• TehNextFalloutMaxer

    This i thought of creators hear me out this is the most *Realistic* fallout 5 (Fallout Saint Carmilana Mansion) This Caracters called (James Mcbarren) A.K.A a courior in Arizona And Fights his Way Out Of A Mansion And A Maze Out Back But Some How Meets a Unfriendly Team Of Zombies A.K.A Gouls A Haunted Knight And Ghosts (Carmilana) Is A Female And (James Mcbarren)(Cerry Mcjones)Explores the Mansion untill you reach iather (Carmilana) or The Destroyed U.F.O Ship And Gets Captured Take (Carmilana's way And Win You Earn Urself A Runnaway Present Get out or get eaten by wolves and Vampires These are the weapons youl see Sharp Knife Behmoth Tooth Alien Rifle Carmilana's Magical P…

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