While playing New Vegas, it is very clear how much the bonuses given by finding those cute little Bobbleheads impacted my game play. The Snow Globes are awesome and the 2000 caps you get for each were a big help up to a point. I'm kinda sad there aren't as many because they're adorable. (I hope somebody makes them at some point.)

That being said, my real focus was finding them all just to see what they looked like and I occasionally stop by the display of them in my house just to look at them and enjoy the delightful randomness of it all.

This got me thinking, what other sorts of goofy souvenirs will we be able to collect in the future? Post cards come to mind. They could get pinned to the wall of your house with duct tape and the occasional knife.

I remember when I was a kid people used to collect spoons. ...I wonder what happened to my spoon collection now that I think about it... You can sometimes still get them in places that have a certain kitsch factor. The spoons were usually silver(y) with some kind of crest or something with a picture on it at the non-spoony end. (That's a technical term by the way.) They were too small for any sort of use, except maybe to feed babies with, but you never actually used them. People had wooden display racks you would hang your souvenir spoons in and your grandparents generally had no fewer then three racks. I remember, as a kid, being obsessed with collecting spoons and looking at other people's collections... But the sheer WTF factor wasn't lost on me even then... I mean really? Spoons? How the hell did that one start?

Souvenir shot glasses are still going strong... But the problem with those, as with spoons, is that the art would be too small to get any real detail in game without interacting with the item and have it fill the screen... And that's just to much work quite frankly.

If you're going to do that you might as well go with the other old standby. View Master disks... How awesome would that be?


Another problem, shared by all of the above, is that there's little to no opportunity for movement.

Another thing people used to collect from tourist destinations back in the day were pennants. A pennant, as most of you probably know, is a triangular flag. You usually see them depicted as being waved at old timey sports events or on the walls of teenagers with inordinate amounts of school spirit. But there was a time when any tourist trap worth its salt had at least one stack of cheap acrylic felt triangles with their logo printed on for sale.

There are several awesome things about pennants, firstly is the opportunity for movement. They can be pinned to a wall, sure, but they can also get attached to a clothesline and flutter in a random light draft. Secondly, they're just triangles, so graphically speaking they're low cost while giving a good amount of space for hilarious VaultBoy art and text.

What am I missing?