Well, to put it simple: I ordered Dead Rising 2 from GAME in the UK. Instead of getting DR2 through my letterbox, I got New Vegas instead. This blog is for all the info I find & my experiences:

  1. Service Rifle is chambered in 5.56 and is semi-automatic. (Seen in the live stream)

2. The Marksman Carbine is equivalent to a scoped Service Rifle w/ increased damage.

3. The "NCR Elite Ranger Armor" (I'ma call it A7 for short) is basically stronger Combat Armor.

4. One of said Elite Rangers appears in a random encounter. I have NO idea whether this is due to me having Wild Wasteland or not.

5. You can encounter Deathclaws and Nightkin from level 2, it seems.

6. The Grenade MG can be found in a random encounter involving dead NCR rangers. At least, one can.

7. The 10mm Pistol can be found on The Kings and some Boomers.

8. The Elite Ranger seems to have a high DT, as he shrugged off 3 magazines from the Assault Carbine.

9. Some Nightkin Snipers wield the Anti-Materiel Rifle.

10. Power Armor is almost literally an Umbrella to Bullets. When fighting a BoS Soldier he took no damage from repeated headshots with the Marksman Carbine.

That's all until I can play some more

P.S I am "The Vault Regular" mentioned in Ausir's "Fallout New Vegas Cast Revealed" blog.