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  • Tagaziel


    December 4, 2012 by Tagaziel

    As of today, December 4th, 2012, I have removed my administrator rights.

    If you are bright, you will try to find out who I am and why I might find this to be the right decision. Otherwise, feel free to accept the official staff story.

    I will not apologize for bruising egos.

    See you folks around (unless someone's going to find an excuse, so that they can ban me, now that I'm vulnerable).

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  • Tagaziel

    As No Mutants Allowed reports, Jesse Heinig, one of the developers of the original Fallout, has been hospitalized due to a misdiagnosis. As medical bills are mounting, a ChipIn campaign was started to help him cover these costs.

    You can find the ChipIn widget for Jesse Heinig here.

    And read the full story of what exactly happened to Mr Heinig here.

    Our thoughts are with Mr Heinig and we hope for the best.
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  • Tagaziel

    Your Wikia experience and CVs

    September 28, 2011 by Tagaziel

    It has occured to me lately, as I've been writing my job applications, that my experience in administrating Wikia wikis could be translated into an entry on my CV. Question is, how would it be done?

    A curriculum vitae needs to contain all your job experience that might be relevant to the job you're applying for. If you've been contributing and administrating wikis for the past, say, four years, then you've surely accumulated a decent amount of experience and know-how. Now, it's a question of translating all that into an entry on your CV.

    The basic question is: where to place the appropriate heading? Simple. Unless you are a paid Wikia employee (and I'm sure you'd know that you are), all Wikia-related experience should be placed under the Volunt…

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  • Tagaziel

    No Mutants Allowed has recently begun the Legendary Modder interview series (actual legendary modders, mind you), bringing the dark, forbidding world of Fallout modding to light. So far three major modders have been interviewed:

    Timeslip, author of SFall, Morrowind Graphics Extender and Fallout Mod Manager among others:

    Chris Parks, (re)creator of EPA, Primitive Tribe, maker of Cold Hearts and project lead for Mutants Rising:

    And finally, our very own crazy Kraut scientist polite German gentleman, Mr. Lexx, developer of Fallout Online 2238, Shattered Destiny:

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  • Tagaziel

    Tagz' Fallout IV

    June 21, 2011 by Tagaziel

    This blog post is now available on Tagz' Stuff.

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