• SuperTaiko1

    Any types of feral ghouls with T-45d,T-51b. They are Dead Brotherhood of Steel in paste.

    Feral brotherhood ghoul with T-45d power armor.

    ) |ability1 = Radiation resistance 85% |ability2 =Radiation Healing
    (+10 +100 ) }} ) |ability1 = Radiation resistance 85% |ability2 =Radiation Healing
    (+10 +100 ) }}

    Feral brotherhood ghoul with T-51b power armor.

    ) |ability1 = Radiation resistance 85% |ability2 =Radiation Healing
    (+10 +100 ) }} ) |ability1 = Radiation resistance 85% |ability2 =Radiation Healing
    (+10 +100 ) }}

    SuperTaiko1 21:49, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SuperTaiko1

    Hulk Raging Perk

    December 6, 2013 by SuperTaiko1

    Hulk Raging is a Fallout 4 perk.

    When your Hit Points get low. If you have Hulk Raging Perk. Can become Hulk against Deathclaws, Super Mutants, Behemoth Super Mutants. Cool.

    Find Glow Plants and Get Blood Samples From Super Mutants, Geckos, Lakelurks then go to Chemicals to mix together to make Glow Hulk Bottle. If you drink it can get Hulk Raging Perk. SuperTaiko1 21:18, December 6, 2013 (UTC)

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  • SuperTaiko1

    The Prototype Remnants Tesla armor is a piece of power armor which was cut from the final version of Fallout 4.

    Given their non-appearance during the events of Fallout 2 between 2241 and 2242 and its greater rarity and less resistance compared to the advanced power armor, it was possibly a prototype during this period before the complete destruction of Navarro by the NCR.

    Similar to the Enclave Tesla armor from Fallout 3, the Remnants Tesla armor has multiple energy capacitors on the shoulders, presumably channeling energy towards weapons that utilize that energy (hence the Energy Weapons skill bonus).

    It provides a 5 less (with helmet) DT than Prototype remnants power armor and gives Strength +1 bonus but it does offer a +30 bonus to Energy Weap…

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  • SuperTaiko1

    Fallout 4 New Weapon 5

    February 27, 2013 by SuperTaiko1

    Gatling Metal Blaster and Vengeance Metal Blaster are same from gatling lasers but more powerful.

    Sprtel-Wood 9700 with the Carbon Fiber frame modification and Focus optics modification.

    SuperTaiko1 21:56, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

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  • SuperTaiko1

    Fallout 4: Necropolis DLC

    December 11, 2012 by SuperTaiko1
    Fallout 4: Necropolis DLC

    City of Dead, Necropolis. Many any types of feral ghouls live there. If you see the sign says, "Keep out or you die." on the front highway. No one enter Necropolis. It for player only. Some broterhood of steel people already dead there. Few surviving in Necropolis. If you see them. That people wants you for help them to escape out. Where you can enter locations and map.


    • Subway Stations
    • Police Station
    • Town
    • Fireman Station
    • Mall
    • Prison
    • Sewers
    • Stores
    • Gas Stations
    • Army Stations
    • Any Factories
    • Brotherhood of Steel Citadel
    • Motel
    • Sewers
    • Hall of the Dead
    • Watershed
    • Vault 12
    • Set's ghouls
    • Underground ghouls
    • Master's Army
    • Children of Cathedral

    If you enter any location. Many any feral ghouls will come up and attack you. It's very dangerous.


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