The good folks over at No Mutants Allowed have acquired new information on Fallout: New Vegas, courtesy of Lexx. The information comes from the German PC magazine Gamestar. Here's a preview summary:

New information (many spoilers!):
  • Vault 21 is an underground vault and lies under New Vegas.
  • The NCR has lost contact to the west and is demoralized and underequipped due to the war with Caesar's Legion.
  • Caesar's Legion dominates New Vegas.
  • The NCR was fighting hard against the Brotherhood of Steel for Hoover Dam. The NCR has won this battle, barely.
  • The NCR troops at McCarran Airport lost the contact to Hoover Dam as well.
  • The main task of the courier has been to deliver a package to Primm. Then he got ambushed...
  • The small and big weapons skills are merged into one weapon skill.
  • Every weapon that made some asplozions before (like the rocket launcher or Fat Man), are now in the skill category Explosives.
  • REPCONN test site, a former rocket factory, is supposedly inhabited by ghouls. As of late, explosions can be heard from there all the time.
  • Craig Boone, one of the possible companions, will attack the player, if he sides with the Caesar's Legion.
  • The orbital laser Archimedes II can only be used once a day.
  • New monster: Cazadores, they look like bloatflies with shiny / colourful wings.
  • Something like Bobbleheads will be in New Vegas as well and it will boost players stats. What it will be exactly isn't known yet.

Link: Fallout: New Vegas Gamestar DE preview on No Mutants Allowed