Fallout 4 Area 51

Fallout 4: Area 51 DLC

Area 51 is a new map for Fallout 4. I want to add Area 51 map and deep under ground. It will find new alien weapons and more. Wired alien place is in deep under ground. If you want go to Area 51 place you can use Vertibird flight to Area 51 map. It will have many missions. Some Brotherhood of Steel people are still there for help with any missions. Few Enclave people hide some where. You can ask Enclave people for some missions. Brotherhood of Steel hate Enclave, still same as Fallout 3. Area 51 map and deep under ground are same from old Area 51 Xbox. Some characters and weapons are the same as old Area 51 xbox. You will fight mutant people in deep under ground. If mutant people bite you will become mutant be careful. If you became mutant person use claws to kill other mutant people and people. You need to try to find scientist to help you get back to normal and you can turn from mutant and normal. Anyone will enjoy everything about it. Later if you become mutant you can kill Super Mutant and Deathclaw, with more power to fight. I hope it will be added to Fallout 4: Area 51 DLC. I wish to play it. I want it to be a download into the game console.

SuperTaiko1 22:49, July 11, 2012 (UTC)