Dad bug

    October 15, 2010 by TUNNELSSNAKESRULE

    hey i was just completing the main quest and i had finished The Waters Of Life and headed to Vault 101 for the Trouble On The Homefront quest. i got to Amata and guess who there behind her? Dad?! yeah, and right beside him was another copy of him, his corpse... wtf? and it wont even let me talk to anyone in the vault, and each time i try and talk with them, by pressing "E", they say things like "*Amata: female raider voice* im not in the mood for you, asshole" AMATA!!! and also, when i try to interact with Freddie Gomez, he says "*Mex (from The Pitt, DLC game of the year addition)* hey... what the..? where'd you get all this shit anyway? never mind mine now. thanks scab. i hit the jackpot today" without entering dialog... and my most receā€¦

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