Fo1 Necropolis Bad Ending

Necropolis, the city of death

Fallout 4: Necropolis DLC

City of Dead, Necropolis. Many any types of feral ghouls live there. If you see the sign says, "Keep out or you die." on the front highway. No one enter Necropolis. It for player only. Some broterhood of steel people already dead there. Few surviving in Necropolis. If you see them. That people wants you for help them to escape out. Where you can enter locations and map.


  • Subway Stations
  • Police Station
  • Town
  • Fireman Station
  • Mall
  • Prison
  • Sewers
  • Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Army Stations
  • Any Factories
  • Brotherhood of Steel Citadel
  • Motel
  • Sewers
  • Hall of the Dead
  • Watershed
  • Vault 12
  • Set's ghouls
  • Underground ghouls
  • Master's Army
  • Children of Cathedral

If you enter any location. Many any feral ghouls will come up and attack you. It's very dangerous.


  • Any types of feral ghouls
  • Any types of feral animals
  • Rad-insects and Rad-bugs
  • Any types of feral ghouls (With Leather Armors, Leather Armors Reinforced)
  • Any types of feral ghouls (With Metal Armors, Metal Armors Reinforced)
  • Any types of feral army ghouls (With Combat Armors, Combat Armors Reinforced, Combat Armors Reinforced Mark 2)
  • Any types of feral vault security ghouls (With Vault 12 Security Armors)
  • Any types of feral vault 12 jumpsuit ghouls (With Vault 12 Clothing)
  • Any types of feral police ghouls (With Police Clothing)
  • Any types of brotherhood of steel feral ghouls (With T-51b power armors and T-45d power armors)
  • Any types of feral super Mutants (Like undead super mutants)
  • Any types of feral super Mutants Behemoths (Only three)
  • Any types of feral deathclaws (Like undead deathclaws)
  • Any types of Centaurs.

Have more


  • Overlord Ghoul in Brotherhood of Steel Citadel.
  • Overlord Glowing Feral Ghoul Reaver (With Metal Armor Reinforced)
  • Overlord Giant Evolved Centaur
  • Overlord Giant Radroach
  • Overlord Gaint Radscorpion
  • Overlord Feral Super Mutant
  • Feral Ghoul Overseer (With Vault 12 Utility Jumpsuit)

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