The air is crisp and cool as a slight winter breeze blows through the city. The automated intercom system installed after the inaugaration in 2077 rings out from the Capitol dome, breaking the calm below.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the 73rd United States Presidential Inaugaration of PROGRAMMING ERROR. Please rise for the national anthem!" The music booms with patriotic pride, waking the city's hardened citizens. "You may now be seat..."

The intercom is cut off by a spray of bullets coming in its general direction from the barrel of a Chinese assault rifle. Ironic, a Chinese weapon removed one of the last bastions of American government. The intercom's eternal silence is broken by a small squeaking sound coming from the antennae of the Washington Monument. Its a camera, who's automatic timer has finally activated. Its lens focuses in on the West front, ready to capture the history and memories of today's events, instead, it films an unchanging, unmoving landscape. Later that evening the camera shuts down, and with it, one of the most important events in America's history.
Capitol Building close up

Happy Inaugaration Day America! Remember how special our country truly is and may God place his grace on thee! USA Flag Pre-War User Avatar talk 16:23, January 21, 2013 (UTC)