This is my new fan-fic.


The story is set in post-war Moscow in 2294. Most of the USSR was nuked in 2077 by the UK on October 23rd when the bombs fell. The UK found intel that Russia were working with China. Thinking it was Russia, they nuked Russia. At the time it was ruled by the USSR.

The story revolves around a religion called Moratoligy. Moratologists believe that the nukes were a message that war should be stopped. The religion was started by Anton Gennady. The made an army to aid the Prime Wasteland (Moscow Wasteland). However, there were people who did not agree with the rules of the religion, and left to form a protesting religion. They are known as the Lost Prophets owned by Vadim Bogdan. The Moratolists did not like treachery so they declared war on the Lost Prophets. This war caused the Prime Wasteland more harm than good, and a rebellion against the whole war was started. These soldiers are The Sedition Edition, owned by Artem Smirnoff.

The main character, Egil Ragnar's family was killed at his home by a band of Raiders in Spitsbergen, Norway. Tired of living there, he decides to board a one way boat to the Motherland to seek fortune. He meets a man who is selling his home. However, during the meeting, the seller shoots Egil. Thinking he is dead, he calls someone saying "The target is down Ge(unintelligible). I'll meet you at the meet point." Egil heard, but soon went unconscious. Before he went unconscious, the man mumbled to himself that he needs to burn Egil completely. However, a band of raiders attack outside and distract him.

5 days later, he finds himself awake in the shack the meeting was in. He remembers everything, and looks around the shack trying to find out who he was and why he tried to kill him, and who he was working for.

Chapter 1: Rude Awakening



The Shack. Prime Wasteland, Russia.

Egil Ragnar