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Eh! Hoover! Hand me that wrench will ya'!?— Stiggs

Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop is a mechanic's shop established on top of Rivet City's bow's flight deck. It is operated by Stiggs, who only appears with the shop if the player character chooses to let him escape the Enclave, and then destroys the Mobile Base Crawler.


After narrowly escaping the Enclave's clutches, Stiggs's and his robots, Hoover and Sparky, began the long trek back to the Capital Wasteland. After finally reaching Rivet City, Stiggs was disappointed to hear his robots were not allowed on board. Refusing to leave them, he, along with his companions, and some help from a passerby super mutant constructed a pile of rubble in the parking lot east of the broken bow, high enough to reach the flight deck. Stiggs bid the mutant farewell and set up camp on top of the runway. A few weeks later, Stiggs, out of boredom, stripped a derelict fighter plane of parts and used them to repair one of the cars in the parking lot. Amazed at his work, some of the Brotherhood workers at the Jefferson Memorial offered him a contract to construct and repair derelict Corvegas for the water caravans. After getting the appropriate parts delivered, Stiggs went to work with his robot's help. Before long, anyone with parts and a vacated vehicle could bring it to Stiggs's for repairs.


Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop is established on top of, and in the parking lot surrounding Rivet City's bow. Stiggs's camp and part sorting station is on one of the flight decks, while the vehicles are delivered and repaired in the empty lot. The flight deck is accessible via a series of debris piles. The player is required to surrender all weapons to Sparky at the entrance, or be denied access. Attempting to enter the lot without submitting to the security check turns the entire store 's staff hostile. The security check can be avoided if the player character displays a Brotherhood of Steel holotag to Sparky, and he/she will be granted a 20% discount. It is the starting location of a side-quest that can be unlocked a week after the player's first visit.

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  • The shop is open from 7am to 7pm to avoid working in darkness. Sparky will instantly turn hostile if the player character enters the lot outside this time frame.
  • Hoover can occasionally be seen using his saw on a burnt-out Corvega.
  • If the shop is opened, 2-3 Corvegas can be found in the Citadel bailey and the GNR building plaza. They explode upon taking too much damage, likely turning the Brotherhood hostile.


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Stiggs's Auto Repair Shop appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel under special circumstances.