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    Fallout Australia!!!

    September 7, 2012 by Swingingmybat

    Hey guys, I am fairly new to this Wiki, well any Wiki at all, I thought i would join to see if some people could help me out with New Vegas, and a thought came to mind, What if there was a Fallout for every different country...thats interesting you say. Well I thought Fallout Australia would be an absolute seller. Firstly, you start off in The Simpson Desert, smack bang in the middle of AUS, and there are so many different cities to your N S E and W, It would be amazing, I can see it now, Melburns-The true raiders of the south east, who live in Melbourne, they control the electricity to the South East borders, and run guns outta Sunshine! Now if there are no Australians around, then this will take awhile. I will be adding things as i thinkā€¦

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