Old World Blues 2 V2

Old World Blues 2

Old World Blues 2. After Fallout Revelations. NCR soldiers war to Brotherhood soldiers. They need to move to another safe place. NCR will destroy this Hidden Bunker Valley. Elder decided to move to other more safe before NCR will breaking into Hidden Bunker Valley. First you have to ask Elder for journey to other place to be safe. You can ask Doc Henry from remnants bunker because they need Vertibird to fly to get Elder to other place to be safe. If you report to all Brotherhood soldiers when Elder is safe then all will move away from war NCR. Brotherhood soldiers journey to south to Mojave Drive In.

Also Vertibird was there. You have to first explain to them about Old World Blues. Then all understand what you explained and let all enter Tunnel near Mojave Drive In train road cross. Later, then all finish move in Old World Blues. They never seen it before. You can help them with where to go and do thing to be good for them. If they have problem. You can help them with Questions. Elder will be happy it is a good place. Next time, Elder needs to report to get more Brotherhood from other place. They will fly the Vertibirds to come here and it will be safe for all. Elder will be happy. It is a better place for them. You can help them with repair and science. They will fight some others. You can help them. It will be a good time. SuperTaiko1 23:49, August 6, 2012 (UTC)