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Damnit! First the Enclave, now these childish tricks! Can't I get a break!? Just once!?— Stiggs

Cash for Clunkers is Fallout 3 side quest. It is also a PS3 trophy and Xbox 360/PC achievement.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Cash for Clunkers
Talk to Stiggs.
Remove all companions.
Hire Sparky.
Infiltrate the car dealership and order Sparky to salvage the Corvega.
Return Sparky to Stiggs.
Reward: 100 Caps and a 25% shop discount at Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop


Quest start

The quest is started by speaking to Stiggs at least 7 days after your first visit at his shop. Stiggs will express discontent at some of his merchandise being stolen by hooligans from nearby Rivet City and will ask the player character to retrieve some replacement parts at the nearby car dealership using Hoover's harvester tool.

Hiring Sparky

In order to hire Hoover as a temporary companion, the player character must remove all non-Dogmeat companions. Once the player's party is cleared, they must initiate dialogue with Hoover and ask him to join the player's party. He will always accept, and will then upload the dealership's coordinates to the player's Pip-Boy map.

Harvesting the Vehicle

With Hoover in tow, the Lone Wanderer's next task is to infiltrate the dealership. Once inside, Hoover will hover over to one of the two Corvegas (dependent upon which one is nearest to the player). Once there, he will pull out his saw and start cutting into the vehicle, similar to the animation he conducts on a burnt-out Corvega back at the repair shop. After about an hour in-game time, the Corvega will disappear and Hoover will report back to the player.

Return to Stiggs

After exiting dialogue with Hoover, the player character needs to leave the dealership and return to the auto shop. Stiggs will approach the player and thank him. He will then give the player his/her reward and return Hoover to his ownership.

Quest stages

5 Remove any companions.
10 Speak to Sparky.
15 Enter the car dealership
20 Wait for Sparky to harvest the vehicle.
25Quest finishedIcon checkReturn to Stiggs


  • The Pip-Boy's first quest stage is inaccurate, for the player is able to hire Hoover even if Dogmeat is in his/her party.
  • Is Hoover is killed while in the player's possession, the quest will fail, regardless of whether or not he had harvested the vehicle parts. Upon returning to Stiggs's shop, Stiggs will, along with Sparky, turn hostile.
  • Hoover also cannot be returned or picked-up outside the store's 7am to 7pm timeframe. Attempting this will turn the store personnel, including Hoover himself, hostile.

Behind the Scenes

The quest's name comes from the 2009 Department of Transportation scrap metal program, Cars Allowance Rebate System (CARS), better known as, "cash for clunkers". The program provides incentives to U.S citizens who turn in older, broken-down cars.