Okay, so spoiler alerts about the end game in a blog attached to a wiki are probably unnessisary and it's not much of a spoiler anyway but I'm trying to be polite here.





Okay, to let's just get this out of the way... I'm a goody good, high CHA, high Speech, Black Widdow who never kills if it means a Karma hit and is a national hero with the NCR and pretty much everybody else except the Legion and the Power Gangers. (Who is also a closet clepto...)

So I decide to go the "Talky Talky" route with Lanius even though he totally just mauled two NCR Rangers who popped up out of nowhere and tried to swipe my glory with one hit each. ... Possibly even because of that fact. (Hey, he was blue to me. Might as well see if he has anything interesting to say amiright?)

So I pop some Party Time Mentats and make with the clicky.

One of the things he mentioned, which bothered me, was that he said violence had changed me and given me purpose and that he could see it in my face "where two bullets have made their mark".

And I was like, "Dude you can't count, Benny only shot once".

So when I was done I went back and watched the opening cinematic again. Yup, just one gunshot before the opening title.

Was it a typo? Or is it a refrence to the other conversation I had around level 6 or so that's still nagging at me.

While talking to Johnson Nash in Primm about the delivery job that got me shot in the head, he mentions that there was another courier who was going to take the job of delivering the chip, but when he saw my (the PC's) name was next on the contact list he asks if it's for real. Nash says that he told "him" that you were "still kicking", to which the man refuses the job and says to let "Courier Six" have the job "as if the Mojave would sort you out". (Yes, the fact that Johnson seems to know something of the PC's past before getting shot by Benny is already reflected in his Vault entry, go look.)

So clearly this guy also tried to kill me by shooting me in the head.

This is all made more hilarious by the fact that I took Small Frame at creation and I keep getting crippled in the head.

I now have a trunk full of helmets.

So I can only hope the DLC slated for next month has answers for these, possibly starting at the Canyon Wreckage with its disconserting graffiti.

PS - Still annoyed Caesar wouldn't let me keep Benny as a pet slave prisoner.