Gamertag xMcQx, before you PC/console rage me, I have 2 desktops & 3 laptops, only one of the laptops run Fallout3/NV. plus hooking the laptop to 60" plasma is PITA. Else I am Atari 2600 original fanboi. (OMG RiverRaid & Warlords) Yes I've been playing video games since 1976. Commodore Vic20 was the shit in the day.....If you don't like it, well.....tough. I play CoDWaW, MW2, BO & Homefront on multiplayer, and my fav offline is Fallout. Also TF2 on XBL, I know Gabe Newell screwed Xbox players (no maps even though they promised "We're working hard on it, SOON!") but oh well. Gabe will have his own special place in hell for that one. A hell full of HATS!
  Will I buy Rage, Brink & The Hunted? Probably not, Though I do love Lucy Lawless since Xena & Spartacus. Maybe The Hunted, Just for Lucy!! If Bill Gate would allow MechAssault to come to XBLMarketplace I would be in multiplayer heaven!! lol it ain't happening. So I Digress...
  40 years going around our sun has taught me one thing...Developers, programmers, writers, tech etc. are in it for the money. If you wonder why new DLC hasn't been released or why a dev isn't supporting a game, well, it's because there is no money in it. Follow the money and you will find whats going on behind the scenes. 
  I don't care what platform you play on, we all love Fallout, so if that isn't good enough for you, well, I don't know what to tell you.