This i thought of creators hear me out this is the most *Realistic* fallout 5 (Fallout Saint Carmilana Mansion) This Caracters called (James Mcbarren) A.K.A a courior in Arizona And Fights his Way Out Of A Mansion And A Maze Out Back But Some How Meets a Unfriendly Team Of Zombies A.K.A Gouls A Haunted Knight And Ghosts (Carmilana) Is A Female And (James Mcbarren)(Cerry Mcjones)Explores the Mansion untill you reach iather (Carmilana) or The Destroyed U.F.O Ship And Gets Captured Take (Carmilana's way And Win You Earn Urself A Runnaway Present Get out or get eaten by wolves and Vampires These are the weapons youl see Sharp Knife Behmoth Tooth Alien Rifle Carmilana's Magical Powers Like .Burn.Lazer strike.Plasma strike.Eletrify And Trow in any other monsters and weapons! Email Me If Good