No Mutants Allowed has recently begun the Legendary Modder interview series (actual legendary modders, mind you), bringing the dark, forbidding world of Fallout modding to light. So far three major modders have been interviewed:

Timeslip, author of SFall, Morrowind Graphics Extender and Fallout Mod Manager among others:

That was the start of SFall; just a small patch to fix a couple of my own niggles. I posted it on Bethesda's new fallout forums on the off chance that someone else would find it useful, and the existing modders on holiday from NMA picked it up pretty quickly. On my second playthrough (using the Megamod, IIRC), I started adding random gunk to it like the script extender, and taking up some of the feature requests. From there it grew pretty quickly, and even started picking up extra contributors. So I guess you have Bethesda to thank for SFall's initial existence, but it was the thanks and support of people from NMA that caused it to grow the way it did rather than dying as little more than a mouse wheel patch.

Chris Parks, (re)creator of EPA, Primitive Tribe, maker of Cold Hearts and project lead for Mutants Rising:

Any advice for newcomers to the modding scene?
Go for it and don’t let other people get you down if you have a vision. From a practical side of things, start small and get used to the tools before reaching for the outermost galaxies.

And finally, our very own crazy Kraut scientist polite German gentleman, Mr. Lexx, developer of Fallout Online 2238, Shattered Destiny:

In my opinion, modders that create content for RPGs should always try to cover as much possible quest solutions as they can, not because of re-playability, but to offer the player ways between he can chose, which then adds more possible and deeper roleplaying to the RPG. I’ve never really understand RPGs where the only thing that is "RPG" are character stats and dialogues with the rest of the game being a linear pathway. To me, this really is something that everyone should try to avoid, even if not for re-playability, but at least for role-playings-sake.
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