When I tune into a radio station, three things must be met for me to like it. Item 1: They must play good music. In a Fallout game, this is a given, I can mod the music I want in, so this is a pass automatically. Item 2: As few commercials as possible. Well, in post-apocalyptia, there isn't a big, money-grubbing corporate machine spamming adverts down people's throats, so there's absolutely no issue here. Check. Item 3: Lively DJs. Uhhh....fuck. Houston...problem detected.

A lively DJ is the majority of what makes a radio station good. I can put up with excessive commercials if the DJ is hilarious. It's one of the reasons I listen to FM radio in real life, what with all the digital options and all., Pandora, straight MP3s, all doable from my phone and PC. In Fallout 3, we had a lively DJ. Three Dog was awesome. He was a bright spark in a dull, dreary, deathclaw-infested shithole. He gave me a reason to tune into the in-game radio as opposed to keep my FM radio on.

Mr New Vegas, however...put it to ya this way, he could win a "Who can be the most boring?" contest when the other participants are drying paint, growing grass and rocks eroding. He has no humor to speak of, his broadcasts are repetetive, and he loves to loop motherfucking Johnny Guitar. As such, IMO, he needs to be replaced. I honestly think they would improve New Vegas if they syndicated Galaxy News Radio. News from both coasts is optional, but I would love hearing Three Dog howl into the mic, then mention he's heard on the ass end of the nation, then queue up another Metallica song.*

  • Metallica supplied by me. Your results may vary, up to and including lame 50's music...