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    WHat Bethesda Missed

    October 3, 2011 by SsgtSpooky

    So, as I play through Vegas for the third time, I have started to think about all of the things that Bethesda forgot, or otherwise could have added to make gameplay/realism a little better... So here we go...

    First off, I was amazed to find that a city as big as Las Vegas only had One Fire Station, and One Police station. From a "Prospector's" stand point, you would think that the loot available at such locations would be reason enough to include more of such locations. I guess you could go so far as saying even a dilapidated bank or two would be reasonable for anyone looking for high-value loot. Hey, why not throw in a shopping mall? They do exist in LV after all.

    Second off, and not to sound silly, but in Fallout 3 you had easy to reco…

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