So, as I play through Vegas for the third time, I have started to think about all of the things that Bethesda forgot, or otherwise could have added to make gameplay/realism a little better... So here we go...

First off, I was amazed to find that a city as big as Las Vegas only had One Fire Station, and One Police station. From a "Prospector's" stand point, you would think that the loot available at such locations would be reason enough to include more of such locations. I guess you could go so far as saying even a dilapidated bank or two would be reasonable for anyone looking for high-value loot. Hey, why not throw in a shopping mall? They do exist in LV after all.

Second off, and not to sound silly, but in Fallout 3 you had easy to recognize landmarks. However New vegas lacks any, which surprises me because LV is known to have one or two highly recognizable landmarks, Why couldn't Caesar's Legion have a Stronghold at... I dunno... Caesar's Palace? It does kind of make sense.

Third, and I don't want this to sound like I'm ripping off any other games out there, but it does seem like if the NCR and the Legion are fighting for territory, that it would have made sense to have a territorial control feature ( see Saint's Row...GTA) where you could either peacefully "sway" the locals to support one side, or just take it by force. Would have added a separate, but challenging element to the game, especially if you were trying to play the game through without an alliance toward either side.

Fourth, the way that assorted forces were armed throughout the game. I found it a little funny that a Powder Ganger was in a watch tower, shooting at me with a pistol... a Pistol??? On top of that, the fact that i have a riot shotgun, and a fiend is attempting to attack me with a pool cue... really? The AI could have and should have been adjusted throughout progress of the game, and this again goes back to my previous topic of "territorial control" It was be wise to think, and would make sense that if, say, the Fiends were aligned with the Khan's (considering that is their source of drugs) that they would be found more frequently in proximity to one another.

Finally Weapons... In a post apocalyptic world, it would make sense that, on top of pre existing weapons, that you would have had more in the way of crafting and experimenting in creating your own. Homemade grenades, firearms, traps and the like would have made it a lot more challenging, as well as a lot more unique with each play through. I mean, f you get to the point where the Legion/NCR are constantly sending hit squads after you, wouldn't it be nice to go to your motel room in Novac... craft some mines and booby traps, and fortify the place for the second armageddon? That is one thing i would have liked... Hit Squads ambushing you, not just blindly running and gunning at you. the possibility that you come across a squad, and with a high enough speech check can bribe them to go away... would be nice. having Legion/NCR patrols that make regular patrols on regular routes, that you could choose to ambush or avoid... that too would be nice. Enough about that, and back to weapons. Here is my list of weapons that i think should have been added, omitted, or otherwise modified:

-A Crossbow. Why not? When Honest Hearts came out, and there was the prospect of Natives, the first thing that came to mind was "awesome... we're gonna get a bow and arrow... maybe a crossbow... the perfect stealth weapon" Nope

-The Anti-Material Rifle. I have complained about this time and time again. With a weapon that has such range, why does it have the same scope as a basic sniper rifle? One would think that it would have better optics, or at least an optics upgrade.

-Molotov Cocktails. A Workbench Item. Empty bottle + Flamer fuel... why was this not thought of?

-AK-47. C'mon, the most common assault rifle in the world, but not in this game. And with that, why not an RPG? one would like to think that after the war, and the Chinese invasion that you would see at least some of them floating around.

-Nightvision scopes for something other than a varmint rifle. I play mostly at night, and the only gun I have with night vision capabilities is one of the weakest rifles in the game.

-We have a Service Rifle. We have an Assault Carbine. We have 40mm Grenades. why don't we have an attachable Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher? Wouldn't be hard... just switch to it like you switch through ammo types.

-Less-that-lethal weaponry. Sometimes you don't want to kill them, just incapacitate them. This immediately comes to mind when I think of the mission where you have to sneak into Gun Runners. How about a dart gun? knockout gas? Taser? Stun Gun?

That's it for now... next time around will be perks and traits and other things i forgot