Mammoth and Dusty smashed the window, jumped out, and slid down a pipe. They headed back to the camp.

Chapter 10

Day 6



Twisted Hair Bravo Camp

The team were back at the Twisted Hair camp. Miller was chosen by Jigsaw to find the Jackal Plan. The Jackal Plan is a paper with all the locations of Jackal property and bases. The locations of the repair items are on the sheet. To win the race against the Jackals to get to B.O.M.B.-001, Miller had to find it, at the Florida Mayor's House, owned by the Jackals.

Miller went into the wastes to find it. Along the way, he was approached by a man with a Corvega Atomic V8 car.

"Excuse me, can you help me find something? That man stole my wallet with 2000 caps in it." said the man.

"Of course, if you will give me a ride to somewhere in your car". said Miller.

"Yes, i will. Please, hurry, he's over there, by the caves." said the man.

Miller chased the man through the cave. The robber tripped over his lace. Miller ran up to him, but the man got up. The robber then grabbed Miller and threw him in the lake. Miller threw a grenade in the cave. The robber was dead. He climbed up, took the money and went back to the car. He got a ride to the house.

Miller pretended to be a Florida Express courier saying he has an important parcel so he could get in. A Jackal took him to see the Jackal leader, Wolf. Wolf locked the door. Miller grabbed his Desert Eagle out, and pointed it at Wolf's head.

"Now, tell me, where is the Jackal Plan?" said Miller.

"Fuck off, you think i'm telling you?" said Wolf.

"Oh yes, i think you are" said Miller. He put a silencer on his DE and fired it at Wolf's foot.

"AAAAAHHH, SHIT!" said Wolf.

Jackals then started banging on the door trying to get inside.

"LET US THE FUCK IN MOTHERFUCKER!" shouted Panda, a Jackal.

"Hmm.... nah." said Miller.

"I'm not giving it you. That's that". said Wolf.

Miller shot him in the head. He looked around and found a safe. He kicked the safe open, and took the Jackal Plan. The Jackals kicked the door down however. Miller was cornered. But, a Bear Force Six chopper came, and brought a woolly ladder down.

"Seeya buddies!" said Miller, as he flipped them off on the woolly ladder.

BFS flew off, and the Jackals shot at it with every mag they had, in a desperate attempt to get the plan back. BFS turned round, unhappy about the bullet holes in the chopper. They fired a missile at the helicopter. They flew off, but a Twisted Hair with an RPG attempted to shoot them down, finding out he was NCR. Miller asked to land and take him out, otherwise his cover will be blown. They landed and Miller got out.

He shot the TH's pistol out of his hand. The Hair punched him. Miller punched him harder, and he was injured.

"Fuck you dipshit!" said the Hair.

Miller kicked him in the face and he fell to the floor. He then stamped on his bag.

"Hey there is a packet of Skittles in there prick!" said the Hair. Miller shot him and ran to the chopper, and headed to Disneyworld Outpost.

Chapter 11

Day 7



Jackal Drug Camp

Back at Twisted Hair Alpha Camp, Jigsaw got the Jackal Plan from Miller. Miller was given a promotion, and was picked to lead an assault on the Jackal Drug Camp, where Jackals make illegal drugs and trade them. 16 of the 19 parts needed to fix -K4> were located there. They got on bikes and drove to the camp.

Miller and 3 other Hairs went on a ridge to snipe the enemy out, while the other 5 Hairs distracted them. The 5 fired on the Jackals. Miller told the 3 to snipe. They sniped them out. Miller and the 3 climbed down into the tunnel. They got to the camp.

Miller gave the snipe team Gauss Rifles. Jackals ran in. They gunned them down, and ran to the building. They went inside. A brahmin trap was inside the entrance, and XRay was hit in the face by it and died. The other 7 carried on going, and a Jackal hit them in the face with a tire iron behind them, and they fell to the floor, except Hamster, who punched him in the face, twisted his arm, snatched his tire iron, and shot him.

They went up the stairs and got to the creation level. A platoon of Jackals ran in and shot down Vegas and Dusty, and Ghillie was shot. There were only 5 left. Miller put ordered Parrot to stay with Ghillie. It was only Miller, Hamster, and ZigZag were the only ones left fighting. Miller ordered them to search the drug creation room for info where the part is. ZigZag found something. Or did he?

"Hey, sir, i found a clipboard with the lo-AAARRHH!!!!". ZigZag was killed by a Frag Mine planted on the clipboard. Miller was able to read it. It was on the trading level, where delivery locations are sent. Miller and Hamster got to the trading floor. Six Jackals had them surrounded. Miller told Hamster to throw his smoke grenades in the room. Hamster threw it, and the Jackal squad suffocated.

Hamster walked past a door, but the door opened, and a Jackal grabbed him, and he was suffocated with a plastic bag. Miller kicked the door open and killed the Jackal. Hamster was dead. Miller was the only one left, and Parrot and Ghillie were on the ground floor. Miller got a dual 12.7mm submachine gun out. Miller opened a door, and killed many Jackals with it. He got to the room where the part was, and opened the door. However, Miller was kicked in the face and he fell to the floor. He was surrounded by Jackals. They were just about to kill him when, Parrot and Ghillie shot them all. They helped Miller up, and they grabbed the part. A siren was then heard. It was a self destruct, activated by a Jackal. If they did not get out in 90 seconds they'd all be dead.

Miller and the other two bumped into the last Jackal who activated the self destruct. Miller tied him to the wall. They then went to the exit. There were 20 seconds left until the base exploded. The only way to get out of the blast radius was to jump off the cliff into the water. "Explosions, or broken bones? Bones heal". He jumped off, and Parrot and Ghillie hesitantly jumped off. They were fine, and got to the top of the water. Suddenly, an NCR Vertibird came. They killed Ghillie and Parrot. "Get in, we've found the other three parts! We can go to the space center now!" Miller swam over and jumped in. They flew over to Disneyland Outpost for breifing.

Chapter 12

Day 7



Disneyland Hangar

"Well, good luck getting to the UK." said Major Johnson.

Miller and Eagle Squad got in the Bear Force Six VB-03 Vertibird. It was greatly advanced, with the ability of more fuel, better armour, and longer length, with turrets.

The pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, got everybody in. There were 14 members on the Vertibird. Cpt. Miller was on one of the five AA guns. "Hello everybody this is your captain, Lt. Col. Hughes speaking. We'll be having a nine hour flight to Manchester Airport. Please get your seatbelts fastened, and we can go." They took off and flew to the airport.

8.45 hours later...

"Uh, i'm seeing several hostile Vertibirds on the radar. They are NCR Vertibirds." siad Hughes. "They're Twisted Hairs! The two Vertibirds on the right are Twisted Hairs, and the one on the right is a- Jackal Vertibird?! Cpl. Kevin, Lt. Vance, Pvt. Jason, get on those turrets now!"

Miller and the other 3 NCR soldiers got on the AA turrets. Miller was shooting the Jackal Vertibird. The Jackal Vertibird bashed the NCR Vertibird, but the Jackals spun out of control and crashed. The two Twisted Hair Vertibirds surrounded the NCR Vertibird.

The NCR helicopter was hit by a missile, and the chopper was running at 73% power. The 4 gunners managed to shoot off the back wing of one, and it crashed. There was one left. The Twisted Hair chopper cut off the back wing of the NCR chopper. The NCR Vertibird was falling out of the air. It crashed into a building.

Chapter 13

Day 8



The middle of nowhere.

15 minutes later, Miller and other soldiers regained consciousness. 3 of the 14 members were killed in the crash, and two were injured.

Hughes told them to look around the area for any transport available, or information on where they are. Miller find a sign saying they were in Liverpool. The Liverpool Wasteland looked scary, and all the buildings were destroyed.

Sgt. Vance found an advert for an airport. It said the airport is still going, and has flights. "Hey guys, check this out. Something about an airport." siad Vance.

"How is is still going? All fuel in the world is extinct." said Miller.

"They've modded the planes to be solar powered. It's down the road from here." said Vance.

They walked down to the airport. However, a guard in Power Armour said there is a security breach inside and they will not be able to enter until it has been resolved.

"Can we go in and help? We're members of the NCR from USA. We're here to help out" said Miller.

"Very well." said the guard.

They went in. Soldiers in Power Armour were firing rare D12 Voltages, electricity guns.

"Get down, get down!" said a soldier."

A team of gangsters in hockey masks threw frags at them. Miller saw a long fuse frag, so he threw it back as he had enough time. The squad was killed. The Power Armoured Soldiers headed for an elevator. They entered. A captain asked what they are doing here.

"We are members of the New California Republic. We're here to fly a -K4> rocket to a space station to take out some guys who are planning to destroy cities with a weapon. We were let in at the door, to help out the security breach." said Hughes.

"Thanks. We're the New English Republic, NER. We are trying to help out England, and soon other British countries. We're trying to make this country a republic, instead of an empire as it was in the Old World. Republics are better."

Suddenly, the elevator stopped. "What the fuck just happened?" said a NER soldier. Then, mini drones came in. They were tiny yellow drones which attack enemies. The soldiers stamped on them to kill them. The elevator then started again.

"We're trying to take out an unknown gang who are trying to take this place for themselves." said the NER captain.

Gangsters were running into the room. The NCR soldiers took cover in behind the crates. A ganger ran up and stabbed several NER soldiers, and one NCR soldier. Then, Miller ran up SMGed them. All of the gangsters were killed.

"They'll be more coming from the store nearby. You go get a plane to Manchester, and get to -K4>. We'll take it from here. Thanks for the help." said the captain.

Miller went to the check-in desk. There was a man sat there. "Hello where would you like to go? Would you like to go to France? The French Wastes are very nice."

"No, we want to go to Manchester." said Miller.

The man typed on the PC. "Computer says no." said the man.

"You've gotta be kidding me. No seats available?" said Miller.

"No. But we have a flight to Wigan. Would you like to go there?" said the man.


"Nah, i wouldn't really recommend Wigan actually. It's a shithole." said the man.

"I don't care. Get us a ticket to Manchester." said Miller.

"We've got a flight to Preston. Once again, i would not recommend it. It's a-"

"WE DON'T CARE." shouted Miller.

"Oh, you want to go to Manchester! Here we are" said the man.

"Ah, here we go. 300 caps please, here's your ticket." said the man.

Miller and the others got on the plane.

Chapter 14

Day 8



Flying over the Bolton Wasteland

Miller and the team were almost at the launch site, flying over the Bolton Wasteland. Miller looked out of the plane window. He saw the wing was coming off.

"HEY! HEY! THE WING IS COMING OFF!" shouted Miller.

"Make a landing!" said the flight attendant to the pilot.

They landed on a nearby field, as the nearest airport was too far away. Some NER troops came to help them get to Manchester.

"Where are we?" said Miller.

"The Bolton Wasteland. I hate Bolton. It's a crappy town full of chavs and general idiots. Members of the NER hate going on missions to this crap area." said a NER soldier.

An NER team came in SUV's. They brought three Jeeps for the NCR and NER troops.

Miller and the NCR got in. Miller was a drive-byer in the back seat. They got on the motorway when suddenly, they were attacked by a group of chav gangsters wearing shirts saying "Acid Gang".

"Acid gang? What the hell has the world come to?" said Miller.

Miller got his MP5 out, and started gunning them down. But, some had throwing knives and shurikens, and threw them at several NER soldiers and two NCR troops.

Miller threw grenades at them. But, Miller threw one incorrectly and it fell underneath the vehicles, and the Jeep blew up. The Acid's walked up to them. One was about to stab Miller, but a NER soldier took him out. The Acid's were holed up in a skyscraper with a helicopter on top. This would be their best chance of getting to the space center. Miller alerted the NER soldiers. They kicked the door open and shottgunned the Acids at the entrance. There was an elevator.

"Oh no, we are not going into an elevator. Not after what happened in the elevator in Liverpool. We're taking the stairs." said Miller.

"Come on sir, the elevator is safer than the stairs. Besides, we'll make it out." said Sgt. Vance.

They went inside. They pressed the button to the 12th floor to get to the roof.But, on the 9th level, grenades started landing on the elevator roof.

"See what i told you?" said Miller angrily.

The elevator stopped because of the damage. Acids jumped in. Vance started stabbing them with his Tactical Knife as they jumped in. Miller saw a "press this button if trapped" button.

"Hey, let's press that!" said Hughes.

Then, a repair robot came and got it going again, but it stopped on the 11th floor. They went in the 11th. Vance was shotgunned by Acids.

"VANCE!!!" shouted Miller.

Miller then got to MP5s out and killed them all. They went up the stairs. On the roof, the Acids activated self destruct in 180 seconds. They quickly went inside the helicopter, but there were no fuel left. Miller went to find the fuel on the 7th floor. Miller bumped into some Acids. He threw a choke grenade at them. Miller was near the fuel room. He ran in, but was shot by an Acid. The Acid was going to shoot him with his pistol.

Hughes came and stabbed the Acid. Miller was injured. Hughes grabbed the fuel and carried Miller. They got to the chopper, with only 71 seconds left. They could not find the fuel cap. After 20 seconds of searching they found it. With 16 seconds left they started the chopper and flew away. In the distance, the building could be seen crumbling to the ground.

"Hughes sir, i heard the safest way to get here is by flying around Bolton, full of RPG's." said an NCR soldier.

"Got it" said Hughes.

They headed for the launch site.

Chapter 15

Day 8



Manchester Airport, Manchester Wasteland.

After a long trip, they finally got to Manchester, and landed at the airport. Miller was okay, and the 5 remaining NCR troops got out of the Apache helicopter. They went outside the airport to the wasteland. This Wasteland looked great, and wasn't a wreck like the rest of the world. Two NER helicopters landed at the airport. They told them the Manchester Wasteland had been taken by NER and rebuilt.

"So, how do we get to the space center?" said Hughes.

"Well, we'll need to go down the old M60 motorway, from there we'll have to go through an underground tunnel network to get past the many gangs at the top. Then, we go to the Manchester Space Center, near a Tesco store. Then, we need to take out the Shadow Gang, a group of Power Armoured gangsters who have taken over it." said a NER general.

1 hour later...

After a long walk down the M60, they got to the city of Walkden. The area was in control of the Shadow Gang. In order to stay clear of them, they went down the sewer network to the inner city. As they climbed down the ladders, a group of feral ghouls tried to pull them down and kill them. Miller threw his throwing knifes at them. They got inside.

"Which way do we go?" said Captain Miller.

"Let's take the right." said the NER general.

But, a pile of rocks fell on the floor behind them. There was no going back.

"Are you SURE we've gone the right way?" said Miller.

"Actually, i' don't think so." said a NER corporal.

"FUCKING IDIOT!" shouted Miller angrily.

"Wait, yes, this is the right way." said the corporal.

They ran into a pack of RadRats. One NER soldier went mental with an MP5.

"Yeah, about those guys, some of the new recruits lately are complete idiots". said the NER general.

They saw light. They found the exit. They climbed up. They found the space centre.


Suddenly, sniper fire came at them.

"Guys, retreat, there's too many of them! Get back and use the missile marker gun to tell command to launch missiles to locations and buildings." said the NER general.

They had to fight their way there. Miller used a shotgun and fired at Shadows hiding in the trenches. Johnson run and gunned the Shadows behind the fence on the left. After they got to a safe distance, Miller was given the missile marked gun. He looked in the camera.

"Okay, we'll need to launch one missile to the Shadow's radar tower. Set a marker there." said the NER general.

"Copy that Victor Charlie, launching now." said a missile operator.

The radar tower crumbled to the ground.

"Now launch one to those tents." said Hughes.

The tents blew up.

"Now finally, launch a mini nuke to all the other minor buildings. They aren't needed for rocket launch." said the NER general.

The buildings were destroyed. All that could be seen was ash and was the loudest explosion they ever heard.

"That's it, let's move in!" said Miller.

They finally got to the rocket. After an hour, NER Tech Sgt. Smith completed the necessary repairs to -K4> and added the upgrades and repair parts.

"Thanks for the help guys." said Captain Miller.

After two hours of being taught what to do in the ship, they all got in the -K4> rocket. They received a message of encouragement from NCR President Drake Lee. He also told them that the time left changed, and they had 9 days left, and that not only were gas bombs being sent to Vegas, but also to all of Southern USA, completely in control of NCR. They told the President they would stop them right away. Also, he gave Miller a promotion to Major. He also said that they would send 3 squads to aid, in some small low-tech rockets they managed to make in the short time.

"Ready for launch everyone?" said the NER general and technicians in the control room over the radio.

Chapter 16

Day 11



New California Republic Military 1st Lieutenant Kade Vance.

NCR Atlantic Base

Meanwhile, Vance woke up in a hospital. He was told he was in a now NCR pre-War top secret US military facility for studying Aliens underground the Atlantic.

"What happened" said Vance.

"You were hit by an explosion in a building. We transported you here for you to do a mission." said the NCR soldier.

"What mission?" said Vance.

"The Enclave troops are on B.O.M.B.-001, next to the Moon. They've got RPG bots on the moon, and laser cannons and missile launchers on the moon. We have reason to believe they are planning to take out the troops in the spaceships on the way to the station." said the NCR soldier.

"Shit!" shouted Vance.

"We need you to use the computer there, and control one of the Sentry Bots on the moon, and take out the robots there. You are looking for a Securitron Mark II Prototype robot. He carries the shutdown codes for the laser cannons and AS (Anti-Spacecraft) guns on the station. You don't have much time, the soldiers are only one day away from getting there." said the NCR soldier.

Vance got on the computer. He controlled the Sentry Bot. Vance drove the Sentry Bot away from the others to a missile sniping position. He launched a missile to the Protectrons, then the Sentry Bots. The bot drove to the Securitron. He punched it with the minigun arm, and fired a Gatling laser at the Securitron. He picked up the shutdown codes. Vance typed in the override codes. The laser cannons and AS guns shut down. But, the Sentry was destroyed while he was on a different Window.

"Dammit Vance! There's still Sentry Bots on there!" said a soldier.

Vance radioed Miller.

"Miller, one of you is going to have to put on a jetpack, take a gun, and go to the moon, and destroy the Sentry Bots."

PFC Kevin volunteered.

"Are you sure you want to do this? said Miller.

"Yes". said Kevin.

Kevin put on the jetpack. He flew to the Moon, armed with just a Plasma pistol, Service Rifle, and Incendiary Grenades. He bumped into a group of Sentries. PFC Kevin got two Service Rifles and run n gunned the Sentries. He took cover behind a rock. He threw the Incendiary Grenades. One of the seven Sentries went down. After five minutes of fighting, he was almost out of ammo, and had only killed four out of seven Sentries.

"I'm not going to make it. I'm out of ammo, there's three left. You keep going, i'll try to distract them so you can get there in time. Good luck." said Kevin.

Kevin shot them with his remaining two mags. After 3 minutes he was out. He had only one Incendiary left. Kevin threw it. Two were destroyed. There was one Sentry left. The Sentry ignored him, and decided to aim at the ships. He saw the Sentry had a shutdown console. He could sneak up to it and deactivate it, but, the robot would explode on shutdown. Kevin snook up. He pressed the button. The Sentry blew up, and Kevin died. However, due to his sacrifice, the spaceship team were able to make it to B.O.M.B.-001.

Chapter 17

Day 12



B.O.M.B.-001 Space Station

New California Republic Military Major Dave Miller

-K4> finally landed at B.O.M.B.-001. With only 5 days left, they had enough time to take out the Enclaves. Hughes told the 5 -K4> crew members and the 16 crew members of the 3 other ships to regroup with him for a briefing.

"Okay, NCR command has sent me a map of the station. They've just now taken over a military base with the controls for the station from Florida Brotherhood troops. Now, NCR Rocket Team 1, i want you six to secure the surrounding area of the entrance. NCR Rocket Team 2, you secure the middle area of the bottom deck. NCR Rocket Team 3, you secure the rest of the bottom deck. My rocket team will secure the top deck, looking for the Enclaves." said Hughes.

"Sir, yes Sir!" said the NCR troops.

They went up the stairs to the top deck. They were in the robot control room.

"The robots in this station are working for the Enclaves. Our mission so far is to reprogram the mainframe, and make them work for us. There are also gas bomb launchers in the International Space Station. We use the mainframe to disable them." said Hughes.

Hughes and Corporal Frank took the left corridor. Miller and the only other surviving member of the strike team, Staff Sergeant Parker took the right corridor.

Miller and Parker ran into a platoon of Securitrons. Parker, use your Zap Glove. Miller and Stone took out many of the Securitrons with the Zap Gloves. Miller was pushed over by one, so Miller punched its wheel, making it pop. The Securitron fell over. Stone found a freeze gun. He used it on the Securitrons. He fired at the TV screens, icing their view. Most of the robot control room was secure, but then they bumped into a [[|Protect-O-Bot|protectron on wheels]]. Stone psuhed it over. Hughes and Frank met up with them. He found a keycard for the mainframe. They activate the mainframe and disabled the gas launchers in the ISS and reprogrammed the robots.

"Good work, now, let's secure the rest of this place. Colonel Jackson and 1st Lieutenant Griffin's office are on the other side of this station's top level." said Hughes.

The Strike Team went with the robots. Miller saw the robots deactivate behind him. He heard footsteps behind him. The Strike Team looked all around. Noone was there. Suddenly, they were jumped by Colonel Jackson of the Enclave. They were knocked out.

"Remember me? I'm the one who was in that Vertibird you fucking destroyed while i was still in there." said Jackson.

They were all handcuffed. Miller tried to grab his knife, but he was tazered and blacked out.

Chapter 18

Day 12



New California Republic Military Private First Class Ryan Andrew, NCR Rocket Team 2.

B.O.M.B.-001 Lower Level

Captain Nathan Davids radioed Hughes for further orders. However, after 15 minutes of no reply, they presumed he and the Strike Team were dead. Up to them, Davids assumed control of the attack.

"Alright men, it looks like the Strike Team are dead. It is up to us to avenge them, and defeat the Enclave troops, and save the NCR. We're going to invade the Upper Level. Let's go!" said Davids. All of a sudden, Robobrains, Securitrons and Gutsys burst in. Andrew and the strike team took cover behind some metal tables. Andrew got his Incendiary grenades out. He threw one when they were all close together. A gigantic bright explosion happened, and robot parts were flying everywhere. They had to get to the Enclaves' office. They ran up the stairs. Securitrons drove down and several NCR troopers fell down the stairs. Recruit Gates died from the fall.

Davids told them to get up. Davids used his Gauss Rifle, and robots started falling. Andrews saw a squad of Sentries coming. Quickly, he threw an Incendiary at the door. The ceiling fell through and crushed the Sentries. They went to the hallway leading to the office. "THIS IS THE NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC! FREEZE MOTHERFUCKERS! FREEZE!" shouted Davids. There was nobody in there.

"Huh? What is this Brahmin shit?" said Andrews.

They searched the office high and low, but to no avail.

"Dammit. They aren't here. They must be on the sub-level. Come on, let's go!" shouted Davids.

"Wait just a minute sir. I have found the control computer for the robots. I can disable all of them forever from here. I just need a technician to help me hack it." said Andrews.

"I'll hack it for you." said Tech Sergeant Wilson.

After 2 minutes, he hacked it and got past the encryption. He disabled the robots.

"Good. The robots are down! Corporal Stone and Lieutenant Matthews, stay in the office and defend this position!" said Davids.

Andrews and the strike team went down to the sub-level. 5 members of the strike team were killed by a Mark VIII plasma turret. There were only 11 left. The strike team shot the 2 turrets with all they had, but it was no use. The armor was too advanced. 7 strike team members were killed. With only 4 left, they retreated.


PFC Andrews, Sgt. Dawson, Captain Davids, and SSgt. Jenkins were the last surviving members of the strike team. A frag grenade was thrown by Enclave Colonel Jackson. Dawson and Jenkins were killed. Andrews was dying. Davids avoided it.

"Andrews, hang in there!" shouted Davids. He dragged Andrews behind cover. Davids was firing at Jackson and Griffin, but they dodged his fire, and shot Davids. Andrews was almost dead. He saw Davids' Desert Eagle .44, and he managed to pick it up. There were 3 bullets left. He fired at Griffin. Griffin was shot in the head and died. He fired at Jackson, and it hit his shoulder. He fired the final bullet at Jackson, which hit his gun. Jackson lived. He fired at Andrews, and he was killed.

Chapter 19

Day 15



New California Republic Military Major Dave Miller, NCR Strike Team.

B.O.M.B.-001 Sub-Level.

Miller woke up. He saw Hughes, Frank and Stone handcuffed next to him. He saw a man in Power Armour in front of him. General Jones.

"General Jones? I though i shot you in the head at Cape Canaveral!" said Miller.

"Ah yes, i was found by an Enclave Medic Bot with me. It took me to the Cape Canaveral hospital and revived me. My head was a robot head in order for me to survive." said Jones. Miller saw Harpy next to him.

"MILLER, YOU MOTHERFUCKING TRAITOR!" shouted Harpy. Jones shot him with his Scoped .44 magnum.

"Good, one less nuisance. Now, you are all going to die. I'm going to tie you all to the gas bomb, and you can go down with the nuke, and watch your country, the NCR, fall. In just 15 minutes, it will happen." said Jones.

"You bastard. You won't get away with this." said Hughes.

"I believe i will. All citizens of all 14 states of the NCR will die because of the gas bomb. They won't be able to get to us up here." said Jones.

Meanwhile, in the control room office, Stone and Matthews looked on CCTV and saw the incident. Matthews made the computer intercom say a false announcement.

"Attention. Asteroids coming near the station. Please come to the control room and destroy them with the Superlaser." said the intercom.

"Shit!" shouted Jones. Jones and Jackson ran up to the control room. On the way, the two Enclaves looked through the window and saw no asteroids. They got suspicious, and knew it was false. They ran in and killed Stone and Matthews.

Meanwhile, in the sub-level. Miller was able to untie himself. He was about to untie the others when Jones and Jackson walked in. Miller hid behind a desk. Jackson and Jones grabbed the 3 troops and took them into the gas bomb bay to tie them to the gas bomb. Miller was going to run out, but the door locked as soon as he got there. He looked for a way out and found a vent. He crawled through the vent. After two minutes he got there. He looked through, and saw the others attatched to the nuke. They saw him, and fired at him. Miller had no weapons. He grabbed a lead pipe, and threw it in Jackson's face, knocking him out. Jones grabbed him and ran into the elevator.

With 6 minutes left, Miller hurried to the control room. On the way, he found a mainframe. There was an option to control a grabber on the outside. He controlled the grabber, and grabbed Hughes, Frank, and Stone and put the back inside the station. He met up with Hughes, Frank, and Stone.

"So what are we going to do?" said Miller.

"You know what we'll do. We'll go in there, and fucking kill them all!" shouted Hughes. They ran to the top level. They heard Enclave General Jones on the intercom.

"Such a shame, i've already activated the launch sequence. The bombs will fall in 4 minutes, and there is nothing you can do about it." said Jones. Hughes, Frank and Stone guarded the room. Miller went inside the control room. The door closed and locked behind him. He pulled his Desert Eagle .44 out.

"Well, well, if it isn't Major Miller. Is the NCR honestly dumb enough to send a Major after me? So pathetic." said Jones.

"You're gonna fucking die Jones!" said Miller.

"Oh no. You are. I am possibly the only one left of the Enclave. You killed Jackson, and now you're going to fucking pay for it, dipshit!" said Jones. Jackson was seen next to Miller, dead.

Jones fired his gun. Miller dodged it, and uppercutted Jones with a combat knife. Jones punched Miller in the face. Miller quickly picked up his gun, and shot him just seconds before Jones stabbed him. To make sure he was dead, Miller shot him a final time.

"80 seconds until launch." said the intercom.

"Miller, is everything okay in there? Do something! There isn't much time! said Colonel Hughes on the radio.

Miller looked around.

"There's no way to cancel the launch, and no way out of this door even. The only to stop it, is to destroy this station." said Miller on the radio. "Get to -K4> and go back to Earth." said Miller.

Frank, Stone, and Hughes ran to -K4>, and got in and started the ship up.

"20 seconds until launch." said the intercom.

Miller picked up his last Incendiary Grenade. -K4> started up and went on it's way back to Earth.

"Ten seconds until launch." said the intercom.

Miller pulled out the tab on the Incendiary Grenade.


The grenade blew up. The control room was destroyed, B.O.M.B.-001 started exploding, and the launch was cancelled. B.O.M.B.-001 was mostly destroyed, and went into a permanent shutdown state. NCR Military Major Dave Miller died in the explosion. The states of the New California Republic were saved. -K4> was on it's way back to Earth.

"Miller! MILLER COME IN!" shouted Hughes on the radio. Hughes activated the helmet cam video feed. He saw that B.O.M.B.-001 had shut down, and that Miller was dead.

"NCR Command? Come in, this is Colonel Bob Hughes. The B.O.M.B.-001 space station has shut down, the launch has been cancelled. But Miller is dead." said Hughes.

"You deactivated it? That's great news Hughes! The President has given you a promotion to Brigadier." said the soldier.

A rocket team went back to B.O.M.B.-001 to recover Miller and the others two days later.

The Enclave troopers were stopped, and the New California Republic was safe.

The End.

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