Simply put, I can carve out my own unique experience. No other player has the same Mojave I do. Even speaking with regards to just vanilla terms there's millions of different ways to affect the wasteland as the player sees fit. But, I play on PC, so that's just the tip of the iceburg. Nobody else has the same character I do. Nobody else has the same loadout. Nobody else has the same Radio New Vegas playlist I do(Metallica > The Ink Spots, end of discussion), and nobody else has the same outfits I do. It's why I put up with the constant crashing the game presents.

On a somewhat related note, my RNV playlist seems to cause a lot of flak amongst purists when I mention it. Certainly moreso than any of the other mods I run. Seriously, I post a video showing my character wearing an immaculate Armani, holding a modern PDA in lieu of a PipBoy 3000, weapons tab full of modern weapons and lightsabers and shit, and there's Metallica coming out of RNV, people will ALWAYS bitch about the Metallica FIRST! Nevermind the canon-shatteringly clean Armani, or the solid-state PDA that technically doesn't exist, or the lightsaber that doesn't even exist in real life let alone Fallout, it's got to be the music.

They always go "BUT YOU'RE RUINING THE ATMOSPHERE OF THE GAME!" Honestly, no. I'm making it better. Nothing's more epic than hearing Indestructible blaring from my PipBoy when I kick the Fort's doors down and single-handedly murder every son of a bitch in that camp. Or when I'm at the endgame battle and Rooster is playing. And then there's Still Alive, which almost always comes on after I've taken out Cazador 938204, and it's hilarious when Benny Hill starts blaring during a complete clusterfuck. Oh, and we can't forget Stairway to Heaven coming on as I venture out into the open wasteland...though admittedly that song could make being mutilated epic. So while the game may ship with setting-correct music, I maintain my playlist fits the actual scenario in which it's played better. Besides, it's hilarious to hear "I can't drive 55" come on just as you approach a pile of wrecked cars...yup...can't drive 55 all right...poor cars...

Now I will admit that sometimes my modified music doesn't fit in at all. Like, say, Running in the 90's. But I like hearing that song, so I don't care all that much. Some of it does fit the setting, though, as I have the soundtrack of a BRM V16 roaring about, and that is 50's era music...and far better music than what the game shipped with. Seriously, if you're even remotely into cars, have a listen. I've provided the very video I ripped for you!


Anyways, I'm done rambling about mods and music and glitches. I'm going to go try to get the game to stay running for longer than it takes to get a cup of coffee. Wish me luck!