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    Fallout: New Vegas Review

    October 27, 2010 by T51d

    Brief summary: I found Fallout New Vegas enjoyable.

    Long article:

    Fallout: New Vegas is the latest installment of the Fallout series created by Obsidian following the First-person shooter style of gameplay that Bethesda made for Fallout 3. It brings back the engine from Fallout 3, as well as a very large majority of the mechanics, but with some custom ones. The story seems to be lacking and it leaves some plot-holes that are bound to be filled by the DLC.

        • SPOILERS***

    The main story is: You are the courier, you where sent to deliver a platinum chip by the Mojave Express, you end up getting shot in the head by "Benny," a mysterious man in a checkered suit. You survive and wake up in Goodsprings, there you learn how to survive, after doing some o…

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