Each build will have armor, several weapons, Tag Skills, and the SPECIAL. I'll include perks later.

NCR Riot Control

Armor: Advanced Riot Gear Primary Weapon: 10mm SMG, Expanded Mag, Recoil Comp. Secondary Weapon: 12.7mm Pistol Melee: Police Baton Explosives: Frag Grenade Tag Skills: Guns, Melee, Explosives STR:8 PER:3 END:7 CHR:6 INT:5 AGL:6 LCK:5

NCR Shock Trooper

Armor: NCR Salvaged Power Armor (Or Scorched Sierra if you can manage to get it w/o being hostile to the NCR) Primary: Shoulder Mounted Machinegun (all mods) Secondary: 12.7mm SMG (Stacked Mags, Laser Sight) Melee: Super Sledge Explosive: Red Glare (all mods except Far Sight) Tag Skills: Explosives, Guns, Unarmed STR:9 PER:3 END:9 CHR:4 INT:5 AGL:3