New fallout new vegas information from PcGamer sweden

There is a picture and information that shows a 9mm pistol modded with a stabilizer to reduce recoil ,a new grip probably to reduce recoil ,a larger magazine ,a scope for long range ,and also a night vision sight.

The 9mm pistol seems to be strongly inspired by the real life gun Browning Hi Power.

The name of Sunny Smiles dog is Cheyenne.

Its hinted that Dogmeat might be in the game.

There is a picture with a caracter wearing New California Ranger armour and blue tinted sunglasses.

There is a town called Novac after its broken no vancy sign ,novac consists of a old hotel.

There is a town called Cabazon ,its famus for its giant dinosaur statue.

You can go on a quest with Sunny Smiles to kill some geckos at the water hole and rescue a cow/brahmin.

The varmint rifle does more damage to body parts than to a torso.

There is a old school acting as a mini dungeon ,its located in Goodsprings.

There is a building called Goodsprings general store.

The saloon in Goodsprings is called Prospector saloon and is inspired by the real saloon. And its run by trudy she will give you one of your first quests.

There will be a pumpaction or double-barrel shotgun.

There is a supermutant called Neil that warns you of tabitha.

There is a new sniper rifle.

You will be able to use helios One at any time as long as the sun is shining.

there is a town called Air Conditioned Apartments ,it consists of three men and a baby